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First Impressions: Super Mario 3D (3DS)

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Super Mario comes to life in full 3D

After the mammoth success of the two Super Mario Galaxy titles on the Wii, we had to know that a new Super Mario title was in the works for Nintendo's new 3DS system. While we received very little in the way of information when the game was first announced, Nintendo wasn't the least bit shy when it came time to put the game on display this week at E3.

From the moment you begin playing Super Mario 3DS, the similarities with Super Mario 64 are immediately recognizable. The simple look and gameplay objectives bring back memories of the 64-bit adventure, but the game doesn't stop there. For starters the game's ode to Super Mario Bros. 3 adds some great nostalgic twists that liven up the play controls. Puzzle elements creep in as well and should provide some solid problem-solving to an already saturated platforming experience.

The Tanooki suit returns and brings with it the unique tail whip attack, one that will come in especially handy in the game's trickier levels, not to mention the ability to hover temporarily in mid-air to make some of the game's pinpoint platforming sections a bit more manageable. Of course the classic fireball attack also plays a vital role in the game and is one you'll definitely want to make use of along the way.

But if there is one aspect of Super Mario 3DS that really makes it fit like a glove on Nintendo's new portable system it's the 3D touches that inject new life into not only the visual presentation, but also the level design and objectives themselves. There's one amazing section where twisting spikes come flying out of the walls and look as if they're about to come out of the screen. Then there's the game's absolutely unbelievable Zelda-like overhead levels that bring some very challenging gameplay to fruition and also manages to be even more impressive than even the other 3D effects the game employs.

The music in the game is also a nice even combination of old and new tunes. There's plenty of familiar Super Mario audio influences to be found, but the developers have also managed to throw in some brand new material that perfectly conveys the action taking place onscreen. There are even some intriguing new sound effects that add a nice additional layer of fun and charm to the package.

Any concerns I initially had about Super Mario 3D have completely evaporated after having played four of the game's levels. Not only do you get touches of some of the greatest Super Mario titles like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros. 3, but you also get a ton of new ideas that give the game a fresh look and feel. Toss in a wealth of amazing level designs and you've got what very could be the best Super Mario title ever created. This is definitely a game to keep a close eye on as its holiday 2011 release gets nearer.

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James said:

"Could be the best Super Mario title ever created" is exactly what I wanted to hear. Can't believe it'll be released this year too! Very, very excited about this one.



Kit said:

I lurved Mario 64 so much, playing Mario in true 3D will be even better!



Corbs said:

No flight mode as the developers said it would be too difficult to implement on the small screen on the 3DS in 3D.



akacesfan said:

This is going to be awesome, it looks like a cross between the classic 2-D games and Super Mario Galaxy!



phoenix1818 said:

Sounds like a good mix of some of the best Mario games of all time. Looking forward to hearing more about it.



NintyMan said:

Judging from the 3D trailer I downloaded, the 3D effects truly are impressive. Of course, that's going by watching, but I'm sure playing it too is a fun experience. It's neat how they've combined 2D elements into 3D ones and got an immmersive game as a result. Saying it might be the best Mario game ever is saying a lot, but for now it's nice to dream.



Lolza64 said:

Wow, this is like a perfect mix between super mario 64 and super mario galaxy, with a bit of classic SMB3 thrown in there as well. In other words, it looks amazing



neetyneety said:

"Super Mario in 3D" - Instabuy
"Best Super Mario title ever created" - MUUUSSSSTTTTBUUUUUYYYY!!!



Deviant_Mugen said:

Man, this game sounds fantastic. Now all Nintendo needs to do to really get me to move on buying a 3DS is announce a Metroid title...

@Corbs: "The simple look and gameplay objectives bring back memories of the 64-bit adventure, but he game doesn't stop there." You missed a 't' there (second paragraph). Also, great impressions...



RyuZebian said:

Aww yeah... It's games like this that will justify the purchase a 3DS! I'm looking forward to this, Maro Kart, RE: Revelations och MGS: Snake Eater at the moment. This'll be the year that 3DS releases pick up the pace!



Kid_A said:

I wasn't expecting much, but that E3 trailer blew me away and every impressions article I've read has been gushing with praise. Can't wait



Samholy said:

best mario ever created, let me doubt.
but one of the finest for sure, the trailer looks stunning.
with all those E3 traielrs at the eshop, you can feel the 3DS power more than what I got to try so far.



Mowzle2 said:

Well, I picked up Link's Awakening when it appeared this morning in the e-shop, but there are no new trailers available to view on this side of the Atlantic! Bah! Nintendo Europe - you need to get your act together.



NintenDude97 said:

Wow, those screenshots look awesome. A pre-order for me! Anyways, if you haven't downloaded the Super Mario 3D trailer from the eShop, do it now. It's so cool.
btw, I'm posting this from my 3DS.



pixelman said:

IMHO this looks like it has the potential be the best platformer ever made. I can't stop watching the E3 trailer!

This is the way I've always wanted my 3D Mario platformers to be — I can't wait to buy it!



KrazyBean said:

Can someone please answer me this...How come the US gets to see a 3D trailer for this and everyone else gets jack crap?




pixelman said:

Oh hey, Corbie, I've got a question: Do you have to hold a button down to run? If so, how are the controls? Is it like Y runs+attacks and B jumps, like in the classic games?

Also, do you have full 360 degree movement with the circle pad? Because in the trailer it looked like the player was playing with the d-pad.



Odnetnin said:

How do you top an adventure of galactic proportions? You go back to the classic elements that defined the best platforming franchise ever in the first place.

Aside from the announcement of a new Smash Bros., watching Super Mario 3DS's trailer for the first time was my personal highlight of E3.



NocturnalYoshi said:

@ 29.- Because the US is a nuclear power. Lol

Anyway, I got the videos from E3 via Eshop on 3DS, this was definately something great. Its on my wishlist! Can't wait!!!!!!!



armoredghor said:

I like how they made it more linear so its like an old school game but it still has 3D movement.



Cheezy said:

I cannot wait! I hope this comes out soon! I mean obviously not too soon but before I die from waiting too long.



Punny said:

The best Mario game ever!? EVEN BETTER THAN GALAXY!?!? Holy ravioli, this is amazing! Maybe it's because Boom-Boom from Super Mario Bros. 3 is back! Finally! I'm sensing Koopalings, too, but this is just a guess...



Justaguest said:

@40I am really looking forward to this but please dont overedo it. This cant be better than Galaxy just look at screenshots. I mean dont get me wrong it looks amazing but play trailer for Mario galaxy again and youll know what i mean. I just dont like when people get overexcited.



Henmii said:

It looks like you can't fly this time with the Raccoon suit, but it's still a nice addition. The game looks very promising!



NassaDane said:

I am very pleased at the lack of Galaxy mentions in this article. Being one who couldn't stand that game this is great news. I hope this is Mario's way back to being a Truly Great game. I feel a positive anticipation for this game, i hope it doesn't disappoint again like Galaxy.



hYdeks said:

I wasn't sure I wanted a 3DS but now after seeing this game at e3 I can't wait till get one now!



Henmii said:


Well, I actually like the Galaxy games. Especially the first 1. In the article Galaxy wasn't mentioned because it most likely won't have planet like levels to run around. However, it does get some inspiration from Galaxy. Just look at the screenshot with the green panels that you have to step on. And the graphics. Besides, it is made by the same team as the Galaxy games.



DivineDope said:

Looks Absolutely Incredible.

I wanted to take a moment to express my Deep Gratitude for this Awesome Website. I love the Vibe here, the Writers and Atmosphere. Thank you so much!



WaveBoy said:

Looks amazing! I'm looking forward to this one the most, and then of course Luigi's Mansion 2.

SMB 3 fused with SM64, with amazing 3D technology and not in space? Count me in!



castor said:

Does Mario punches again? That Super Mario Galaxy attack was so annoying... I'm glad it'll be release this year, aw yeah... and the "2.5D" courses remind of Goin' Quackers, haha!



robbob88 said:

Just gotta say that this site has given fantastic coverage of E3 all week with a very clean homepage dedicated to E3 and the way it was organized was tremendous. Anyways.

Good to hear that this game is shaping up to be amazing. I am looking forward to it.



Supremeist said:

I'm honestly not to hyped up about this game. I'm sure it will be awesome with the 3D Effect and everything, but it just doesn't look as fun as the appeal of SM64. I'd rather get Mario Kart.



sinalefa said:

At Justaguest

When reading reviews for Galaxy 2, it was also hard to believe that it could top Galaxy 1, so it is definitely possible.

The screenshots do not do the game justice. Watching the trailer in 3D is the way to go. I hope you can get that soon.



Henmii said:

"Does Mario punches again?"

As far as I have heard he cannot punch or kick. And he kan only do a spin attack when he is Raccoon Mario (with his tail). However, he can roll and butt-stomp. The stars are also out. He just has to go for the flagpoles, just as in the sidescrolling Mario's. However, every level still has 3 special coins to collect for certain things.



AlbertoC said:

What, no flying? Awww. Aside from the tail, that's the point of having the SMB3 leaf item... Or in this case, the, also from SMB3, tanooki suit
Well, let's see the statue mode in action... Or it will be the tail and hovering only? nostalgia dissapointment



MrArcade said:

This looks like the first 3d mario game i have desperately wanted since super mario 64. Can't wait until it's released. I'll be getting this along with mario kart and maybe paper mario!

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