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First Impressions: Aya and the Cubes of Light

Posted by James Newton

It'll make your head spin

There may not be the huge numbers of incoming WiiWare titles we've seen in the past, but we'll take quality over quantity any day. One of the more interesting titles coming to WiiWare is Object Vision's Aya and the Cubes of Light, a puzzle platformer that's quite unlike anything on the service so far.

As you might expect, Aya's levels are cubic in nature, suspended in space by some strange force. Like a giant Rubik's cube, you must master all sides to complete the stage, with carefully plotted paths across the six faces requiring accurate jumping and smart puzzle-solving to proceed. Unlike Super Mario Galaxy for example, should you fall off the edge of the cube you lose a life, but you can walk safely from face to face if you find the right route, preventing players from leaping around recklessly.

The game's biggest feature is its use of gravity: run up the side of a wall and the gravity changes accordingly, letting you walk across ceilings and down vertical inclines where ramps are available. Sounds straightforward, but things get tricky when you realise you have to jump "up" the level to proceed, forcing you to plot a route across each face to get where you need to go. It's devious stuff, but makes the most of the game's small levels.

In this preview version, the controls leave a little to be desired: you flick the Remote to jump when we would have preferred a simple button-press, and while the gesture required to active the end-of-level transporter is reliable it feels an unnecessary admission, as though the developer felt compelled to add motion controls to a game that really doesn't need them.

From our hands-on time with the game so far, we can say Aya and the Cubes of Light is an intriguing addition to the WiiWare library. It may not be as polished as some games on the service, and its motion controls won't please everyone, but it's got some clever level design and will give your grey matter a work out.

Aya and the Cubes of Light is due for release in North America on 30th June. We'll have a full review shortly after its release.

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Corbs said:

It does look kinda cool. Definitely one I'll check out.



Omega said:

I was interested in this game when I first heard of it. But will Aya make it to Europe? By all means, there are too many good WiiWare titles still not released in Europe.



Omega said:

@James: How do you know? On their website they say indeed it's coming "Summer 2011", but given that this is not always reliable, how can you be so sure? I think as long as no release date is confirmed, chances are that the release can be withdrawn at any time.



WolfRamHeart said:

It sounds like an interesting game and I do admire the developers for their commitment to develop this game for WiiWare even when everyone else seems to have already jumped ship. I'm considering picking this up to show my support but I am concerned about the controls for this game. Hopefully there will be an option for classic control support. Perhaps I will just wait for the review after all. Decisions, decisions.



Omega said:

@James: In January I was really interested in "Doc Clock and the Toasted Sandwich of Time" (despite the devastating NL review). So I asked Stickmen Studios when to expect it in Europe. And they answered: "Doc Clock will be released in Europe and it will be available in German. It should be available in February or March." Okay so whoops. February or March 2029?



Yadoking said:

This game seems to have a retro Sega charm to it that makes it look interesting to me. I hope the motion controls with the finished product don't drag the game down. If they do hinder a bit, I hope an improved sequel rolls around.



TheGreenSpiny said:

Why flick to jump? Why? Do developers not pay attention to other's mistakes? That alone will prevent me from buying this game.



James said:

@Omega Well what can I say? The developer has submitted it to EU lotcheck, so their intention is for it to be published in Europe, and they've done everything necessary to realise that. The rest is up to Nintendo I guess!

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