Four million 3DS consoles were shipped prior to its launch and like any other company, Nintendo was hoping every unit would be sold by the end of the fiscal year.

Missing that target by about 400,000 units, Nintendo conceded that 3DS sales had been lower than expected. Although the 3DS broke multiple sales records worldwide, gamers and potential buyers of the handheld console were put off by the pricing.

Anticipated titles and the launch of the Nintendo eShop helped flagging hardware sales, and it's these two factors that Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime feels Nintendo has finally addressed. Speaking to Kotaku, Fils-Aime spoke about the upcoming flagship titles gamers have been waiting for:

We're going to be launching Ocarina. We're going to follow with a steady drumbeat of Star Fox and Kid Icarus and two Mario titles and the Luigi title. I think we've got that issue [of limited Nintendo games and lack of network] not only identified but addressed... We've just done the first network update. We've got the eShop up and running. We've got the 3D movie service still on track for the summer. We've got Netflix still on track for the summer. So I think we're well underway to having that addressed as well...

With two such significant factors that obviously impacted sales, Fils-Aime still thought that the launch of the console took place at the right moment in time:

... with the adjustments we've made, we're going to be back with strong momentum on the 3DS... The system did not launch earlier than planned... We thought there would have been a tighter gap between launch and the first network update.