Features: A View from Hyrule Field

We remember why Ocarina of Time is more than just a game

Because of these elements, the cast, the life of the protagonist and the locations of Ocarina of Time feel alive and real, each with their own personality, charm and voice. In the real world, no one is a minor character in their own lives, a feeling that transcends to the population of the game. It pulls it off so well that even a big empty field feels special, an interim with as much personality as the rest as it stands as a bridge between adulthood and childhood, youth and maturity and more. Its context gives it definition, and like colours meeting and bleeding into one another on a canvas, it brings everything together and represents the game as a whole. You can view the vast world of the game from here, at a distance, receding and forming. Hyrule is a real world, and the adventure is about transition, not about progressing linearly from one goal to the next. Its fast approaching 3D makeover will bring it new life – a phrase that fits here quite well, as the original game feels so alive.

It seems like the time has come for the boy without a fairy to begin his journey...