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Extreme Hangman 2 Trailer Fills in the Gaps

Posted by James Newton

From G__e_io_

Extreme Hangman was a sleeper hit for DSiWare, so when Gamelion announced Extreme Hangman 2 none were surprised. If you were keen to see more of what was on offer, here's the first trailer below.

The sequel will contain over 3000 words in 14 brand new categories, alongside new animations of extreme hangman behaviour. The trailer explains more.

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thedanman64 said:

One Hangman game is more than enough, I think. Especially since it looks the same as the first one.
Btw, in the tagline, is the missing word GameLion? If it is, do I win anything or do I just get a rubbish animation of stickmen?



iphys said:

If they fixed the slow loading screens I'll buy it; otherwise, I'll skip this version too.

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