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Europe, Expect Star Fox 64 3D on 9th September

Posted by James Newton

Fox and friends land on 09/09

Star Fox 64 3D lands in North America on 11th September, but European gamers will receive the game just a few days earlier according to the Nintendo Europe website.

The site's upcoming games list pegs the 3D revamp of Lylat Wars (as it was known in Europe) for 9th September, which would mean Fox — like Link — reaching Europe a couple of days before North America.

The site also lists SEGA and Griptonite Games' action game Shinobi for 23rd September.

Thanks to mariofanatic128 for sending this tip in.


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RadioShadow said:

So it's going to be called "Lylat Wars 3D" instead of "Star Fox 64 3D" for the Europe version? Lame.

I'll still call it "Star Fox 64 3D". Glad it is coming out in Europe in September.



Cipher said:

@RadioShadow No, the article's simply pointing out that the original was called Lylat Wars in Europe when it was released. The revamp will be called Star Fox 64 3D worldwide.



Roopa132 said:

Nice so I can get that for my birthday on September 23rd when I get my 3DS, too



Linkstrikesback said:

Not paying full price for another minimal work port. Sorry nintendo, that only works on me once. Waiting for a price drop to less than £15 before I even consider getting starfox 64 3d.



J-Forest-Esq said:

I would have quite liked it to be called Lylat Wars 3D. Good to see Shinobi's got a release date too.



Kit said:

Yay. Starfox the greatest thing since sliced Zelda. Bring it!

Bonus that we get it in the UK before the US.



SKTTR said:

Lylat Wars 3D has a better ring to it than Starfox 64 3D, but whatever, it's just the title and I will warm up to it.

It's the best Starfox game up until today for me personally, and the added videochat online multiplayer and enhanced textures and 3D visuals will make this the best shooter on the 3DS for quite some time.

I just hope they get rid of the pop-ups that early N64 titles had problems with. I always found it sorta limited when asteroids pop-up in the distance of space. Better fade-in effects please! - This would be definately worth to play again with polished up graphics and motion controls!



MadScientistMan said:

we get 3ds stuff exactly 2 days earlier than north america, again? Whoafirst the console then orcania of time 3d, and now this!!!



Stine said:

I've never played it before, and I'm still not sure if I should get this or the VC version. I think the 3DS one would be a better experience in this day and age, so I'm leaning more towards that one. Will probably still not get it this year, though.



Blaze said:

No offense to all the guys at Nintendo Life, your site is awesome!

But aren't you posting news a bit late? I know most of the things posted before anyway....



Chozo85 said:

This is great news. Europe seems to be getting most of the major releases at the same time as our US counterparts rather than having to wait months which was the case in the past. I hope this continues.



James said:

@3DSneedsRPGs We've never been interested in posting things first, but we do try to write up news in a timely fashion. Sometimes we're first, sometimes we're not. That's life!

As always we can't post something if we don't know about it so use the Contact form to send in news tips



PSICOffee said:

Wait, I was going to make a joke but now I see it's true. Doesn't anyone find Starfox 3D released in the US on 9/11 somewhat ironic? I mean, only people in New York cared to begin with, and I'm certainly not "offended," but it's something I'm going to be smiling at when crashing through buildings on Corneria with a flying contraption. To put it into perspective the ridiculous serious sensitivity of 9/11, people edited the opening of Futurama's airing because of the damn event.



Ikalpo said:

09/09? That's my birthday O.o
Anyone over there in Europe think they can send me a copy?



Traxx said:

@20: Why woud you call it Lylat Wars 64 3D? The original title never had the "64". You should know being a poor PAL-gamer.



default12345 said:


Unfortunately I do not know having never owned or played the original. I just assumed that it had '64' in the title. I'm not sure what you mean by poor PAL gamer.



SyFyTy said:

I agree PSICOffee about the release date. Ninendo upheld (Delayed) Advance Wars on the GBA because it released all over the world on Sept 12th 2001 and in the US the DAY BEFORE 9/11 !!!! I personally think this is in bad taste.

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