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eShop Update May Cause Crashes in Ridge Racer 3D

Posted by James Newton

Patch coming soon

A recent SpotPass message from Nintendo let 3DS owners know about the upcoming eShop update, but right at the bottom lies an interesting statement: the update might cause issues with Ridge Racer 3D.

Important notice: Users of Ridge Racer 3D who install this Nintendo 3DS system update may experience gameplay disruption under certain circumstances. A further update will be made available later this month to resolve this issue.

Let's hope that Namco's sleek racer isn't too heavily affected by the update.

The Nintendo 3DS system update that adds the eShop and web browser should be available within the next 12 hours. Once it's online, we'll let you know.


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HandheldGuru97 said:

No!!!!! Ridge Racer is my most played game so far this month! It was supposed to last me till OOT.



Gavin_Rozee said:

The update will be at either 11pm or midnight tonight in the UK. I imagine the DSi update and DSiWare Transfer Utility will go live on tge DSi at the same time.



DarkLloyd said:

ahh that stinks its the game in my 3ds and its also my second 3DS game i only have till OOT and RE mercenaries come out and i still got to beat it hopefully i wont experince any problems

p.s then again theres always super mario land and the freebies to look forward too etc etc



daznsaz said:

hopefully tonight then about ridge racer it said in single player when pressing b to back out of certain stuff it might freeze nothing crippling i dont have it anymore anyway come on eshop...



komicturtle said:

Hm, I turn my 3DS on this morning and instantly get a spotpass message about this. And it was the FIRST spotpass message I ever got (none from Ninendo prior or even Capcom for SSFIV3d)



MegatronD said:

Dammit, I am 4 cars away from buying every car for my garage. Gonna bust out a few more wins before the update, see if I can't wrap this up before RR takes the hit. Put the game on ice until they patch it back up.



komicturtle said:

Oh, same here, definitely. I hope with this update, them issues are finally fixed.

"glitch will only happen if the B button is pressed while on the Machine Select or Race Select screen before starting a Single Play or Grand Prix Race"

There you go Ridge Racer 3D owners.

Don't press that B-button, else your game will turn into ice (or explode).



G-MaxiMillion said:

More updates this month? Hopefuly, not only bug fixes. They must add a mailing system on the friends register.



Stuffgamer1 said:

Ah, I'd been wondering about this (from the SpotPass notification list of added features):

"Automatic system updates."

I recall them saying that was a big SpotPass thing, but then the first two updates they made required user activation. Nice to see that's finally getting sorted.

It also seems somewhat ironic that in the same notification, they say that OVERALL system stability is increased, and that an issue with one specific title is being introduced.



daznsaz said:

would they be able to allow browser videos with an update or is that how it stays



MeloMan said:

It's funny how long we've waited for this update... I can't remember the last time I was so excited to see the spotpass light come on



Starwolf_UK said:

They pushed this update back form May/end of May and there are still outstanding issues. Slightly worrying ones at that. No Wii updates or DSi updates broke existing software from what I recall. I suppose it was the issue no Wii updates updated existing software either so games like super Smash Bro Brawl would only read non SDHC SD cards.



Burning_Spear said:

Less than four hours away from June 7, and the update still isn't ready. I feel like there's a room full of programmers somewhere chugging Red Bull and writing this thing as we speak. The 3DS' legacy is going to be summed up in one word: rushed.



SpicyDuck said:

Waiting for this update is stressful, so, I think I am going to wait till tomorrow morning then push the update button



3rdalbum said:

As many have pointed out, there's no Flash Player so no Youtube. There's no way that Flash could run on the 3DS' CPU. HTML 5 video could be a possibility in the future because the browser is a version of Netfront based on Webkit (which is the basis of Google Chrome, which supports HTML 5 Video).

Interesting to note that you can look at MPO images embedded in web pages. They appear in 2D until you hold your stylus on them and then release. It's pretty much impossible to find a web page with MPO images embedded in them though, so I made one for you:

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