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Elite Forces: Unit 77 Getting a Re-Release on DSiWare

Posted by Trevor Chan

Our intel from ESRB

According to a classification from the Entertainment Software Rating Board, Gammick Entertainment will be bringing an old retail release to one of Nintendo's download service.

Elite Forces: Unit 77 was originally released in 2009 for the DS and it appears the publisher is hoping to bring the game to a wider audience by re-releasing it through the DSi Shop.

Taken from the ESRB classification page, the game has been rated with the following description:

This is an action game in which players assume the role of elite military personnel whose mission is to rescue hostages and kill the terrorists who have kidnapped them. Players command up to four characters (each with distinct skills) that use bazookas, explosives, machine guns, and sniper rifles to take down enemies. Realistic gunfire and cries of pain can be heard as enemies are shot and killed. When controlling a sniper character, the action can shift from a bird's eye 45-degree angle view to a first-person perspective as the rifle crosshairs lock on and eliminate human targets.

The game has flown under our radar somewhat but with a Metacritic score of 61, it might not be a bad purchase for turn-based strategy fans.


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Birdman said:

Had fun with LLRHZBBQ by these guys, so, depending on the price, perhaps.



Savino said:

Turn-based strategy? Geez, I remember this game as a RTS... but it sucks anyway.



sykotek said:

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Currently $8 on Amazon ...there are cheaper places also, but Amazon is the lowest trusted retailer price I found. I know I've seen these for clearance at Target stores too.



Bassman_Q said:

Seems like pretty good graphics for the DS. But I'll wait for a review first.



sykotek said:

@swerd: How's this for a more obscure acronym?

Elite Forces Unit: 77 = EFU77 = EF U n = FUN

...but is it really?



kyuubikid213 said:

I love Elite Forces Unit 77! It is a great title. It is not an RTS or a Turn Based Strategy game. You control your character with the stylus in a similar fashion that you control Link in Phantom Hourglass! It really is a good game with excellent graphics and a decent story! If I were to rate it I would have to give it a 4/5 simply because of two things. 1. You do EVERYTHING with the stylus (I prefer D-pad and face buttons) and 2. It would be slightly more enjoyable as either a behind-view third person (like Star Wars Battlefront or Resident Evil) or a FPS.

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