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E3 2011: Nintendo Announces Wii Successor "Wii U"

Posted by James Newton

It's real!

Nintendo's new console is called Wii U.

The console comes with a touch screen sensitive controller and will allow streaming of games from the console to the portable controller.

Users can play games on the controller without the need to have the TV on, or completely independently, but the two can be combined: Nintendo showed the user pointing the controller at the TV to show aiming in baseball, for example.

Wii U will be released next year.

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hYdeks said:

sorry, now that I've seen what I've seen I love it!! but I don't like the name Wii U



rjejr said:

It's a Wii 2 (i.e. HD and some other necessary improvements) with half a DSiXL as a controller. [Don't know how the stupid 3 amigos on G4 couldnt' figure out the console part.] Great move by N. Gamers will buy it for the HD alone, backward compatibility means all those Wiimotes won't go to waste. All the games they showed looked like they are made with 1 touchscreen in mind and the rest Wiimotes so less expense off the bat - I predict those controllers will be $99, the system $299 (2 Wii duct taped together can't be too much 12 months from now). All I've wanted all along is a Wii2 equivalent to the PS3 and Xbox360 so it look slike that's what we got. We'll se how things look in a couple of years when the PS4 and Xbox720 come out but atleast a year head start for Nintendo. Best show of E3. Did everybody see all that blood!!!!



ZEROGAME53 said:

The name is a bit odd, but i'm just wondering what the price of the controller will be, and if the controller is heavy. Still it looks really cool in my opinion. Lets just hope that developers will use the graphics to the consoles limits and not use the same graphics that the wii had. I have a feeling that teenagers don't wanna play with a console with a stupid name like WiiU even though the games will be awesome.



Burning_Spear said:

This is already getting slammed to pieces on IGN's boards. Too many people just want insane graphical horsepower and a dual analog controller. That's a PS3. If you want to try new things, you buy Nintendo. I can't say I'm exhilarated, but I'm intrigued. I'd much rather have this with some good new game concepts than a machine that simply does the same exact thing as all the others with better graphics.



JimLad said:

Agree with Burning_Spear all the way.
Not much to go on at the moment with the lack of details, but it's something new at least. Console design hasn't ground to a halt just yet.




I like it. I really do.I remember vividly the DS and wiii getting slated too by the samekind of ppl. I love it.

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