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E3 2011: Corbie on the Show Floor - Day 1

Posted by Corbie Dillard

Drop it like it's hot

So you've heard all the announcements from Nintendo's news conference, but now you're waiting to hear exactly how these games look and play in the flesh. Our man Corbie Dillard is live in Los Angeles and will be updating this page frequently with his thoughts on Nintendo's new console, the games available to play and the whole E3 experience.

Keep your browser locked here and Corbie will bring you his thoughts throughout the day.

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@CorbieD: Mario Kart 3DS might very well be the best MK game ever. Smooth as silk and some AMAZING tracks!


@CorbieD: Well Miyamoto has decided to move Pikmin over to the Wiiu. Just said it was a much better fit.


Wiiu controller is REALLY big and the buttons on it are a bit soft. It's also worth noting that the analog sticks are like those found on the 3DS, not the ones on the Wii.


Analog sticks on the Wiiu controller are like those on the 3DS, not the Wii. And the buttons are very soft.


@CorbieD: The only thing I'll say about PSVita is it's amazing and I will own one on day 1, no way around it.


@CorbieD: Played some more Luigi's Mansion 2, Mario Kart, and Super Mario 3D and these three games are outstanding! More impressions to come later tonight.


Well got to play the Wiiu and it's interesting. The controller is really big. It's fairly comfortable and I can see the possibilities but time will tell.


CorbieD: Time to play Mario Kart next!


CorbieD: Alright, about to play Luigi's Mansion 2. Wish me luck!


CorbieD: Not sold on Wiiu. Time will tell.


CorbieD: Watching the LOUD Zelda presentation.

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Retro_on_theGo said:

Aw,Nintendo forgot to announce Super Mario 3G!
Glad to hear Luigi's Mansions is good! I wish I could play all those games!



Chris720 said:

I want to play those 3DS games, you lucky, lucky little barsteward, sir!

Corbie said he's not sold on WiiU, I've not played it and I'm not completely convinced either.

It seems like the same thing the Wii did, create a whole new controller but now with HD. Time will tell if WiiU will either be awesome or total crap. What I didn't like was that they didn't show what the WiiU can do, only what the controller do... :/



hal said:

Nintendo had the best E3 presentation by far. [They either beat, - or tied with Apple imho.] The Wii U control will be alot more interesting than it seems, once more are able to try it.. That said, it also depends on power method and battery life.

Also, 1 question: Will the Wii U controller be compatible with current gen. Wii?



shingi_70 said:

apple wasnt at E3 they had their own nongaming event where they shoed off i05 and mac os lion.

still ninty still won.



WaveGhoul said:

I'm not sold on the Wii U either. This is my fear, when a 3rd or first person title such as Metroid Prime 4 or a new Resident Evil rear their massive head, the 'main' controller for these titles will obviously(or most likely) be the Wii U controller....Which means NO pointer controls, and that your limited to traditional controls and an analog stick for aiming...

Instead you get a 6" screen with some unique features, touch screen controls and the like....This to me is a completely step back in terms of gameplay as far as being immersed into the experience and controls go. I HOPE to god these devlopers use the Wii remote and nunchuck as an option to play these titles.

Metroid Prime 3(especially) and RE4 played like a dream with wii pointer controls, i dont want to have to go back to traditional controls, that's like a giant kick to the nuts!

Anyways, This Wii U doesn't seem like a big game changer like the Wii remote was...It's got potential for some awesome and creative stuff, but i hope the Wii remote/ nunchuck for certain titles are in full force.

I dont know, i expected a bigger and crazier innovation from nintendo.....Anyways, I'm totaly excited for Luigi's Mansion 2, Super Mario 3DS and Mario Kart 3D. And I think we can all agree, Wii U is going down as thee' worst console name in history. Boring, dull, lifeless and generic, way to go Nintendo!



Henmii said:


Yeah, just when there is the possibility of great first-person shooters coming to a Nintendo console, they probably won't use the wiimote because it's not the main controller. Wouldn't that suck?



zionich said:

I dunno, if the weight is right, the Mii shooter could be a base to a nice way to do shooters.

Im curious about Heroes of Ruin, there suppose to be a playable demo?



JGer said:

@Wave Boy

I disagree. They showed at least one instance when the WiiU controller was being held inside a gun peripheral. This would allow you to use pointer controls. In addition, it would allow you to quickly access your menu in RE4 (I died more than once due to "live menus" in RE5, and I think this option would help) or allow to quickly switch visors/weapons using the touch screen. Plus you could have other options, such as pressing a button to switch into zoom mode (as shown in the video), have a high res always on map, and so much more.

In short, I see the WiiU controller being that much better for shooters.



WaveGhoul said:

Whoops, I completely forgot about the gun perephiral...Accept for the fact that the Wii Zapper itself is totaly weak. Besides, does Samus carry a gun? No....Give me an arm cannon peripheral baby haha.

But how does the Wii Zapper allow the Wii U controller to use pointer controls? It just wouldn't feel or look right...Besides, why in the hell would i want a giant square with a screen right in my face when I'm aiming in Metroid Prime or whatever title along those lines? It seems like it would just be akward or get in the way.



Imperfect said:

@Waveboy the screen would show what your shooting at, so it wouldn't get in the way becuase you'd be looking at it to shoot things.



Gameday said:

yea the controller was the same length as that girls forearm lol looks expensive wonder if they will have covers on the screen...



armoredghor said:

@Waveboy you could look at the screen to know precisely where it's aiming(probably great for looking down sights) and the camera that its using probably enhances pointer controls which is good because that's the one thing Motion+ didn't solve. I know what you mean though. Their whole point was an alternative to keep playing when the TV is in use. (can't we just bust out our 3DS's for that?) The best we can hope for is that sony's PS3 really does have a 10 year lifespan, Xbox360 follows suit and we keep getting hardcore games for 5 years.



Token_Girl said:

Announce a 3DS player on the WiiU and I'll be sold. I definitely think there's potential. Shame it didn't get the incredible, absolutely incredible moniker yet, though.



hal said:

@shingi_70 : I know they weren't! It was a dumb joke: I heard that WWDC would be across the street from the E3 presentation. Also, even though Nintendo isn't making an 'iPhone', they probably see themselves in competition with Apple from an entertainment software, pricing, and service point of view.

@Capt_N : Cool! Thanks.



Henmii said:

I have to laugh about the Vitality sensor. It's the Duke Nukem forever of the peripheral world! You know what I mean?

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