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Delve Into the Developer Diary Behind Cartoon Network 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Punch Time Explosion explained

After a few delays, Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion is finally due out on Tuesday, and developer Papaya Studio has opened its doors to reveal more about the game's creation.

The diary goes into more depth on the gameplay, stages and characters available in the 3DS brawler, which pits Ben 10 against Dexter in a battle for cartoon supremacy.

We'll be bringing you a full review of Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion in the near future, so stay tuned.

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Samholy said:

i cant wait for thr review. this title could prove to be excellent while we wait for a smash brothers on 3DS.
and if its any good, it could prove nintendo that they need a smash brothers on 3ds.



siavm said:

This game just looks bad. Luckily I have to real fighting games on my 3ds that not only take advantage of the system but have online play as well. So subpar fighters like this and blazeblue 2 (I here it does not even support the circle pad) will not be getting my money.



komicturtle said:

Saw this.

I think they mean Punch-Time explosion is more responsive than Melee, because Brawl is really really responsive compared to Melee



crazyj2312 said:

I'm pretty content with DOAD. In my opinion, the appeal of games like this aren't going to do well because of the 3DS's more mature audience. It's not like the DS, which had the appeal of a toy; it's starting to shape into an actual system and is slowly shooing off the casual market. Other companies are appealing to the age demographic that's most likely to own a 3DS (teens to young adults) with games like MGS and the like. It's too expensive a system to gamble with shovelware or sub par material. But it's not bad, though. I'd pick it over Monkey Ball or Steel Driver.



Linkuini said:

So did everyone hear that Captain Planet is going to be playable? They are going all out with this one. Can't wait to hear more.



BulbasaurusRex said:

It has too many stupid juvenile comedy characters at the expense of the good action shows like Generator Rex and Sym-bionic Titan. Who wouldn't want to fight as Agent Six or Lance (in or out of his Manus armor)?

@11 Since when do the Super Smash Bros. games not appeal to hardcore gamers?



crazyj2312 said:

@BulbasaurusRex I like Smash Bros, and the concept does appeal to everyone, but I, personally, don't want to spend money on a clone project. As someone who grew up with games instead of cable television, the appeal of Smash Bros to me is higher than this game because I know the Smash Bros characters. But thats just my reason, so

I'm not saying that Punch Time Explosion is a bad game, just that it's on a system that pretty much prioritizes your purchases; it's costs too much to get something second rate, unlike the DS where this game might have only been 20 bucks. (I hope I'm being a bit clearer lol I hate misunderstandings...)



GameLord08 said:

Does anyone else think this is replacing S.S.B.B. on 3DS...? Sure looks like it, but bloody hell, I like it.



Pogocoop said:

I think I'll pick this up once it drops to 19.99

All licensed software does eventual,

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