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BIT.TRIP SAGA Brightens Up 3DS on September 13th

Posted by James Newton

Two games, one TRIP to the store

BIT.TRIP COMPLETE is coming on 13th September, but it won't be alone on North American retailer shelves as BIT.TRIP SAGA is landing on the same day.

The 3D revamps of the WiiWare originals might lack the extra content of its COMPLETE cousin on Wii, but what it lacks in bonuses it makes up for in portability. And 3D.

We got chance to try out the game at E3, so be sure to read our First Impressions: BIT.TRIP SAGA in anticipation of the game's 13th September release.


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WaveBoy said:

I'm mixed on this. But I must admit, playing Runner on a hand held in 3D would be pretty amazing. And oh how I loath Void. Need to play the others those and this may actually be the release where i finally will.



bahooney said:

I've never played any of the Bit.Trip games... should I pick this up? Is it really that good?



Fuzzy said:

I think this will be the version I will get. I think it should look great.

(Hopefully now I will finally finish level 3 of BEAT).



bezerker99 said:

This version has checkpoints thus making it more noob friendly. :

(/me hugs his WiiWare versions)



FonistofCruxis said:

Do you know whether it will be budget priced or not or when it will come to Europe? I'm still finding it hard to decide which version to get but I'm swaying more towards this version for the portability.



HipsterDashie said:

<-- My face when this was first announced.

Will definitely be picking this up at launch for the portability. I think I'll wait a bit before picking up Complete though, I already have all of the games on WiiWare.



bboy2970 said:

Well I've always thought these were just a tad overrated but I'll be getting this. It kind of sucks that they are releasing this one and the Wii one with all the extras. I'm certainly not buying both so it kind of sucks to miss out on something one way or another. I wish they had just taken those extra features of the Wii disc game and out them in here. Oh well. I'd rather have 3D and portability anyway.

EDIT: Oh god....I just looked this up on amazon and it says it will be regular priced at 40 bucks. I kind of expected it to be like....30. Oh well, looks like it won't be a day one buy for me. I'll have to wait until it comes down in price.



Blaze said:

Come on NoE we need something here in the UK for the summer holidays in 3 weeks. I have 7 weeks with no new 3DS Or Wii games to play with.......



Odnetnin said:

I'll get both when they're dirt cheap. You're being the antithesis of your mission statement, Gaijin Games.



Squiggle55 said:

I liked beat and runner a lot, but when it comes down to it I probably won't buy this until it's used. those wii disc extra features would have been a nice incentive, but I'll probably be playing starfox.



OldBoy said:

It'll be in the bargain bin within 2 months, guaranteed.I'll pick it up then
Never played any of the BitTrip games so it will be intresting to see if all this rabid fanatacism is justified.
Glad they didn't put these on DSi ware though.Probably would have cost about £60!!



Number_6 said:

Well....there goes my hearing.

The only way I know to play bit.trip games is with the volume at 11.

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