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Ark of Sinners Scheduled for Release Next Month

Posted by Trevor Chan

More jumping action for WiiWare

Since Anima Game Studio's Ark of Sinners announcement last November, we haven't heard much on the 2.5D side-scrolling platformer.

A recent report by Revogamers has put an end to that quiet spell as the publication has revealed the game will be released some time in July.

The main character in Ark of Sinners is a young woman named Celia. Celia's been raised by an organisation called Selene to be the ultimate killer, and finding herself now as an ex-agent of this group, she will encounter plenty of enemies to dispose of by using her finely honed life-extinguishing skills.

For more screenshots, head over to the Ark of Sinners blog and if you like the art style of the game, be sure to check out the game's art designer Wen Yu Li's work by visiting his deviantART gallery.

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Thanks to PALgamer for sending this in.


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Splat said:

Looks cool but like most WiiWare games I'm sure I would beat it in a day and never play it again.



Ichabod said:

Agreed. lol

But, it looks like a lot of fun. Depending on the price (and review), I might be buying this one.



Henmii said:

This actually looks quite good. Better then the screenshots. By the way: Did I see almost naked breasts?!



Zsxdflip said:

Translaton to the video:
In this place...
Everything Ends
If I save...
I could redeem
My sins?
Discover the truth



Neko_Ichigofan said:

This one might not make it.....after all it might not be casual enough for Reggie D:
My fingers are crossed though :3

Edit:I'm sorry for that Momentary burst of anger towards Reggie I'm just irritated that certain other games are most likely not be released........okay I've regained my composure!



NMH-TRI said:

Glad you've regained your composure, but I haven't.

On topic now. I'd probably buy this. I like the looks of it. Can't wait to hear more about though.



DrDaisy said:

Is it really likely this game won't make it to America? It looks so cool.



Omega said:

The best news since Fludity/Hydroventure was announced. Looks like Castlevania and NyxQuest mixed together. And it looks phantastic. And the game will be released in July? Wait, that's next month? Wow. I must soon reload some points into my WiiShop account. WiiWare is not dead. Hooray!
@mizumaru: She's wearing almost no clothes because during june to september its very hot in spain.



JimLad said:

I wasn't so sure, but then I saw breasts and now I'm convinced it's the best thing ever.



The_Fox said:

I just can't stop laughing at what the main character is wearing. It looks like something I would have come up with when I was 13.



Omega said:

The clothing is scandalous. I've edited it and sent it to Wen Yu Li. They're now using the new design for the game.



Wolfenstein83 said:

I have to agree, this looks a little unfinished and clunky to me.
Platform jumping with a half naked woman who looks like she belongs in a Mortal Kombat game, seems a little silly.
It does have seem to have some Castlevania elements, but in a generic sort of way.
Oh well, guess I will just wait and see, could turn out good for all I know.



Pod said:

I thought that looked mighty cool for WiiWare, and if the music will be like the stuff in the trailer, it's definitely something decidedly different from what we're used to.

So what if her clothes a silly, every video game character and their mother are wearing needlessly revealing clothes these days. At least she doesn't look like
a: a psychopathic maniac
b: a 12-year-old
c: a simple-minded naive animé bimbo.



RetroWarrior said:

Great news, I'm looking forward to this one! We didn't hear anything about the game for months, so I'm glad that it will be released in July. The trailer looks and sounds very good.
And the artworks of Celia already convinced me to get "Ark of Sinners"!



FonistofCruxis said:

This looks pretty cool and the soundtrack sounds great but the character models could be better. Hopefully it will be a good game.

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