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3DS Screenshot Site Does What It Says On the Tin

Posted by James Newton

Are you viewing comfortably?

The 3DS web browser is a pretty handy thing, mostly for its ability to display 3D images embedded in web pages. While this feature has already been used for naughty purposes, a new website wants to bring you 3D screenshots of 3DS games.

The smartly named 3DS Screenshot currently offers shots from Pilotwings Resort, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and even the upcoming Vektor Tank 3D+, with more images to be added when provided by publishers and users, according to the site owner.

Pop over to to see with your own eyes.


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FroguinZX said:

And if something along the lines of We Move: Pain vs. Pleasure comes onto the board again? I assume it'll ensue the lulz.



supercreeps said:

Is it my eyes or all those images way more 3D-ified that normal? Even with the slider very slightly 3D my eyes are hurting.



b_willers said:

Vektor Tank 3D+ looks way too 3D. The slider does nothing of course, but looking forward to more 3D content on the site



Kit said:

"Move along, move along. There's nothing to see here!"



bboy2970 said:

Thanks for this site! The eShop should really already do this but whatever. Vector Tank looks really great! The 3D seems to be outstanding. I'll surely buy this one when it drops on the eShpp.



tylers_username said:

errrm which websites offer these naughty 3d pics. err... purely so i can tell people NOT to go on them. errrm, yeah.



Raylax said:

"While this feature has already been used for naughty purposes"


**picks up cane, leaves**



Sadsack_Awesome said:

The Urban Cruise thing is too 3D- as in, you can only focus on one thing at a time, just like in real life



Late said:

Nice site but not many pictures yet. Nintendogs pictures were only ones that I liked. Pilotwings pictures looked a little too flat for me.



gamepopper said:

I've tried it out on my 3DS and the pictures are way more nausiating than it should be, and I rarely have any problems with the 3D stuff.



timp29 said:

Its good to know the nintendolife staff have looked into the naughty purposes to really understand the capabilities of the 3DS



TKOWL said:

These images somehow show up if I view them on the Wii Opera Browser, but of course, not in 3D.



pikku said:

@Dragoon, well yeah, they'll show up in any browser. it's just website. Just you can't see the 3D effect, which is the main r you'll be going to the site, unless you're on a 3DS.



phoenix1818 said:

"Naughty Purposes?"

Anyway, this is a good idea, but about a week ago I found a site that does the same for Wii and Gamecube games, which I recommend checking out.

None of these games are actually available in 3D but it's fun to look at all the same. The website is

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