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3DS eShop Has Officially Opened Its Doors

Posted by James Newton

So stop clicking Refresh

The 3DS eShop update has finally arrived, bringing with it a bevy of new goods to your favourite 3D-enabled console.

The update is available to download now and opens up the machine's web browser and shopping experience. For speedy updaters there's a free Excitebike and Pokédex 3D to be had too.

We'll keep you up to date on all the E3 2011 news from Nintendo's conference which kicks off later today.

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Lan said:

so how is it? can we get a review of like the eshop and the internet browser?



cnm_nintendo said:

I love the new eShop! But one problem, kinda off-topic though. I downloaded the 3DS system transfer tool from the DSi Shop but it's not anywhere on my DSi Menu!!! Nor on my SD card! DSi shop says I downloaded it but it's not there! Please help DX (Perhaps I should've made a forum topic o-o)



BJQ1972 said:

The system transfer tool doesn't appear as a parcel to unwrap. Maybe you just overlooked it on your menu screen?



grovertheblue said:

The eshop is very cool. And the browser is decent. I am posting this comment from my 3DS!
Can't wait for more Nintendo love at tomorrows press conference.



BulbasaurusRex said:

I'm using the 3DS browser right now. I'm going on vacation today, so I may have to use my 3DS browser to catch up the E3 news at the hotel, tonight.



skywake said:

Is it just me or are the screenshots for 3DS games not in 3D. The OoT 3D trailer is in full 3D but the screenshots, while gorgeous, aren't. Same with the Pilotwings, SSFIV and presumably the others. I would've thought they'd be showing 3D screenshots..... or maybe my eyes are fooling me.

Anywho, nothing like an inadvertent DDOS to make you know how popular something is



b_willers said:

I'm in the browser now, by the way You Tube does not work. Not very impressed with the shop, feels clunky and restrictive and you have to sit and watch your downloads (not in the background). 3D trailers look ok if a little grainy, and whats with the 2D screen shots?



Lan said:

i heard the browser is by the people that made sony's, so does that mean you can download stuff to the 3ds with the browser?



Neonpowerstar said:

I just tried the eShop, and it is so fast, 100000x better than the DSi shop!!! Very organized and easy to use... also the internet browser is great, I am typing this comment from my 3DS. The browser can still be a little slow but it is infinitely better than the DS/i browser.
P.S. I already got excitebike, my first eShop download!



J-Forest-Esq said:

Excitebike for me.
What ever happened to the BSOD? That's the reason I didn't update my 3DS the last time. Has that all been resolved?



daznsaz said:

wahey using 3ds browser love it got excite bike and pokedex gonna get mario land zelda video looks good off to play



grumblebuzzz said:

After that weird little horrible patch of errors after it first came up, the eShop does seem to be very user-friendly, quick, and easy to navigate. I'll be looking forward to Thursday browsings of the new releases, for sure.

The browser on the other hand? Meh. Not too terribly much better than the DSi's in my opinion, but if they get that whole "view 3D website content" off the ground, it'll have it's purpose as a fun little distracting app.



honza said:

OMG? What is this? I downloaded the update, and sorry to say, it is really 10 years old design...

  • downloading not on background, but you have to wait. They must be kidding
  • still using "blocks" as the unit — what the *** is "block"? I want megabytes
  • only 2 trailers (Ocarina 3D and DoA Dimensions); probably there are no more 3DS trailers available in the world
  • screenshots from 3DS games are in 2D — really a way to show the game
  • only 20 DSíWare titles — where is the rest?
  • no PayPal payments — I don't want to share my credit card with everyone
  • this may be personal, but the GUI of eShop is not intuitive for me.

The browser is also bad. No YouTube support. No Search function. No URL history (when entering URL). Loading pages like takes ages. Getting errors like "Image display failed" and "Script execution is taking a long time. Do you want to continue executing the script?"

Sorry, but it is typical Nintendo fail. I hope Café gets proper network system, as they outsorced the development of network for their next home console.



Tate24 said:

am looking at this site ver my 3DS hehe. love eshop!

question why cant i upload photos from 3DS to facebook. it said that u could on one of gaming websites but tryed and wouldnt let me:( sigh....

please nintendo need utube xP



Teh-Ray said:

For speedy's more like error after error! Hopefully this'll calm down sooner than later.



MasterGraveheart said:

Awww, I lost my save data when I transferred it over. Now I gotta play through Shantae: Risky's Revenge again...

...Wait a minute... now I have another ligitimate excuse to play through Shantae: Risky's Revenge again! gets to it



Linkstrikesback said:

Goddamit. I knew we'd get screwed on prices. Not touching a single virtual console offering at the very least then.

US Super mario land $4
Conversion to pounds : £ 2.40
Actual 3DS game price : £3.60
UK £3.60



Linkstrikesback said:

Also @20
All the dsiware games except those 11 mentioned by nintendo are there, but for obvious reasons the dsiware HIGHLIGHTS isn't going to include all of them, which is what you're looking at. Hit the search function and set the filter to "dsiware" and you'll see them all.



Raptor78 said:

Happy enough with the shop, but the DSi internet browser had some options to make it more stremlined and a better way to use the internet on the go. The 3DS browser doesnt have these functions and I feel its a step back in terms of the browser. Thats just my oppinion though, because I played with the DSi browser till I had it perfect. Mabey additional the layout options will become avaialable in a future update.



sillygostly said:

Despite the many errors upon launch, I've been pleased with the eShop overall. It's disappointing that screenshots for retail games aren't in 3D, however, I'm sure that Nintendo will rectify this in due time.

The prices are completely ridiculous though. $4.50 is the base price for GB games while we're being charged a ridiculous $6 for premium titles (i.e. Super Mario Land). Seriously, what gives? I'd hate to think of what ungodly sum Nintendo Australia having in mind for GBC and (later on) GBA games. o.O

Sure, $6 in isolation isn't much, but considering that I hadn't owned a GB back in the day, I was fully intent on purchasing a majority of the first party catalogue. But at those prices? No freaking way.

And I can confirm that Nintendo point cards are not compatible with the eShop.



Fuzzy said:

@24 - I agree, it's stupid. They're using price conversions from 5 years ago. SML is $6 here.



default12345 said:

I love the eShop. I've had no errors whilst updating, it has been a very smooth experience.

Having to wait for a download to finish is not a problem in my opinion as I have only had to wait for about two minutes per download.

I do not like the Internet Browser, but I guess to some people it will be useful. I'll continue to use my iPhone 4 and PC for that.

Prices are reasonable, 3D game trailers are fantastic and will help me to decide if I buy a game - after checking out the Zelda trailer I think I'll be getting it whereas before I was going to give it a miss.

I love it when you boot up a GameBoy game whilst holding start or select - the GameBoy border is a nice touch and the 3D effect is subtle and enhances the experience - as does holding L and R whilst playing - classic green screen action!



oliej said:

I just put £20.00 on my ds and if i turn it of will it still be there ?



mastersworddude said:

Once again Nintendo is stubborn as ever. I mean, why is your purchases stuck on one console? Why can't we have an account system? Why can we only buy credits in increments of 10$ when the software starts 2$? Nintendo seems to be so restrictive in it's online approach. When online is such a huge part of the industry right now, I doubt Nintendo is trying to attract "Core" gamers with shops like this. I mean say what you will about the PSP's online but at least the PSN shop was much more flexible and offered more content than the Wii's Shop and this eShop. (Which knowing Nintendo will take a LONG time to get a good selection of games and VC titles up.) Honsestly, I doubt Project Cafe will stand a chance next gen if it doesn't have an online at LEAST superior to the PS3/360's. I like Nintendo a lot but it frustrates me to see them stay so conservative in their online features. (Which is ironic considering the tech of the console is always innovative.)



NintyMan said:

Just updated my 3DS this morning and saw the eShop for the first time. I was impressed with how easy it was to browse through all the games, and I downloaded Excitebike 3D without a problem. My only concern is that I couldn't find where to transfer DSiware, and I really don't want to buy my DSiware all over again. Otherwise, it's awesome and it'll be even more awesome the more active it gets. I think the service problems from DSiware have been solved!



timp29 said:

@33 Thats a good point. Steve Jobs came out of his death bed just launched Apple's cloud filesharing to solve the issue with having content on multiple apple devices. Nintendo should consider this very closely. I mean all they really need to do is to record which items/games are owned by the user account and make these accessible across all platforms.



Juampi said:

Did any of you Americans get coins for linking your Club Nintendo account with the eShop? I already have Platinum Status, so it would be kind of a waste to earn more now.

EDIT: Nevermind, I searched Nintendo's website and found out you earn 40 coins for linking. What I'm still not completely sure is whether games already downloaded will register on Club Nintendo when linked...



ImDiggerDan said:

@30 - Built into the games themselves. Run the game, look for an option called "Help" or similar.



Burning_Spear said:

@38: ExciteBike 3D is now listed in my Club Nintendo account, so yes, they're linking. I didn't get any coins for linking, though.



Classeman said:

To all of you who wonder where you can find the transfer tool for 3DS and the answer is: Go to the DSi Shop on the DSi. and it took me four and a half hour to transfer Wario Ware: Snapped from DSi to my 3DS..



Juampi said:

But did you download the game before linking the accounts? What I want to know is if games downloaded before the link will show. I know this was the case with the Wii, but I just want to be sure...



cnm_nintendo said:

I seriously can't find the tool! And I can't re-download the tool because the DSi Shop says I already downloaded it DX I'll make a help me thread see if anyone can help.



Jellitoe said:

Anyone get the 40 coins for linking there account? I need 20 more for platinum but did not get any for linking.



WarioFan63 said:

I'm on the fence about if I should download Nintendo 3DS Transferring Tool. The gameplay looks solid but repetitive. Is there even an ending? I need a review. I NEED A REVIEW!



Burning_Spear said:

@47: I didn't get the coins. ExciteBike 3DS appears in my account, so the link worked. I can't figure out why the coins didn't appear.



Bullwinkle said:

My biggest irritation (aside from losing my save progress when transferring DSi games, but that wasn't really a surprise) is that I can't download DSi games to the SD card.

I was planning on getting a whole mess of DSi games, which wouldn't even come close to filling the card I have in there. But they still clutter the system memory, so I don't know that I'll be getting any.



3rdalbum said:

Interesting thing about the 3DS web browser: It supports MPO. If there are MPO images embedded on a web page, you hold down your stylus on them for a second and then release, and the picture will appear in 3D on the top screen. You can then save it to your SD card if you wish. Take a look at my photo album if you want to try out the feature:



RyuZebian said:

Excitebike is awesome, even better than on Wii! But now I want to catch up on DSiWare... Is there no compilation or list of different DSiWare reviews? That's right, I'm asking YOU, Nintendolife! As the best source of Nintendo e-ware reviews on the web, I think it's your duty to help us all with your awesome powers!



blackknight77 said:

There are some pros and cons about the e-shop. First of all it looks great and is very eye catching. In fact there are some DSi Ware games I never knew existed like Big Bass Arcade but really caught my eye on the main page. I'm dissappointed that there are no game demos. I think should strongly consider adding a demo service for the 3DS.



Ren said:

If I had any kind of smart phone I wouldn't touch this browser, but sadly I don't yet. As it is it'll do in a pinch, though. The shop is just fine though, what more do people want? It's not meant to be used for extended periods, just get your game and go play it. It looks pretty good to me.
I don't see this Zelda trailer anywhere that you're all talking about, though - only 2D stills. Where is it?



MeloMan said:

@ Bullwinkle That was one of my gripes with the DSi. If the Wii was updated to download straight to the SD card AND load games from it, I gave the DSi a pass for whatever reason, but I'm sure the 3DS could load and download without any hassle. I'm hoping for a update in the near future, as these "spaces" will more than likely fill up really quickly on in the system memory. glares at Nintendo I don't plan to constantly do the swap of DSiWare titles back and forth from the SD card to memory... If 3DSWare downloads to and loads from the SD card then... yeah... update please?



Samholy said:

so far so good !
i tried excite bike 3d, which is almost the same thing as the original. the 3d is much more developped than anything else. while you use the slider, it clearly changes everything, it has some kind of zoom in zoom out effect, you can tell its not just an eye trick, that the yactually worked the game to look different in 3d.

the eshop seems well organised, the small icons are easy to navigate, and it seems quick. mind that i didnt pass hours in it yet.

im glad to see plants vs zombie available. prices arent critical, but theyre somehow high for some games. i dont mind paying 8$ w/o taxes for planys vs zombie, theg ame is deep enough to justify it. but 4$ for the old gameboy mario land ? ouch, let me doubt.



Supremeist said:

I personally think that the eShop is a huge step forward to the right decision. It takes about a minute or so to start up, but once It's launched, shopping has never been this easy for Nintendo. It's ALOT more stabalized from the DSiWare Shop, and WiiWare. Categorys are all seperated into different boxes, so lets say there is a category labeled 'Mario'. When you click that, all the Mario games available to download and purchase will show, and you can scroll through and click each one, read details, see pictures, and sometimes watch a video of it.

The prices are a bit critical sometimes, but it seems good enough. 4$ for the old gameboy Mario Land is a bit high.. Yikes. And whats worse was when Link's Awakening launched out today for the eShop, it costs 7-8$! I can't remember, but thats a little much for the old gameboy game on the VC as well.

3D ExciteBike isn't all I was really hoping for either.. It's quite boring, thats the easiest way to put it. It's possible to pick up & play easily and play for a few minutes, but after a while you will find yourself not playing it for a long period of time afterwards. One thing I have to say: GET IT BEFORE IT COSTS MONEY.

3D Pokedex is pretty cool, but It's kind of hard to understand the concept of what you are supposed to do with it. It is still cool to see all the Pokemons from Black & White in full 3D. That just gives me another small sign that a new Pokemon could come to 3DS.. I can just feel it. Ah well. It is supposed to include Argumented Reality, but I can't seem to find the Pokeball card that makes it all work together. I guess I read something saying that you have to print the paper card online, but I don't have a printer so BOO! (yes I do I'm just to lazy to plug it in)

So overall, the eShop was a pretty great update. I recommend saving your money for newer games that launch on it. It really sucked when I bought a bunch of crappy DSiWare, then find out a week later that Plants vs. Zombies was gonna launch out on it soon.

Don't disappoint yourself!
Update your 3DS.(:



3XDStar said:

Grr I see your all enjoying the eShop but as you can see, I am not. Because it won't download!! It keeps doing error system restarting at half way through. Can someone help me?



pntjr said:

I hope by July 9th i will scrounge up enough money to get my 3DS!! I hope exitebike stays free for a longer time period...

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