3D Screenshots for You to Enjoy on Your 3DS

Monster Hunter and more in glorious 3D

Now the 3DS Internet browser is available, complete with the ability to display 3D images, you're probably bored of looking at 3D photos of other people's pets. If you're ready to see something a bit more fearsome in 3D — say, a Lagiacrus — we have you covered.

Thanks to the hard work of Eighteen, whose work is hosted on GameCrunch.co, 3D screenshots of Wii and GameCube games are available to view through your 3DS right now. That's right: Monster Hunter 3 ~Tri, Super Mario Galaxy and more are now viewable in glorious 3D right through your 3DS.

We've embedded a few of our favourite shots below. If you're browsing the site on your 3DS, hold your stylus on the image for a few seconds to get it to display on the top screen in 3D.

Monster Hunter 3 ~Tri


Animal Crossing: City Folk


Super Mario Galaxy




Metroid: Other M


For more 3D screenshots, check out Game Crunch.

[via gamecrunch.co]