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3D Screenshots for You to Enjoy on Your 3DS

Posted by James Newton

Monster Hunter and more in glorious 3D

Now the 3DS Internet browser is available, complete with the ability to display 3D images, you're probably bored of looking at 3D photos of other people's pets. If you're ready to see something a bit more fearsome in 3D — say, a Lagiacrus — we have you covered.

Thanks to the hard work of Eighteen, whose work is hosted on, 3D screenshots of Wii and GameCube games are available to view through your 3DS right now. That's right: Monster Hunter 3 ~Tri, Super Mario Galaxy and more are now viewable in glorious 3D right through your 3DS.

We've embedded a few of our favourite shots below. If you're browsing the site on your 3DS, hold your stylus on the image for a few seconds to get it to display on the top screen in 3D.

Monster Hunter 3 ~Tri


Animal Crossing: City Folk


Super Mario Galaxy




Metroid: Other M


For more 3D screenshots, check out Game Crunch.


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Megumi said:

Well....I already saw them a while back with the download and SD transfer stuff, so...yeah. xD
Monster Hunter Tri looked awesome.



Raylax said:

Out of curiosity, how does one produce a 3D image from a 2D video output? Or are his consoles/emulators modded to output 3D data?



Glade said:

Wow what a tease.... this doesn't help me at all. well actually.... this was my the same reaction I had when I downloaded all 129 pics from MH3 from GBAtemp 3 weeks ago



OldBoy said:

Cool.thanks for linking these.some of them look really good.Wish they would get those E3 trailers on the EU shop!! shame there was no F-Zero though.Skies of Arcadia looks awesome.



NX01Trekkie1992 said:

already saw the a while ago when I dloaded the 3D shots to my SD card, but nice that I can maybe find some more



R-L-A-George said:

Nice, I so many possibilities, So many people missing out because they think Vita is all that and a bag of chips. Though, I'd love to have Vita. But I made an good choice for the moment.



Teh-Ray said:

I remember this.

Some of these screenshots make me wonder the the heck this guy was thinking. Look at the first few Super Smash Bros. Melee screens, and you'll see what I mean.



CaPPa said:

They captured screenshots from Wii/NGC games, then made them into mpo files. I'm not sure what software they used but the 3D pics are basically made of 2 jpeg images (a left and a right) that are combined in the mpo file. There are already a few tutorials floating around on how to do this.

Those Monster Hunter pics just make me want a MH3DS even more.



HiroshiYamauchi said:

The pics were taken using a famous Wii/GC emulator and a 3D NVidia graphic card. To give the guy the proprer credits his nickname is Eighteen.




I'd rather PLAY Monster Hunter on a 3DS then look at screenshots of it
Monster Hunter 3rd G Portable 3D?



zionich said:

Where I feel Capcom is failing is the MHF3 for PS3 will be in 3D. Its hard to imagine that there are more people with 3D tv's that will enjoy it, than people that would buy a 3DS for a 3D Monster Hunter.



warioswoods said:

Some beautiful Wind Waker shots are to be found at the source site.

By the way, this seems like a good time to bring up the fact that NLife desperately needs a mobile version, slimmed down with considerably smaller and cleaner HTML / CSS. Make it happen, so that reading this site on a 3DS or other device doesn't remain a nuisance.



motang said:

Holy molly, that' is just freaking awesome. Muramasa looks 50x better in 3D!



vdallos said:

Thanks gamecruch an NL and i agree with warioswoods, the NL rss could use some improvement also.



McGruber said:

So a fansite has 3D screenshots before the actual eShop...figures. Every 3D game should have at least 3 screenshots on the eShop. The eShop is sooo lacking to me!



DangerousDreams said:

The 3DS brower is far superior to DSi's brower. It's faster and thanks to the slide pad pleasantly easy to navigate through web sites. The fourth picture looks amazing in 3D .



James said:

@warioswoods At the moment this isn't a priority — fewer than 10% of our visits come from mobile browsers, in fact. We're certainly looking to optimise the site for all our readers but this will happen later in the year.



Kit said:

Ooh its like Magic Eye all over again, except without the cross-eyed bit!



warioswoods said:


I understand, but still...

"At the moment this isn't a priority — fewer than 10% of our visits come from mobile browsers, in fact"

It could be a self-fulfilling prophecy, so to speak. Were each visitor's first experience hitting the site from a mobile device not so painful, the number might theoretically already be much higher. Just sayin'



onsokumaru said:

Muramasa looks amazing in my 3ds screen, wish Vanilla develop a remake or a sequel for 3ds.



James said:

@warioswoods I know what you mean, but 90% of our visits come from standard browsers and we still have a lot of work to do on the main site, you'll understand why it's a lower priority



Victoria said:

That was really cool how you put them in this post! I hope you can do more this way.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Some really great potential here. What amazed me the most were the Zack & Wiki screens. After Okami came to the DS i think it would only be logical if Z&W visited the 3DS.
Point & Click, a touch-screen and great looking 3D visuals sound like a match made in heaven to me.



Dynetheous said:

you guys need to stop doing this and just make monster hunter on the 3ds id make a many many people happy just saying



Eighteen said:

@52 I can stop doing this, but I can't just make a monster hunter on the 3ds

haha but I agree, I really really really want a monster hunter on the 3DS.
and I know nintendo is smart, and eventually will announce one ;D since it will print money, it's a fact.

@53 Thank uuu ;D

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