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You Must Finish Ocarina of Time 3D to Take On the Master Quest

Posted by James Newton

Locked in the box

Expecting to pick up Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and rush straight into the Master Quest mode? Hold your horses, as the harder difficulty won't be available from the start.

Players must finish the regular quest before being able to take on the tougher enemies, dungeons and puzzles of the Master Quest mode, which will either delight or frustrate those intending to pick up Link's adventure next month.

Nintendo has also shared details of the helpful videos that appear throughout the regular adventure, which are accessed through Shiekah Stones. Rather than showing you outright how to conquer your next obstacle, the videos are fleeting 'visions' of what to do instead of Super Guide-like instructions.

Do any of these revelations sway your decision to buy Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D next month?


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NintyMan said:

That makes more sense, because for those that haven't played the game before would have to play through it first before they could think about trying the hard mode.



Link79 said:

Seems totally reasonable to me. You've got to earn your right to take on the real challenge. For someone who's already beat it many times It shouldn't be asking too much.
Playing through the regular game is such a delight anyway.



daznsaz said:

nothing will sway me was already getting havent played it since 64 didnt bother with it on gamecube but with new lick of paint 3d etc im ready to enjoy it again



warioswoods said:

I feared this might be the case, and it means no purchase for me (unless I find that there's a cheatcode or hack out there to get around the restriction).


"For someone who's already beat it many times It shouldn't be asking too much."

I'd say it's asking far too much. Even if you know the game like the back of your hand, it's a tremendous investment of time to make it all the way through. I don't have that many hours to spare on gaming; a Zelda game usually takes me about a year to complete, given how few occasions I have to sit and play for multiple hours.

Anyhow, if the save games work the old DS way and save to the cart itself, I'll just wait to buy it used down the road and hope that the previous owner didn't delete their file.



Link79 said:

@ Warioswoods
Being a little over dramatic aren't we? You'd have to be awfully busy If it takes you a year to finish Ocarina of time.
It can be beat in less than 12 hours.
This isn't some 50 hour RPG like Final Fantasy.



Dodger said:

I want to be able to convince myself, but I still can't convince myself to buy a $40 game with updated graphics and probably some side quests when I have that game for $10 and already enjoy it. Probably one I'll skip. I would of gotten it if it had a game like Majora's Mask. I would of gotten it if it was $20 or even $30 but watching gameplay videos and everything, it still feels like I already own this game.

Besides, I would rather save my money for classic games on the E-Shop that I don't have yet. Really looking forward to June 6th.



Samholy said:

oh dang. i wanted to do the master quest first.
i already finished the original game 2 times.

and i played every zelda games (well, not the strange CD ones) and i never did one twice in a row. i did played twice of them.... so i guess master quest will be for later, another year...



Spoony_Tech said:

Aww come on. Really that sucks. I don't have the time to play through it twice. Its bad enough I never finish the games I get anymore then alone play through them twice. I'm hoping I will see I can enter a certain name to unlock it from the start. Here's hoping link Zelda or maybe even Justin Bailey will work!!



Dynetheous said:

Well if they made the water temple any harder on master quest I think a few people would get frustrated with the difficulty, me personally I would love the challenge and I know others would want it more difficult to. but Nintendo made a good choice and made it easier rather than harder.



Kid_A said:

I had always planned on running through the normal quest first anyway, but I can see why that would be frustrating for people who just wanted to jump right into Master Quest.



NintendoLee said:

I like that the videos are hints rather than an actual video of what to do, that should help people definitely.



Tethers said:

What a stupid decision. Since the announcement I wasn't sure if I will buy it, but now I won't do it.



warioswoods said:


I'd say it's at least 20 hours and easily much more (but I've never used a walkthrough for a game before; and even on a replay, it's jarring and completely un-fun to go back and forth from instructions to game).

But it's not the total playtime that is the issue; it's the fact that you can't play something like OoT in 15 - 30 minute blocks. You really have to sit for at least 2 hours per session — and preferably more — for it to be worthwhile progress rather than quitting mid-dungeon or mid sequence and having to figure out next time where you left off, which keys you'd collected, where you need to go next, etc.

And yes, historically I take about a year to get through a Zelda game, because I only play occasionally given these constraints (although I greatly enjoy it when I do get to sit for a few hours and play the next section; more than any other game series).

The prospect of trying to blaze through OoT again just in order to unlock the Master Quest is highly unappealing. By the time I get through this same game once more, even with the 3D, I won't be interested in firing it up once again for the remixed dungeons. Playing a long game like this twice in a row simply isn't an appealing proposition, particularly when I just played it in the last several years on the VC.



JayceJa said:

master quest isnt even 'hard mode' its no harder, just different, so the argument for winning normal before going for hard doesnt really hold water

i dont really plan on getting it anyway unless it has good new content. a mirrored version of the masterquest i can play on the gamecube version doesnt cut it for me, especially if i have to play through the original first



Tethers said:

@ JayceJa: Master Quest IS harder, because the enemies do double damage .



TeeJay said:

No surprise there. I was expecting this, and still can't wait to play through Ocarina of Time all over 3D!



Radbot42 said:

I'm glad Nintendo made the decision of me not buying this game now. If I could choose to play the master quest from the start of the game I would have gotten this. I have no plans on playing this twice though



Link79 said:

@ Warioswoods
Even on my first time playing Ocarina it only took me about a month.
I've beat it so many times now I can do it very quickly. I don't even need a guide anymore since I have everything memorized. When I complete dungeons in Zelda I never stop mid way. That would make it harder to remember where you left off. I usually spend about an hour at a time playing and that's enough to make decent progress. I honestly don't think any game ever took me a whole year to finish.
That's a really long time to be so distracted by everyday life.



warioswoods said:


We're just different kinds of players, I suppose. There's probably not a single game that has a length of more than 20 hours than I've played to conclusion more than twice, so I don't have the memorization of OoT or other games to just blaze through them.

I don't do that with Zelda-style adventure games, anyway — they're only fun to me when it's open, free exploration and pausing to enjoy the scenery or find secrets... as soon as any kind of speed-running comes into play, it becomes a chore rather than a joy. So, I always end up with 30 - 40 hours or more.



LztheQuack said:

@16: Really? You noticed no difficulty increase in the respective Fire and Spirit Temples?



LightSamus said:

Didn't nintendo originally say that this 3DS remake would be 'packed with new content' or something along those lines? If a mirrored master quest, boss mode and helpful hints is what they called 'packed with new content' I'll be sort of disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I'll buy it anyway cause I'm a sucker for Ocarina of Time. But I was hoping for something a little more like what thye had planned for the original, with the medallion being used as items etc.



zionich said:

Technically by putting the 3DS into sleep mode you could play in 15-30 min blocks. Not to take away from your dislike of there choosen way to do this.

Still day one buy for me, planned on doing it this way.



bro2dragons said:

@LightSamus: the game hasn't been released yet. How often has a company released a game having already shown of EVERYTHING that was in it. Personally, if I knew EVERY bit of content in a given game, I'd never buy it. There'd be little point for me, since the main reason I play games is for the sense of discovery. Whether that's discovering a new world for the first time, discovering how to pull off a tough combo, or discovering what's new in a remake of a classic. It they're saying it's "packed with new content," maybe you could give them the benefit of the doubt. Chances are, it could be "packed with new content."



Doma said:

Not sure why they even bothered adding MQ if they were just gonna lock it out. It defies the purpose.
Yeah, they did say that. It sure is a pity the new stuff ended up being so worthless. Unlike you though, i'm not buying.



Knux said:

It's stupid to lock the Master Quest out when there are many people (including me) who have beaten the original OOT before but not the Master Quest. But I do wonder if you can secretly access the Master Quest from the start by inputting your name as Zelda like in the original Legend of Zelda.

Either way, I am still going to buy this.



PSICOffee said:

Good thing I don't have a 3DS because now I'm not getting this. I should not have to play through the same boring game again just to play the harder quest that I want to try. By the time I finish the first quest again, I won't feel like playing through the entire game just to see what's different. I'd rather play aLttP 3D where the only difference is the sprites jump out at you than this overhyped pos. They better add the light temple or whatever to make up for this atrocity. It needs to be worth the $40 or else everyone could just buy it for $10 on the Wii.



EdEN said:

Well, being able to directly jump into Master Quest would have been better for me but I can deal with it.



MegaStoneSmash91 said:

This doesn't bother me at all. Even after all the times I've played through OoT, I want to do the original quest first to test out the new visuals and get a feel for the controls. It's what I always planned to do whether the Master Quest was available from the start or not.



kurtasbestos said:

If there was no Master Quest at all would people complain about not wanting to buy this game that they want to play? I've never played Ocarina of Time, and I will probably finally get around to buying a 3DS when this is released because I've always wanted to. And I'll probably eventually try the Master Quest, too.



zionich said:

I just dont see how its any different than other games having you unlock the harder mode.



warioswoods said:


It just depends on why you're buying the game, but some of us (or, at least me) were only interested in this edition due to the Master Quest. I'd enjoy the 3D and visual improvements, naturally, but I just replayed this rather long game on the VC in the last couple of years and am not keen on going through all the same sequences without new challenges or different content included.

The ability to challenge the MQ sold me on it; now I have to reconsider, as I'd be forced to complete the same long game again before even accessing the remixed content, by which point I'll just be too tired of the game to even want to start over.



goldboy27 said:

@ warioswoods have you ever considered the sleep feature in the 3DS you can just close it put it in the cradle and come back later seriously wouldnt you want more content for a port at $40



Kaeobais said:

It's probably just a way of artificially lengthening the experience. That said, I really don't think it's that big of an issue. Many games have done similar things. It might suck for those who wanted to start right in MQ, but is it really gonna kill you to replay one of the best games ever made again? And personally, I think it'll be fun to play through the original again just to see what everything looks like in newfangled 3D with updated graphics.



Expa0 said:

Smart trolling Nintendo! Though I already own the Oot + MQ Wind Waker special disk, so I don't care.



Doma said:

Remember this?
I can assure you MQ was playable from the start. Why expect otherwise for this game?



NintyMan said:

I can't believe how some of you have given up on buying this game just because you can't play the Master Quest right away, even if you could on GameCube. That's jumping the gun there.



zionich said:

In all fairness people have been asking Nintendo to get with the times Doma , which for a lot of games is unlock higher difficulties



Zach said:

I won't be able to tell the difference unless I play through once anyway



ueI said:

Why should harder difficulties have to be unlocked? For many games, harder difficulties have the same overall gameplay. An expert gamer shouldn't have to suffer through something below his or her level to unlock a game virtually identical in all ways but one.



Capt_N said:

Don't have the money to get this anyway, or a 3DS. I've been considering just getting Mega Man X, & this on VC for the summer.



retro_player_22 said:

This LOZ Ocarina of Time 3D Edition is like a repeat of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (for GBC), the original game along with it's harder version in one game. Hopefully OoT: Master Quest isn't water-down in this portable version like how SMB: The Lost Levels were in the portable SMB Deluxe version.



Ark said:

Is it really jumping the gun if the incentive to buy the game is gone? A portable version of the game with pretty graphics isn't enough to sell some people when the game is available right now for $10 (and on a console that's cheaper than a 3DS).

Does it make any sense to pay $40 and spend 20 hours trying to get the feature you wanted? Many people have played through OoT at least 3 times so I doubt they would want to play the same game they already know. If it was Master Quest from the get-go, which not everyone has experienced, with new visuals, it might warrant a purchase.



brandonbwii said:

Still a must buy, but disappointing. I never played through Master Quest so I was hoping to jump right in. The problem with having it as an unlockable "hard" mode is more than just gamer familiarity though.

Cut-scenes were unskippable before and likely will be now as well. Also, while the dungeons increase in challenge the rest of the game stays the same (aside from it being mirrored of course).

These facts make it difficult to want to play through the game more than once just for a more substancial challenge.



SpicyDuck said:

@brandonbwii Also, the enemies do double damage, not sure that changes your opinion but I'd thought I would let you know

@Scypher Remember, this master's quest is different from the previous master's quest, that's already been acknowledged. I'm not sure why anyone who actually enjoys this game would ever mind playing through the game just one time *at least * to see the updated graphics and scenery changes. It's just doesn't make sense to me.



ueI said:

Scypher didn't complain about the two Master Quests being identical.



Dynetheous said:

but scypher did insinuate that he has played it before , SpicyDuck is just saying that there are new things to the MQ this time around.

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