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Wii Shop Channel Now Accepting eShop Cards

Posted by James Newton

Interesting happenings afoot

You may remember Nintendo revealing that Nintendo Points will be useless on the 3DS, with a new cash-based currency system coming into effect for the console's eShop. It now appears, however, that Nintendo is going for a total rebrand of its currencies, with the European Wii Shop Channel now accepting eCards.

The video below from user NintenDaan shows the ability to enter an eShop code, with the mention of Wii Points Cards removed. There are also cards displayed, with the front card displaying £15 value, with the others behind likely to be more expensive — the front card carries one coin icon, with the others behind showing at least two. Could we see £15 as the minimum spend for eShop goods?

Check out the video below and see what you think.

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Retro_on_theGo said:

So no more DSi/Wiiware points cards? It's all to be paid through eshop cards/real money? I really wasn't expecting this.



MasterGraveheart said:

Nice... but... can we have one single account between Wii, DSi, and 3DS please? I have 500 points on my DSi that I'd much rather spend on Faxanadu on my Wii, but, no such luck...



Raylax said:

How do the points convert? £15 eShop card is worth how many points?



Arctic_Furnace said:

Ah, if £15 relates to 2000 points, thats a good thing again, as the last cards were upped to £20 for 2000 points here in the UK

Knowing our luck it'll be 100 points = £1. So £15 will be 1500 points instead.



6ch6ris6 said:

haha i love this music. hope the e-shop will have something equally great^^



Omega said:

Nintendo Points cards are are now called eShop cards. I don't see any difference. It's one and the same thing. Or what? (BTW: Amazon still sells the good old Nintendo Points cards in germany.)



Chris720 said:

Good bye Nintendo Points, hello eShop cards, is this a good thing or a bad thing? :/



6ch6ris6 said:

i dont think anybody will loose points. that would be really mean from nintendo. pretty sure you will have time to spend old nintendo-points till a specific date



Hardy83 said:

Wait, if you can access this on the Wii, does that mean they are converting both the Wii shop and DSi shop to money prices as opposed to point prices?



komicturtle said:


Maybe. I don't see how that would really be a problem. 800 points is $8. Put the decimal point after the 8 and in front of the first 0 and you get 8.00

I question why people find THAT confusing compared to Microsoft's points system. That's a mess.



Azaris said:

so wait what will happen if i already have wii points i haven't sent can i still use them?



Capt_N said:

That's good that Nintendo is keeping the points cards. I didn't want things to turn completely into purchasing solely via credit cards. I can see, however, that a limit of 10,000 points is in place. I bet that has to do with ensuring somehow ppl will buy more points cards.



killer6370 said:

Hi guys i have some brand new news for you, nothing really changes only the value, nintendo points cards will slowly dissaper from stores and be replace by the eshop cards, but now they will cost only 15 bucks and not 20 like the old 2000 points but if you use them on wii shop or dsi shop it will be back converted to points so 1cent=1 point only the 3 ds will use real money values displayed in € or$



TKOWL said:

Nintendo just likes making things too confusing...
Now I can't purchase Wii Points Cards anymore I liked Points Cards, I have a stack of over 8 in my room.



NintyMan said:

So does this mean Nintendo Points are getting another makeover? Eventually this feature will make it over into the states.



MeloMan said:

Man, look at the mass hysteria this is causing! I wonder if this is going on here in the US too...?



James2t3 said:

1000 Points in the UK = £7.50 though which a weird number and no better than MS point system. Proper currency values are welcomed here at least



SunnySnivy said:

Will redeeming normal cards work still? :/ I was planning on buying one for Chrono Trigger but.... eh.



Linkstrikesback said:

It's actually 1000= £7.00 on the wii if you buy them through the channel.
However, on DSiware, its 1000= £9.00.
And since they shared cards, that meant store cards bough tfor using on the wii were riduculously inflated. At least, switching to a proper price value could stop price gouging.



jimmoon said:

i use a credit/debit card rather than drive all the way to the store and back just to get points... i'm surprised so many people use the point cards. i think nintendo needs to change the way everyone has leftover points/money on their accounts after buying their desired games



phoenix1818 said:

For those who are wonderding, normal Nintendo Points cards will still redeem exactly as usual on the Wii Shop Channel; I did so myself today. Since all the games are still priced in Nintendo Points, it seems as if these new eShop cards will just convert to Wii points when redeemed, so I don't see why Nintendo bothered doing this.



SullKid said:

Just looove the music, it makes me wanna buy stuff on impulse. Gotta get mp3 of it from somewhere ->



killer6370 said:

Older cards still work I used 1 today

all cards still work i used n old wii points card and a nintendo points card both worked for mr



Lotice-Paladin said:

Please let Game Gear games come on the Wii's VC too...and make the whole VC collection be available on the 3DS, I am now wondering if that is why the launch is delayed? So you can purchase Wii VC games on the 3DS.



Peznaze said:

As expected, Nintendo's not going to do three different cash/point systems for three different systems. It'll all be eCash or whatever they're calling it before you know it. The worry still exists that points/point cards will eventually be phased out and no longer honored, but that should be a few quarters away, yet.



JusticeColde said:

I'm confused, Do Nintendo Points Cards still work or not?
Because I'm not allowed to have a Credit/Debit Card in any case.



killer6370 said:

they work got it confirmed by nintendo on friday

b the way even the old wiipoints still work

tomorow il look for an eshop card ^^



Henmii said:

Oh, I am confused now. I just bought two 3000 point cards! Don't tell me that they are worthless!!

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