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Wii Price Cut Could Bring About the £99 Wii

Posted by James Newton

Retailers optimistic

After four years on the market, Nintendo Europe recently dropped the trade price on the Wii, which will allow retailers to offer the console at around £129.99. Naturally many chains are pleased at this new price reduction, with some looking to offer the machine even cheaper at just £99.99.

MCV claims retailers may look to offer the machine at the sub-£100 mark either at the launch of the new bundles on 20th May or on the following May bank holiday. Whether at £129.99 or £99.99, several retail bigwigs are excited at the prospect, with the general consensus being the price cut will "energise" the machine's fortunes.

Grainger Games’ Phil Moore said "we’re sure this will energise the Wii," and HMV's Jonathan Hayes agrees: “this price drop is to be welcomed, not least as it should help to re-energise sales. It may well encourage new consumers into the market, especially with a range of £20 games.”

Is £99.99 too cheap for a Wii with Mario Kart Wii?


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Gavin_Rozee said:

£99.99 is the perfect price point for this Wii bundle. It's fair, and easily affordable. The Gamecube could be had for £40-£80 at this point in it's life.

Only problem I see is it makes the DSi XL and 3DS look very overpriced.



moosa said:

If I didn't have a Wii yet this would probably be the time to get one.



thebluelight1 said:

Total bargain in my eyes, if sales are down £99.99 for Wii + MarioKart will see more than a few purchases I imagine. Although buying 3 remotes and 4 classic controllers to play it properly would cost more than the package itself



Wheels2050 said:

That's great - a price point like that puts it in the realm of an impulse buy or a purchase for holidays or something, rather than a huge investment of money that needs to be carefully considered.

(At least for people with a reasonable amount of disposable income)



Chris77 said:

Over the easter period Amazon UK were selling the Wii with Sports Resort bundle at £99.98. Would be a great price point to have all of the time. Even £129.99 is a good price.



Spoony_Tech said:

@#3 I think you hit it on the head with why Mario kart is the pack in game. Nintendo stands to make more off of extra controllers and Wii wheels. Brilliant Nintendo. Just brilliant.



FlaccidSnake said:

I sold my wii last year as i hardly ever used it, but i would pickoneup again at £100 just to play the big games like mario kart, galaxy, dk returns etc



Kirk said:

£99 is exactly how much the Wii should be retailing for at this point in time imo, and no more.

Also, Nintendo needs to get far more games down to that £20 price point.



GamersCorner said:

£99 makes sense at this point if they hope for the Wii to compete in anyway with the PS3 and XBOX 360 whilst people await the arrival of the next Nintendo console.



DarkLloyd said:

if it was $99 dollars in over here id get a couple more just for the sake of it lol but only if they were red and black



Doma said:

"Only problem I see is it makes the DSi XL and 3DS look very overpriced."

Because they are.

You still can't even get a regular DSi for below £100, that's how screwed up the pricing is at the moment.



jayjay99 said:

uhh...u guys r really actin cheap! yeah its cool in all'but do yall not realize how pathetic we nintendo fans are? look at the ps3's price 300$ ...and the xbox 360 around 200-close to 300$//and then we pop up with a wii thats 99.99? is nintendo realy telling us the quality of the wii? :/ lol my friend is a sony fan and he told me''that "the wii must realy suck if its only 99.99'compared to all the other systems :/..ofcourse i punched him cus im a nintendo fan;) but after dat i thought about it..



Pj1 said:

The question is what retailers are going to sell the wii for £100.00? A good price, I just wish it includes a red wii bundle again......



rjejr said:

Agree with thebluelight1 - though maybe an "or" instead of "and" for 3 Wiimotes or Classics. Oh, and another 3 WiiWheels. And $20 for Sports b/c if you own a Wii and people come over your house the first thing they ask to play will be Sports and you'll spend 20 minutes explaining how you have a Wii without Sports (though I suppose that might only apply in the US).

You can't get a DSi below $100 b/c they are still selling the Lite. In the US $129 Lite $149 DSi $179 XL $249 3DS. $149 Wii, same as DSi. At this point and at these prices I don't see why the Lite should exist. $129 PSP 3000 for reference makes Lite look wrong.



Pj1 said:

@ thebluelight1

I Love your comments!! You can buy C.C for about £12:99 I know what you're saying though......



Doma said:

Do the conversions to see about how much we’re actually paying. This news doesn’t apply to the US.



DarkVictor00 said:

Since Nintendo is already working on their next console, they might as well introduce the Wii to everyone who didn't enjoy one by reducing it to this price.



lex0plex said:

@Gavin Rozee

yes I agree completely, but hopefully Nintendo will announce their new console this summer so i think people will forgive - especially if the 3ds gets many hot titles too



WaveGhoul said:

Hell, for that price I'd buy another one!
Only if it were the same color as the Blue Wii Remote, then again a Black Wii would be pretty rad



WiiLovePeace said:

@3. You should know that the correct way of playing Mario Kart Wii is clearly with a Wii Remote & Nunchuck. Use the joystick for driving & shake the WiiMote at the top of jumps for the boost, it's the perfect combination!

As for the article, that's about $150AUD, it's down to $200 new at some places & at that price I was thinking of getting a second Wii for upstairs but $150 would be even better



Jacobanshee said:

99 Euro is about 141 US Dollars, which is less than it is here in the US, where it's 150 US Dollars.

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