When a publisher declares to have up to 20 titles on a games console by the time it celebrates its first birthday, most can agree that's a pretty ambitious goal to set for yourself.

In SEGA's financial statement for the fiscal year ending 31st March 2011, it is stated that the interim plan is to release up to 9 titles on the 3DS by the end of the current fiscal year. The company has already launched Super Monkey Ball 3D and two other retail titles have been announced so far: Sonic and Mario at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Crush 3D. Back in March, SEGA announced five 3DS Virtual Console games will be launching on the handheld's download service.

We could expect even more titles to be announced in the coming months as the full year plan includes the launch of up to 20 titles. It's possible that a fair number of those SKUs could be old titles that will roll out on the 3DS Virtual Console; it's also possible that we could see the return of old franchises on Nintendo's new handheld.

SEGA West president Mike Hayes has previously expressed interest in bringing more mature titles to the 3DS as long as the audience is broad enough to provide the company with more scope in the market.

In the same financial statement, the full year plan also makes room for up to 11 titles launching on the Wii and 7 on the DS.

[via segasammy.co.jp]