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Up to 20 SEGA Games Could be Available on 3DS by Next March

Posted by Trevor Chan

Financial statement reveals supportive pledge

When a publisher declares to have up to 20 titles on a games console by the time it celebrates its first birthday, most can agree that's a pretty ambitious goal to set for yourself.

In SEGA's financial statement for the fiscal year ending 31st March 2011, it is stated that the interim plan is to release up to 9 titles on the 3DS by the end of the current fiscal year. The company has already launched Super Monkey Ball 3D and two other retail titles have been announced so far: Sonic and Mario at the London 2012 Olympic Games and Crush 3D. Back in March, SEGA announced five 3DS Virtual Console games will be launching on the handheld's download service.

We could expect even more titles to be announced in the coming months as the full year plan includes the launch of up to 20 titles. It's possible that a fair number of those SKUs could be old titles that will roll out on the 3DS Virtual Console; it's also possible that we could see the return of old franchises on Nintendo's new handheld.

SEGA West president Mike Hayes has previously expressed interest in bringing more mature titles to the 3DS as long as the audience is broad enough to provide the company with more scope in the market.

In the same financial statement, the full year plan also makes room for up to 11 titles launching on the Wii and 7 on the DS.


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FonistofCruxis said:

I forgot about sonic generations. Hopefully thats one of them too. It would be great if that came out on 3DS and wii.



Spoony_Tech said:

Is that even financially sound. I guess I don't care much for Sega anymore! Might be one game I want.



Lan said:

what are some good sega games other than the obvious sonic? i really don't know a lot about sega



Weskerb said:

I'm ready for a sequel to Super Monkey Ball 3D. I'm a bit bored of Sonic for now so I'm not waiting for his latest adventure. As for mature games, it would be great to have new installments in Sega franchises like Bayonetta or Yakuza come out on th 3DS. Do it Sega!



shinobi88 said:

if one of those 20 games isn't a Genesis collection, I'm retiring from gaming. Old franchises we'd all see brought back to life: Shinobi, Streets of Rage, Toejam & Earl. Sega does what Nintendon't



CaPPa said:

Some of those games are likely to be licensed games like Thor, Captain America, The Avengers etc. I'd also expect a few Sonic games, a Conduit game and some old ports.

That they mention having an interest in bringing more mature titles is good though and hopefully could mean that we'll see the likes of HOTD, Madworld or Bayonetta hit the 3DS.



Token_Girl said:

I'd like to see the Neo Geo Pocket Color Sonic game. I heard it was good, but the NGPC died to quickly for it to be worthwhile to pick up just for one game.



Kriedler said:

"When a publisher declares to have up to 20 titles on a games console by the time it celebrates its first birthday, most can agree that's a pretty ambitious goal to set for yourself."

Yeah, or it's Ubisoft shoveling crapware at you



SpicyDuck said:

If nintendo, said this, I would be super excited...and it's going to be funny if none of them are a traditional sonic game...



thebluelight1 said:

20 by March? That's nothing, Ubisoft could have that by next week if they wanted.

If you take a look at Sega's list of development studios then I don't think that it's unrealistic considering the amount and the fact that it's almost a year since the first demos on 3DS were shown.

Now what do I want to be included in this 20?
I doubt it would be 20 brand new titles but starting with the Sonic Advance games would be good with maybe more polished graphics? still 2D sprites though.
The return of Alex Kidd?
Virtua Fighter? Street Fighter and DOA are looking good.
Phantasy Star, never played one but it would be nice to hear of some RPGs heading to the system.
They made F-Zero GX and that was awesome so F-Zero 3DX!
Maybe some amazing new IPs too!

I don't think that's asking too much



sykotek said:

Although I really wish they'd release an awesome JSRF sequel, lets not kid ourselves, its SEGA, they'll mostly be releasing ports like the ones listed here.



jerryo said:

well if they mean in virtual console then it is not that hard

the question is are we interested?
Let them bring Shenmue series and we can talk about it.



Retro_Gamer said:

20 games? That's a lot of games being made in one year, I can't help but question the quality of these, I'm guessing mostly ports and Game Gear games.



Arcanum said:

I hope some of those games are for the VC part of the 3DS....First off, I would like there to be GBA VC for the 3DS. THEN we can have some sonic advance games that i enjoyed so much



shinobi88 said:

SEGA!!! Does anyone remember a little game called 'Aliens Colonial Marines'? There was a really spiffy DS game in the works (you can still catch the trailer on youtube) that might be getting the bump up to 3DS. We could also be looking at Sonic Generations and Time Crisis. Expect a few E3 announcements. Maybe a 'House of Dead' game. If these are mostly Game Gear ports then I'll be only slightly excited. The only games I'm looking for from GG are the Shinobi games, Streets of Rage games, Columns, Sonic Triple Trouble, Gunstar Heroes, and maybe something I've never heard of. Like I said before, we need a Genesis collection. Something with at least 25 games on it, hopefully closer to 50.



MeloMan said:

2 posts on SEGA F-Zero love... I thought F-Zero GX was incredible and would love for AV to collab with Nintendo again on that, but I won't hold my breath for it.

As for this list of 20, I'm sure this is about 3/4 ports and/or VC support with the last 1/4 being original IP's and/or sequels to existing franchises. This doesn't really get me excited at all until I know WHAT is coming of the 20.



jerryo said:

otherwise we would keep asking for it every day

20 games can be done by many studios silly sega is an entity not just one studio but i seriously doubt they meant all new games.



FigetingPigeon said:

SEGA if your going to be releasing 20 games by next March, then at least make one of those releases Sonic CD. Why this game has never been re-released before is a mystery as it's one of Sonic's best ever platform games. Instead of releasing the same Sonic games on every new piece of hardware that comes out like you have done for the past few years.



dizzy_boy said:

don`t forget house of the dead 2 and the sonic 4 episodes are due out this year. and i would assume a handfull of gamegear games on the 3DS VC.
iwould love to see a return of these games, outrun, crazy taxi, sega rally, daytona usa, virtua racer, virtua cop and virtua fighter.
space harrier, after burner on 3DS would be cool.




Sonic Generations please. GBA sega games and......there's just too many to think about, my mind can't cope with the possibilities...



Nugus said:

They should definetly come out with a PSO 3 remake. That card game was one of the best I've ever played. And I still own it and play it for the gamecube.



niggyt2004 said:

got to be virtua fighter game some where, would make sense. would be great for shenmue



Kriedler said:

List me as one of the lovers of F-Zero GX

I'd kill for another good F-Zero game.
The only complaints I had were the terrible soundtrack and the cheesy story (and the attack button mapping was better on the 64 X), but the track design was awesome, the graphics were incredible, and the game was stupidly fun

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