Ubisoft was quick out of the gate on 3DS, with six games out for the machine within its first two weeks on sale. It will have felt the console's slower-than-expected sales almost as keenly as Nintendo itself then, but the publisher still expects the handheld to sweep all before it in the all-important Christmas period.

Ubi UK head Rob Cooper spoke to MCV, and seemed optimistic about what this Christmas has in-store:

I know that sales of the 3DS haven’t been up to the level Nintendo initially hoped but there are some key brands coming to the format and these will be big hardware drivers in the run up to Christmas. I’m certain that 3DS will have a good Christmas.

Ubisoft's E3 press conference takes place next Monday, 6th June, when we'll no doubt hear more about the company's plans for 3DS.

[via mcvuk.com]