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Ubisoft Expects 3DS to Take Off this Christmas

Posted by James Newton

Predicts big system sales

Ubisoft was quick out of the gate on 3DS, with six games out for the machine within its first two weeks on sale. It will have felt the console's slower-than-expected sales almost as keenly as Nintendo itself then, but the publisher still expects the handheld to sweep all before it in the all-important Christmas period.

Ubi UK head Rob Cooper spoke to MCV, and seemed optimistic about what this Christmas has in-store:

I know that sales of the 3DS haven’t been up to the level Nintendo initially hoped but there are some key brands coming to the format and these will be big hardware drivers in the run up to Christmas. I’m certain that 3DS will have a good Christmas.

Ubisoft's E3 press conference takes place next Monday, 6th June, when we'll no doubt hear more about the company's plans for 3DS.


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pixelman said:

Of course it will. New Super Mario and Mario Kart games = guaranteed sells.



Blaze said:

As long as the Wii 2 dosen't come out in November! (Let's Hope)



taffy said:

Either way I doubt I will be buying any games from UBI soft, their line up was less then stellar. Although I do have to admit that the trailer for Driver for the 3DS didn't look half bad.



Infernapeking said:

The only Ubisoft game I played was Rayman 2 The Great Escape on the Nintendo 64 since then their games aren't interesting to me anymore. I spend more time on Niintendo especially Pokemon.



CaPPa said:

The Ubisoft's titles actually made the 3DS launch line up look worse. They continually pump out dodgy ports and shovelware; although they do put out the odd good game like Shadow Wars or Red Steel 2.

They no doubt plan to sabotage the 'Project Cafe' launch as well with a bunch of lazy 360 ports.



Hardy83 said:

With Mario 3DS it's pretty obvious it will.

I also think a price drop to 199US would make it fly off the shelves even more.



MegatronD said:

@11: Too early to even think about a price drop. Not that I don't agree with you. Maybe this time next year you'll hear something about that ( inevitable 3DS lite ) I mean, they only recently dropped the Wii's price and that's only because they have a follow up. I predict TGS 2012 they'll announce a price drop for the holiday season.



Traxx said:

Don' t be so sure. Nintendo isn't shy to drop prices if sales are below expectations. See Nintendo 64. Interestingly, regarding current "success" and potential/quality of the handheld, the 3DS might share some similarities with the N64 in the long run.



RandomMan85 said:

Most of the launch games truly sucked, but with all the big titles coming out, I have no doubt the 3ds will do well. You guys should really try Ghost Recon; Shadow Wars. It is truly epic and seriously over-looked.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

the 3DS price has gone up since launch in NZ. At the start the recommended price was $450 so that what the store I got it from was selling it for. Now you can only get it for $490 everywhere.



Henmii said:

"Ubisoft Expects 3DS to Take Off this Christmas"

Because we all know Nintendo will lower the price then!!



WolfRamHeart said:

I expect the 3DS to sell more during the holidays but I'm still not convinced that it will be flying off the shelves. I think Sony's NGP/Vita will give Nintendo some tough competition but that should be a good thing. Hopefully that will light a fire under Nintendo's belly to bring out more and better games for the 3DS. It will be interesting to see how all this plays out.



deftheman said:

Well when i look at the lineup for the 3ds theres nothing to smile at.
Never release a handheld without games, thats something we have learned from the past.
The 3ds games aint good enough.
So no we have to wait for some old games that will be re_released on the 3ds? Lack of creativity?
I dont care about new play control games at all. Give me some creative/innovative stuff please?



jerryo said:

it all depends on what games and price NGP will come out with.

Definitely by holiday season 3DS will have a very solid lineup! As for Ubi's games.. I think people are a bit unfair! Ghost Recon is an awesome game if you have not played it it's your loss, unless you don't like turn based strategy! Driver seems very promising too.

Those saying that their games are crap should i assume that they have never played splinter cell, assasin's creed, prince of persia, ghost recon, rainbow six, call of juarez, might and magic (awesome on DS), etc? (and many other games like raving rabbids etc. which i won't mention) The fact that most of these games couldn't come successfully on nintendo hardware is not their fault. blame hardware limitations primarily. If you don't like these games do not say they are crap.

YES they brought out a lot of shovelware out there for wii and DS like the imagine series, and many crappy ports, it is true... but so did everybody else and then blamed nintendo for not selling XD. At least they don't blame nintendo for not being able to sell their crap. They are more honest!



Henmii said:

"I think Sony's NGP/Vita will give Nintendo some tough competition"

I don't think so, since NGP will be extremely expensive!

People keep telling that the 3DS isn't super succesful because of the lack of games. But you would expect that a new Nintendogs and Pilotwings Resort would trigger at least all the casual and non-gamers. Why aren't they buying it then? Because the device is to expensive!

Hopefully Nintendo learns from it's misstake and doesn't overprize the Stream!!



Nintendude92 said:

Ubisoft just doesn't come across as serious to me at all since the whole We dare and mediocre line up on the 3DS.

This is common sense

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