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Ubi: Don't Underestimate Nintendo's Ability to Innovate

Posted by James Newton

Expects to be wowed

In one week we will get our first look at Nintendo's new home console, with all sorts of rumours circulating about its controller, horsepower and games line-up. One thing we should all keep in mind, according to Ubisoft UK Boss Rob Cooper, is what makes Nintendo stand out from its opposition: originality.

What you always get with Nintendo is innovation, with consumers at the heart of the technologies they create, which will always result in huge success and I’m more than confident that Wii 2 will live up to this.

Never underestimate Nintendo and their capacity to look at gaming in new and innovative ways. I expect to be wowed.

We'll all get our chance to be wowed on Tuesday June 7th at 9am Pacific, 5pm UK time, when Nintendo's E3 press conference kicks off. Nintendo Life will bring you all the news and announcements live, so be sure to have your browser open right here for complete Nintendo E3 coverage.


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pixelman said:

I thought Ubi already knew about Cafe and had a dev kit. Why are they still expecting to be wowed?



thebluelight1 said:

@pixelman he's probably like us and desperate to see what Nintendo themselves produce on this thing, I get impressed with what they can do on Wii, this new beast will be a whole new kettle of fish!



deftheman said:

Gamecube was not innovative at all.
For the next wii i was expecting a simple follow up console. Bit more of everything.
But Nintendo is all about innovative stuff, no doubt.
Can't wait for E3



SwerdMurd said:

nothing but quality games from ubisoft... that someone coughing in the silent audience?



3dbrains said:

@deftheman, The Gamecube was very innovative.

1) It had the first controller to have analogue L and R triggers
2) It was the easiest console to pack up and bring round your friends house
3) It had the first controller that was completely wireless (wavebird)
4) It had TINY TINY tiny discs ... - not innovative I hear you cry... but loading times were nearly at zero thanks to the smaller discs and faster read speeds, tonnes better than a slowstation.
5) They matched Sony's PS2 in graphics and then gave it some extra oomph just to rub it in. Matching the xbox in raw power(not faked specs)



NintyMan said:

I don't underestimate Nintendo one bit. If they can make glasses-free 3D, then they could do anything they put their mind to. I might not have a good grasp of what Nintendo will exactly reveal with the Wii's Successor, but I can't doubt that it'll be something unexpected, exciting, and unique. It will likely have HD, a better online system, and other tidbits fans care about, but the big thing that Iwata said that would change how we play games in the living room should stand out most of all.



SigourneyBeaver said:

The design of the controller grips has been ripped off to this day by almost every controller manufacturer going. Turn a GC controller and a 360 controller sideways and they are identical.

Also, let's not forget that the Gamecube was extremely cheap at launch. Just £130 in the UK. Imagine that in this day and age. £130 for a brand new home console.

And it had a carry handle. Innovation, right there.



DrCruse said:

1) No, that was the Dreamcast
3)No, there have been wireless controllers since the Atari 2600
4)Any proof that they were faster?
5)True, but that isn't exactly innovative.



SigourneyBeaver said:

@NintyFan I had no clue that Nintendo would go into motion controls. Even with the reveal of the controller later than the Wii console I couldn't figure out why they would keep it such a secret. But remember, there was all that Nintendo On hype and fakery in the build up to the Wii and none of it turned out to be true, so maybe the rumours are untrue this time.

What annoys me sometimes is that they're SO different at times that I'm sure developers don't get the best out of their systems at the first attempt. Then their games do badly and they don't get a second chance. If you look back at the NES and SNES, they just added a few more controller buttons to a more powerful console. Easy for everyone to get to grips with. These days, there's motion controls, online elements, speakers in controllers, cameras, Kinect etc, so it must be very difficult to make a successful start on a new piece of tech.

Perhaps Nintendo will still innovate but also make this console a much more traditional experience. I think they're going to do what Sony did with the PS2 and PS3 and have the Wii as a cheap system for the family while Project Cafe will be very powerful and expensive and only attractive to the entusiast initially, but have Wii backward compatibility for when the casuals want to upgrade. I'm expecting the Wii to be dirt cheap by the time Project Cafe is available.

Only one week until we find out more. Note "more." I don't think we'll get all the details at E3 despite the reports of the new console being playable.



TKOWL said:

Ubisoft is excited because they can't wait to garbage up the new system with shovelware!



edhe said:

Hopefully, the Wii successor will have a better release line up overall, because overwise, it'll be down to Ubi and the 'p###ing into a bucket blindfolded' strategy they followed for the 3DS.

I hope I used the right expression there.



Tony3DS said:

I agree that the Gamecube was not that innovative. However, I'd like to point out the Game Boy Advanced Link that I still play sometimes with Zelda Wind Waker and Zelda Four Swords. Also that little island you could go to on Animal Crossing I thought was pretty innovative. The system itself was not all that new, but many of the games were like Odama (mic controls). I expect the new Wii not to be too over the top but lots of little innovations on the Wii concept.



Henmii said:

He talks as if he has never seen the thing. Wich is very strange, since I thought they where already using the development-kits?



DrDaisy said:

I don't want surprises. I want something that works.
Actually, I wouldn't mind surprises if they include the permanent dropping of Waluigi, Bowser Jr., and the voice styles Mario, Luigi, and Peach have had since Super Mario 64, but those aren't directly related to Nintendo's next console. With any luck, they won't be related in any way to Nintendo's next console, but I digress.



Slapshot said:

I've got to say that I'm actually really nervous,and excited about this new Nintendo console. If Nintendo doesn't get this right, then the 3rd party support that they need back will not return and that will leave Nintendo as a 1st party system only.



TheKingOfTown said:

actually, there is. dbz budokai tenkaichi 3. funny, cuz it isnt even a gamecube game. it is a wii game



Gamesake said:

@3dbrains Don't confuse evolution for innovation. Better graphics and faster load times are both improvements that everyone expects from a new console. That doesn't change the way we play video games. Those analog triggers were no surprise either. Also you could argue mini-DVDs were responsible for holding back the GameCube with a lot of short games and a lot of weak sound.



b_willers said:

GameCube had the first analogue shoulder buttons with a digital click at the bottom. And although wireless controllers had been around for ages I believe the Wavebird was one of the first to use RF rather than IR. If only Nintendo had made this the standard controller I believe the system would have sold much better.



JimLad said:

Gamecube had a few tiny innovations, it's main one they pushed was it's connectivity to the GBA, we all know how that went down though.
Compared the rest of Nintendo's consoles, the NES, SNES, N64 and Wii it was a bit of a cop out in terms of imagination.



DrCruse said:

In my opinion the SNES, Gamecube, and GBA were Nintendo's best consoles, and they were the ones that innovated the least.



jimmoon said:

true, innovation sucks. keep it simple. them Japanese people cant keep anything simple.



retro_player_22 said:

The guy is right, never underestimate Nintendo no matter what. You never know they might actually introduced something worthwhile.



komicturtle said:

Well, I thought the GBA was innovative but that's just my opinion.

I just keep hoping there's at least a mention of the next Smash Bros. And I want the FINAL news of that Kirby game I've been waiting 6 freaking years for.

I'm also prepared for the naysayers about Ninty's next console just being on par with 360. But I do remember the games on the 360, you know, the very early ones, did not look much better than the games on Xbox or Gamecube.

I'll hold that against them for years to come.



Ultra128 said:

I hope it gets a good launch line-up. A new Smash Bros. within the launch-window, like with the Gamecube, is what I'm praying for. The screen on the controller can be used for storing the character HUDs I guess.



Pepe said:

Would you be able to transfer virtual console games I already bought in Wii 1?



castor said:

@JesusSaves don't you think N64 was innovative with the 3-dimensional plataform? I think so, GCN just upgrated the graphics and the controller a bit (the controller got better, and I think GCN controller is the best of all).

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