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This NES Pad is the Biggest Game Controller in the World

Posted by James Newton

Forget sore thumbs

The trend for steadily increasing variants of the iconic NES controller is approaching critical mass, as Dutch students have just set a new record for the largest functioning game controller with an NES pad measuring nearly four metres wide.

The pad measures 3.6 metres by 1.6 metres, which is around 11.8 feet by 5.2 feet, which hardly makes it ideal for living room play. In fact, the controller is so enormous it's only possible to play with your feet, stamping up and down on the buttons enough to turn any game into an 8-bit Wii Fit-style workout.

At least this enormous Mii would hold the controller quite comfortably, but what use is it without a functioning NES built to scale? Get to work, boffins.


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StarDust4Ever said:

This is awesome. I always wanted to build a giant NES arcade controller, but this monster, while awesome, is beyond impractical. If only I had an old school desk, I would retrofit it into an NES controller using arcade joystick and buttons. Then add a flat panel monitor and put the NES inside it. That would be ideal for me.



alLabouTandroiD said:

It would be great for an event. For example two people could play the first stage of Super Mario Bros. (3 maybe too) by jumping on the directional pad and A.
Or forget about SMB. Five people for Tetris would look sweet and sure be fun.

Edit: Somehow all my thoughts revive around a ginormous guitar controller now.



NintyMan said:

They would have to have a group of at least five to control that huge thing, but it's very cool nonetheless!



MeloMan said:

Who says you won't be able to play Track & Field with just an NES pad

I just hope my rapid foot is as fast as my rapid thumb :s



CaPPa said:

That's pretty huge, although it'd still take up less room than Kinect.



DrDaisy said:

"What a handsome chap."
And so modest. Hey, did your hair grow out a little?



JustanotherGamer said:

That is kinda of cool. Even though the controller is useless. That original NES controller has become iconic. Almost the symbol of Nintendo.

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