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Super Mario 3D to Use 3DS Gyro Sensor

Posted by Corbie Dillard

No second analogue stick, no problem

While we currently don't have a lot of concrete information on Nintendo's upcoming Super Mario 3D, we are beginning to see bits and pieces of info trickling out as we near this year's E3 show in Los Angeles.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Miyamoto explained how the game's camera system would be controlled given the 3DS system's lack of a second analogue stick.

Sometimes people ask why the 3DS isn't double stick. One is normally used to control the camera, but having the gyro sensor you can replace the analogue stick by moving the console, which is very intuitive.

Miyamoto was also quick to point out just how beneficial the system's 3D effect would be when it came to navigating the varying distances between platforms throughout the game.

We'll be taking the game for a spin next month at E3 and we'll give you all of the juicy details about the game and everything it has to offer.


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WolfRamHeart said:

Sounds kind of awkward to me. It looks like I will be investing in a swivel chair to go with my 3D Mario.



WaveBoy said:

I always thought the Stylus replaced the 2nd analog stick, just like how the Wii remote replaces the 2nd Analog stick. Either way, a 2nd analog stick is dated and ancient crapola imo, nice to see that the NGP is staying clunky and archiac, but some people like that.

However, with the 3DS Gyro's just annoying that by using these controls the '3D' effect is basically hampered while doing so.



BooJoh said:

Well there's one more 3DS game people won't be playing in public.



Late said:

Not going to make any difference to my decision. I'm all fine with Gyroscope as long as its using is well made and I don't think that Mario game will have bad controls. I've never played a Mario game that has bad controls so why would Gyroscope change this?



RyuZebian said:

Is it just me who doesn't have a big problem with moving the console and still experiencing the 3D? I always have it turned on when playing faceraiders, and only occasionally lose the 3D effect. I think it's a matter of coordinating the moving of the console and tilting of the head/moving of the body. I think most people will get a hang of it after some practice though!



andyutd97 said:

Im worried about this plan. They made a mistake putting a touchscreen as a second analogue stick on DS'. This could backfire :/



Lan said:

come on people, miyamoto knows what he's doing. people had their doubts about the wiimote too but it was an obvious success. hold off on the judgement til you actually play it.



Cia said:

So you basically have to move the console, but if you move the console, the 3d effect suffers. That's smart.



Corbs said:

As long as you keep your eyes centered on the screen, moving around shouldn't do much to the 3D effect. It's the tilting that can cause you to lose the sweet spot.



ShadowSniper7 said:

@Faron: That is what everyone says but I disagree. Yes, tilting the device ruins the 3D effect. HOWEVER, there is a big difference between tilting and moving. I can play Face Raiders just fine in 3D because while I'm moving the DS, it stays lined up with my face. Now tilting Super Monkey Ball around is a different story

EDIT: Didn't see your post Corbie. Jinx



2-D said:

Thank god you barely ever have to move the camera in these games. That sounds incredibly awkward.



LightSamus said:

I don't care about the 3D effect, what I don't like is not being able do to this without sitting in an open area, what if I'm in a car or just sitting in a chair and don't want to move around to much? I hope they have secondary controls like the touchscreen.. I feel this way about FSP mode and aimming weapons in Ocarina of Time too..



NintyMan said:

It's looking like every big first-party game from Ocarina of Time 3D to Super Mario 3D will use the gyro sensor this way. I just hope that I won't have to move a lot to look around Mario's environment. But it's true that the 3D effect can still be seen as long as you focus your eyes on it. I've moved around with the AR games and the 3D effect was hardly affected.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

I tried out Face Raiders and Augmented Reality at my friend's house and I could keep my head at the correct angle with the screen pretty consistently. I think it's because of playing too much WarioWare: Twisted. Whoopee!



ToastyYogurt said:

Guys, I don't think he means that tilting the 3DS in any way would move the camera. I think what he means is you hold down a button and move the 3DS to adjust the camera. Any other way would be just too annoying to be Nintendo.



Demonio said:

"come on people, miyamoto knows what he's doing. people had their doubts about the wiimote too but it was an obvious success. hold off on the judgement til you actually play"

Wii Music.
'Nuff' said.



DivineDope said:

This game is Unbelievable. Everytime I read more news on this game, it makes it realer and realer that this game exists.



triforceofcourage said:

I'm sure they'll make it work. They were sort of kicking themsleves when they didn't add another analog, at least they should have put the d-pad on the other side.



Radbot42 said:

I feel like the gryo controls aren't gonna be as intense as everyone thinks. Lets wait until e3 to see before we complain



JayArr said:

Sounds really bad. Though I will save my judgement until I get my hands on it.

In Miyamoto we trust.



accc said:

Why would anybody rather control the camera using a dpad or second joystick, which forces you to take your thumb off either the main joystick or the face buttons, when using the gyro will allow you to adjust the camera without interrupting the flow of the gameplay? It's unbelievable the lengths that people will go to deny the obvious improvements motion controls bring.



Nintomdo64 said:

It's doubtful that the gyro is going to be the only way to adjust the camera. It will probably be optional, just like in OoT.



Chris720 said:

That sounds awkward... it might be a good idea in the long run but how can you play this in public? People might think your doing something weird with your 3DS.



Jonisme said:

@33 Hey your carrying around a 3DS (Does 3DS stand for 3 Dual Screen or 3 Dimension Screen?) people will be staring at you already.



The_Fox said:

I'm with Jayarr on this one. Sounds pretty bad on paper, but who knows what the final result will be?



DJ_Triforce said:

Uh... did they forget that the 3DS only has a minimal viewing angle with the 3D effect on?



warioswoods said:

One thing you won't see in a Mario title headlined by Miyamoto is any kind of awkward control scheme. If he's using the gyro controls, you can rest assured that it will make sense.



Doma said:

Hopefully, they'll have the sense to make it optional like in Starfox. I'm not interested in using it for something as fundamental as the camera.



WaveBoy said:

True. I'm not worried in the least, nobody should me. Hell I'm all for Gyro controls, it's just the finicky 3D sweet spot that may be effected when tilting the system. But eh, who am i to say i haven't even opened my 3DS yet. lol



Malkeor said:

You sound like because of one very casual/family oriented game, that you lost faith in Miyamoto,

That shouldn't be the case. I mean i really have no problem moving and losing the 3D affect with the gyro, maybe it just takes getting used to. As long as it's fun, who really cares right?
We'll just have to wait for more information.



Malkeor said:

You sound like because of one very casual/family oriented game, that you lost faith in Miyamoto,

That shouldn't be the case. I mean i really have no problem moving and losing the 3D affect with the gyro, maybe it just takes getting used to. As long as it's fun, who really cares right?
We'll just have to wait for more information.



fishman100 said:

Couldn't you just use the D-Pad? It seems kinda weird to control the camera by moving the system...



Megumi said:

Either the D-Pad or the touch screen, the sensor works too...but I can't see it being done in some places.



Link977 said:

man, I was so excited too! now if I could turn it off, that would be more fun

I dont see why they dont use the D-Pad, thats what Mario Galaxy used, well, the crosshair but same thing



jerryo said:

we all know better, and certainly miyamoto is going to ruin his own game by implementing a weird control scheme that spoils it for everyone!



WaveBoy said:

I'm pretty sure you can turn it off, or for example you can turn the gyro aiming off and switch it to analog in Zelda OOT 3DS, so maybe will see something simular with Super Mario 3D. But eh, me vhant's ze' gyro!



Robo-goose said:

I'm all for this since Miyamoto is the one who came up with it.
He has never disappointed me in a video game, and I expect the same results for this one.



Rapenzie said:

I hope it's 3 mode. Gyroscope, accelerometer or the auto camera (like Super Mario 64). I guess the tranlation just put gyro sensor but it's more like motion sensor because having to walk around to change the camera will be a pain, but just tilting the console sideways with the accelerometer is not that bad.



iPruch said:

Super Mario Galaxy hadn't a second stick for the camera and nobody talked about it. Only a few games have such a good camera that the player forgets it, and that's what players should be worried about, not the lack of a second stick in order to "fight" the bad-programmed camera.



JimLad said:

Not quite sure how that will work, but then Galaxy was fine without a second stick.
By the way I love how he says 'double stick' instead of dual analogue.



Doma said:

In Mario Galaxy almost every level was entirely linear, so it was pretty easy to keep the camera in the best position.
When you get to the open-world levels that's when you realise the camera control is a pain. Sometimes they even refused you the control of it.



SwerdMurd said:

as usual, Nintendo seems oblivious to the fact that incorporating any amount of tilt control shatters any ability to utilize the 3d effect. Thanks guys.



Traxx said:

@JimLad: I don't think Miyamoto spoke english at all during the interview except some english-japanese words. So this is just a translation.

And why cant there be TouchScreen-buttons? Considering camera adjusting wont be heavily used, that could work perfectly fine. Hell, I even think touch screen camera might work for 3DS Monster Hunter.



zionich said:

@Teejay. I refuse to keep tutoring me about that possibility. I'd rather believe its not going to happen and scream like a schoolgirl if it does. Capcom captivate has changed me .

I'm not to worried about the controls. It's going to be a great game no matter what .



Neonpowerstar said:

For all of you who are saying that moving the 3DS around destroys the 3DS, it doesn't if you do it the right way. Just move the 3DS and your head together and there should be know problem. As for playing in public, I do agree that it would be kinda weird to be constantly moving the 3DS around, so I hope there will also be an option to control the camera with the touchscreen in some way.



bboy2970 said:

Even though it sounds potentially awkward, i trust that it will work intuitively and flawlessly. This is quite a crucial game to the 3DS and Miyamoto has yet to screw up any game in the "main" line of Mario games. I'm confident this will still be a phenominal game!



komicturtle said:

Hm. I'm positive Nintendo will have touchscreen camera controls (Mario 64 DS is your good reference) so having Gyro isn't a bother.

On another note: I can see first person shooters playing very well on the 3DS even without the analogue. I used my imagination and tried out how holding the 3DS directly in front of your face and moving it would work well even with 3D on. Like Jayarr said, sounds good on paper. But if you give it a try and have some imagination juices in your brain, you can see for yourself how much more engaging and fun playing FPS like that would be. Don't think I'd have problems with steadiness as I'm so used to the pointer controls on the Wii and can keep the cursor still (not that hard to do). Yeh, two different things but the concept is similar.

Bring it on



Lan said:

@25 i happened to like wii music. i believe it was a game for people who really enjoy making music, such as myself



Ren said:

I also have faith that it'll work fine coming from Nintendo. It already works fine with face raiders, but I still hope the moves aren't quite that drastic. A portable system means playing often in a moving vehicle which is near imposible to turn all the way around in even if you don't mind looking like a fool.
I imagine it just means the camera will be self adjusting like Galaxy, but with user tweaks available by just turning a little to one side or other to indicate that a view change is needed in one direction or another, then a position reset for the player. That would work fine. Why not be able to rotate the 3DS a little around mario where you want then tap a button to keep the camera there so you can sit back to where you want to be and keep playing?



Henmii said:

Why camera control? I mean, this is clearly inspired by Mario galaxy. And Nintendo padded themselves on the back about the fact the game had a automatic camera. Why of a sudden they think it's important to give the player full camera control? Not that I am complaining, though!



DrDaisy said:

Sounds pretty bad, especially considering how easy it supposedly is to lose the 3D illusion when you move it. So do you have to turn the unit around or does it respond to jerks?



RYBlast said:

@people complaining about not being able to play it in public

I see many people playing their iPhones in public using gyroscope controls.



DrDaisy said:

It just seems like it would be too easy to move the camera by mistake, which would really suck on sky levels. It might work if moving the handheld was done while holding a button.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I´d really prefer if the movement has to be minimal too then. I mean i like to play my portables lying in my bed, so...
But i hope it´s just going to be okayrina.
@anyone worrying about playing it in public then: When you´re outside you shouldn´t play anyway! Your only mission is to StreetPass ´til you drop!



Bigrat said:

Will Mario Kart 3D use the gyroscope? If Super Mario does, Mario Kart must! Plz



tweet75 said:

Gyro scope used to change perspective does not go well with holding the 3d at just the right spot. They really cancel each other out



StarDust4Ever said:

To those of you who like to play in the backseat of the car: what happens if the driver suddenly makes a U-turn? Does your camera mysteriously start pointing backwards?



castor said:

@76 lol

Relax people, if it is not what most of all expect/want, they might change it. There'll be lots of tests before we can even hold it.



motang said:

If it's used for level with Mario on a huge marble (like the ones in Mario Galaxy) then it would be kinda cool.

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