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Steel Diver Sinks Without Trace at UK Retail

Posted by James Newton

Ships abandoned all over the country

Last Friday saw just one major new release hit UK shelves: Nintendo's Steel Diver launched on 3DS, but failed to register as even a blip on the official Top 40 chart.

The full top 40 list for all-formats only contains LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D as 3DS games, where they are combined with sales on 360, PS3, PC and PSP, of course. There isn't a single 3DS-only game in the top 40 currently, though that will likely change with the upcoming release of Dead or Alive: Dimensions on 20th May, and we'd be very surprised not to see Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D land near the top come its 17th June release.

If you're thinking of picking up a new 3DS game, be sure to read our 3DS reviews including our Steel Diver review.


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daznsaz said:

ive heard its a bit short for the asking price think ill get it later down the line though



Gavin_Rozee said:

I bought it for £28.85 from ShopTo. Loving the game. It's got a lot to do if you like to 100% your games. The Expert Mode is pretty hard too, it'll take a while to get all the Dev Ghost Gold Medals!

Also, the 3D/holographic case is awesome.



Machu said:

As ever with Nintendo, if people don't know it exists, then they aren't about to buy it.

As for me, I do want this (so I can dust off the 3DS), but I'm not willing to pay full price for a short game when there are great PSP titles to buy at half the price. Tis wrong I tells ya. :/



warioswoods said:


Indeed, it has quite a bit or replay value if you're up for the challenge of beating all the dev ghosts. The strategy game is also much deeper and more engrossing than meets the eye, and can be played against the computer across a set of unlockable maps.

Honestly, I think this game has always been doomed sales-wise by the subject matter. It's a "plain" game, as Miyamoto said in the Iwata Asks article, one that has an uphill battle in getting the attention of consumers.

This hasn't gotten much attention for some reason, but the game was developed by Giles Goddard's (of Star Fox) company. You can read about his history with Nintendo in the recent feature, although it sadly doesn't cover Steel Diver or any of his recent work.



jesao said:

I bought Steel Diver on Friday, and its excellent fun. I like how the 3D makes it looks like a miniature fish tank. It ranks alongside Air Traffic Chaos as an under-appreciated left-field gem.



Malkeor said:

A shame really. Really is quite the fun game. In burst though, you get the best out of it in bursts.



Terra said:

@machu - There has been advertising for the game across TV Channels, I've seen it. So I'm not sure if lack of exposure is the case here. I'd put it down to narrow appeal perhaps

I'll probably give this a buy too but I'm waiting on a price drop first.



Machu said:

@Terra: I supposed it would help if I watched TV, lol. Anyway, I'm with you, I'll grab it when it's cheaper, blah.



blackknight77 said:

I've really been enjoying this game. It's a shame it won't draw much attention. It boasts some Impressive graphics, and its a much better game then most reviewers will give it credit for.



jerryo said:

it is a very sweet game. too sad people just don't get it. :S

it is a perfect mini sub simulator. A mini hardcore game with casual appeal and a sense of humour. The controls are as close to controlling a mini boat as it gets. The theme is Chibi Submarine. The visuals are great and they feel like dioramas same as the subs look like those model subs i had as a kid. There are lots of signs to collect that do different things on your sub. Give you different immunities and bonuses.

The naval battle variant is pretty good too. If you get into it, you can actually feel the pressure when depth charges come your way.



Link977 said:

its a really fun game but if you just play the main story mode you'll play probably about 5 hours worth but if you like 100%ing then probably about 10-20 hours (depends how good you are)



PSICOffee said:

I get the feeling some people in the UK read a lot of negative reviews the game got over here and thus decided not to buy it when it was released for them. I wonder how it would've sold if released at the same time as the US. Meh, I'm just speculating, probably the same.



zionich said:

Borrowed the game from my buddy. I didnt like that single player at all, but the multi-player was a great spin on battleship.



y2josh said:

There was no point in not having this as a launch title in Europe too. More questionable Nintendo decisions.



Goomba77 said:

IMO price is a big issue with 3DS games in the UK... Steel Diver simply isn't worth the £29.99 ($49 US) to £39.99 ($65 US) asking price.

The same goes for much of the other tat that is stinking up the 3DS shelves at the moment, people aren't as stupid as Nintendo obviously hoped!

Someone at Ninty should be falling on their sword for this mess, it's a right cock up!



FonistofCruxis said:

This wasn't the only major retail game on a nintendo console last week. Guilty gear xx accent core plus came out on wii and plants vs. zombies came out on ds and both look better than this. PVZ is the only one of the three I plan on getting though.



byakuya83 said:

3DS is getting a big push in the UK but when you visit a store and see the price of games (£40) and you compare that to the price of games on other portable platforms it's very off-putting.

We're in the midst of recession/recovery and consumers are far more careful about what they buy. I would imagine gamers have been cautious and read the less than impressive reviews.

Since its release elsewhere in the world plenty of time has elapsed and I expect most 3DS owners have bought something else.



WolfRamHeart said:

I can't say that I am surprised that this game did not sell very well. I bought it and enjoyed it but I know that it has limited appeal. It probably would have been better off being sold as a budget-priced title.



jerryo said:

Sorry if this sounds like an ad, but i find the prices of much better than most in Europe. Steel Diver £29.99 +Free Delivery across europe. Ocarina is same price.

Share your best price places with others to combat the greedy bastards that want to shoo the crisis away on our expense.

All games are a way to pass time. please do not talk nonsense But i guess submarines is really a niche theme. Yet iut is done right.



Mandoble said:

The big issue is that it feels and looks like an arcade game, but then it comes with an strategy side. These looking for something a bit serious are reluctant to buy because of its arcadish touch and viceversa.



Rob_mc_1 said:

I'm not surprised. Thinking back to the DS the something similar happened and most if the first generation DS titles were discontinued and only had about 2 million in sales.

Super Princess Peach, Yoshi Touch & Go, Picross DS, Tetris DS, Polarium, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, etc.

5 years from now Steel Diver will end out being a game with a limited production run and people will start looking for the first party titles they missed out on.

For a new console the numbers are probably where they normally are for the franchises they represent.



Lan said:

@15 isn't almost all entertainment just a way to pass time?



Henmii said:

"Steel Diver Sinks Without Trace at UK Retail"

It was to be expected. I probably don't buy it either. Sorry Miyamoto!

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