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Start Your Engines for FAST - Racing League's Release Date

Posted by James Newton

Europe first past the post

Shin'en's past WiiWare output has been pretty solid — both Art of Balance and Jett Rocket sit near the top of their genres — so hopes are high that upcoming racer FAST — Racing League can continue the studio's hot streak.

The developer has just been in touch to let us know the game's European release date is locked in for 27th May 2011 at a price of 1,000 Nintendo Points. The game offers 4-player split-screen races, 24 challenges to overcome and unlockable content too.

We'll bring you a full review of FAST — Racing League shortly after its release, and we'll keep you posted on a North American release date too.

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madgear said:

Hmm this looks good - but is it? Most interesting looking WiiWare title I've seen for a long time.



Shiryu said:

Can't wait to see the video. Will 99.9% surely pick this up. Will wait for your review first, but I trust Shin'en.



Omega said:

I'm not a fan of the genre so I probably won't buy it. But good to hear that WiiWare is not dead yet as it seemed in the last couple of weeks.



Zimeon said:

FAST and MotoHeroz are the only two titles I´m interested in buying on WiiWare for the last two years. World of Goo and the two Lost Winds-games are AWESOME but the Wiiware-service died pretty fast after that...



Zimeon said:

Forgot about Bit Trip Runner and Cave Story which both also were superb



TikiTong said:

WayForward and Shin'en are the only two developers that always get an instant buy from me!



opeter said:

It is a good sign, it reminds me as a combination of F-Zero, WipeOut, Hi-Octane, Slipstream 5000, MegaRace and Trackmania.

If they cook it right altogether, it can be a nice racing game.



WiiLovePeace said:

Man I can't wait for this game to come out I do love my F-Zero & more games like it - the better!



SilverBaretta said:

I may look into this. Art of Balance and Jett Rocket are both quite good games.

@moosa: Nice in-engine screenshots. Jett Rocket looked just as good as it's screenshots, and just take a look at those.



moosa said:

@13 the graphics look excellent, but those screenshots are clearly resampled from a much higher resolution than the Wii can put out.



ArmoredGoomba said:

I was just looking up this game yesterday, hoping there was more news. Hopefully the NA version isn't too far away.



Arkaein said:

@moosa: the screenshots are only 441 pixels tall, well within the Wii's 480 pixel tall framebuffer. No reason to believe they aren't the real deal.



MERG said:

I suck at F-zero and never played Wipeout...but I'll be all over this.



Azikira said:

Im really liking how this is turning out! Hopefully it controls more like Fzero then Wipeout, because Wipeout needs some serious fine tuning, whereas Fzero is perfect! :3
I think imma' play some Fzero GX now!



MeloMan said:

I need to know if it'll be online... I'm not really going to have anyone to play with that often at home over split screen. I still am leaning toward getting it, but no online might turn out to be a dealbreaker for me. Looking forward to that review as soon as you guys can get it out...



NintendoMike said:

This game will NOT have online multiplayer. I hope this clears up any confusion you guys are having.



kdognumba1 said:

I've been really interested in this game, though its a shame it doesn't have online, I'm still really looking forward to it.



MeloMan said:

...sigh, no online huh? Ah well, I love F-Zero, so I guess this game will have to satiate my appetite until the next one is announced.



DrDaisy said:

Well, if F-Zero isn't making its way to Wii, I can probably settle for this as long as joystick steering is an option. I've tried remote-steering, I've tried to get used to it, and it just isn't fun.



Henmii said:

27th May? Whoah, that's Fast (sorry, couldn't help myself)!

Either way, could be good! I am looking forward to the review. If it's good, i'll download it!



Marvelousmoo said:

Of course its too early to tell, but this looks a lot better than Mario Kart Wii. Too bad nobody will buy it.



moosa said:

@18 The screenshots are resampled. That means they're rendered at a higher resolution and then scaled down to that size with interpolation, so the fine details are maintained and there's no visible pixelation or aliasing.



DrDaisy said:

@ James Newton Do you know if the game will allow steering with a control stick?



thaantman said:

been looking forward to this game for sometime, I love wipeout and i'm really hoping this is a clone of that or even better. this & motoheroz i think could be day 1 purchases because both these guys have solid track records. Where the heck is sonic the hedgehog ep 2? and night game and la mulana from nicalis



brandonbwii said:

Games for WiiWare are having something of a quality resurgence. At least it looks that way with titles like Motoheroz, MDK2, Horizon Riders, Protocol, and FAST. The near future looks pretty promising.



opeter said:

@18. Arkaein
maybe we are lucking at the screenshot made on Wii 2 (or whatever its name will be).



TheGreenSpiny said:

This looks too good to be true. Though Jet Rocket turned out to be very nice looking game. As long as it plays as well as it looks (and has analog steering) I'll buy it. The Wii has a serious lack of good racing games.



Gameday said:

they took the online out ? man if so im pretty disappointed... the game plus that it said something about online before caught my eye now idk about this so much.

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