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Sonic Generations 3DS & New Shinobi Title Confirmed

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Two great games that play great together

Recently we've heard rumours of Shinobi 3DS, and those of Sonic Generations have been picking up steam. Just revealed to the 'net, the latest Nintendo Power cover seems to confirm both. You can view the cover in the gallery below.

While it's likely that the Shinobi title referenced is the rumoured Shinobi 3DS, all we know is that the series will see a "classic revival" – and just about any meaning you can take from that is a good one. However, it seems that we'll see Sonic Generations racing to 3DS for sure.

Which of these two are you more excited about?


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NintyMan said:

Yippe! Why would Sega not have Sonic Generations on a Nintendo console anyway? I ought to get that Nintendo Power this week!



TheBaconator said:

2 more games to put on the "Must Buy" list. And that Nintendo Power looks like a good one. Sonic Generations, Shinobi, and OoT review all in one issue is pretty sweet.



shinobi88 said:

Sonic!!! Shinobi!!! Sega!!! I'm excited about both, but Shinobi more so. Back in the days when side-scrollers reigned supreme, there were two ninjas that rose above the rest. Joe Musashi and Ryu Hayabusa, aka Shinobi and Ninja Gaiden, respectively. While Ninja Gaiden held the advantage in presentation, with its beautifully drawn and exciting cut-scenes, Shinobi ruled in every other category. The Genesis and Game Gear Shinobi games were unmatched by other side scrolling action game in expertly crafted level design, ability to control the character, and insane bosses. Ninja Gaiden accepted defeat and moved into the realm of 3D. There's no telling what Shinobi will do to answer. But it will be awesome. Here's to hoping Revenge of Shinobi is an unlockable...



Morpheel said:


Now let's hope it's a complete port of the console titles (or better).

is dreaming of a 3DS Chao pet sim



pixelman said:

Any chance there'll be screenshots in the NP issue? If so... scans anyone? :3



Colors said:

Sonic Generations in 3D!!! Woo-hoo!!! Uh-huh, oh yeah, uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh!!!!!



Link79 said:

Shinobi is making a comeback! Bout damn time too.
Now how about Bringing Ninja Gaiden back to it's roots?
Imagine the same cool nes style sidescrolling gameplay and those mid stage cutscenes!
Tecmo are you listening?
Bring back classic Ryu!



Buster13 said:

I wonder if Generations will be a port of the HD game, or a dedicated handheld version?

Either way, exciting news for both titles.



Ecto-1 said:

Legend of Zelda's EPIC REVIEW!!! Sorry, but with the exception of the first 3 Genesis games, I've never really been much of a Sonic fan. Never played Shinobi.



Kid_A said:

I'm actually pretty excited for Generations! Glad to see it's confirmed



Despair1087 said:

sweet i luvs me some sonic

i hope the tiny chao garden makes a come back one day... they should make a new sonic for the wii and then you could put it in my 3DS and take it everywhere like nintendogs. that would be sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet



Seven_Force said:

pleasebelikeshinobi3 pleasebelikeshinobi3 pleasebelikeshinobi3 (If you haven't already guessed, I'm an avid Shinobi III fan.)



Ren said:

don't care for anything sonic, but Shinobi thats a different story! Awesome sauce!



Portista said:

YAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This means I'm campen out at my local game stop! I'm comein sonic!



JayceJa said:

i still hope generations gets to the wii though, but the 3ds version will be a nice consolation prize if it doesnt



daznsaz said:

good new shinobi wonder if its moving to 3d or staying side scroller either way will be good




SONIC GENERATIONS 3DS! Yay! Just hope after all that it turns out to be good. LOL. Insta-buy though...



iPruch said:

I hope they do a good port with this, and including some extras would be awesome (anyone said Chaos? :3). And the fact of being portable adds it a lot of points, at least for me =D



KrazyBean said:

Sonic Generations 3DS ain't gonna be a port of the HD version. It's probably going to be like Sonic Rush but with a few 3D segments for Modern Sonic and Genesis style gameplay for Classic Sonic.

The 3DS can't handle the Hedgehog Engine, so it's gonna be a brand new version of Sonic Generations altogether...and I'll still get it (even though I have a 360)



SilverBaretta said:

@KrazyBean: While you're right in saying the 3DS can't handle the Hedgehog Engine, who says they can't just port the Colors engine over? Or, better yet, build a mobile version of the Hedgehog Engine? Capcom did it with MT Framework, so why not SEGA?



FriedSquid said:

Ah, thank goodness. I was really looking forward to this game, but I was worried, because my Xbox broke (because it is FAIL) and I don't want or have a PS3. But I do have a 3DS, so when this comes out, I'll definitely get it!



FonistofCruxis said:

YES!!! Its great that this is coming to the 3DS, this game looks awesome! I wonder why they're not releasing it on the wii.



speshalmon said:

That Nintendo Power cover would have been blasphemy during the SNES/Genesis wars. Here's hoping for Master Chief on NP in 20 years!



Shadowflash said:

@KrazyBean: Let's not underestimate the 3DS here. It can pull off amazing things. Look at DoA, Asphalt 3D, Ridge Racer 3D, and Rayman 3D. Those 4 have some nice looking 3D. Plus, if it's like the PS3/Xbox, it will only be half 3D. Classic Sonic will only be in 2.5D as far as I know.



MeloMan said:

Imma run through all the old Shinobi's just because now. I'm REALLY glad that Sonic Generations is coming to 3DS.



Ristar42 said:

Growing up in the late 80s / early 90s, its strange to think that SEGA games will help to sell me the Nintendo 3DS...

OutRun 2 and SEGA Rally next please!



Ryno said:

I NEVER!!! Wow, Sonic on the cover of "Nintendo Power," and with inconic Super Mario Bros. 3 yellow background no less. Just, wow is all I can say...

I know, I am still stuck in 1992.



Link79 said:

@ Ryno
Sonic first Appeared on the cover of Nintendo power back in 2001 when Sonic Adventure 2 was ported to the Gamecube. This is nothing new.

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