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Rumour: Sega and Griptonite Working on Shinobi 3DS

Posted by Zach Kaplan

Get your Shuriken ready

Sega's Shinobi series, which has helped action platformer fans hone their ninja skills in arcades and a variety of home consoles since 1987, looks to be coming to 3DS.

An online CV of an environment artist at Griptonite Games mentions Shinobi 3DS as their current project. The resumé states that the artist has:

...created whole levels for 'Shinobi' on the Nintendo 3DS, including many props for use in a variety of environments.

Griptonite's previous projects include the DS version of Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, the PSP title Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines and the upcoming Wii/DS/3DS game Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters.

We'll bring you more news as it develops. Are you looking forward to Shinobi 3DS?


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Dazza said:

Best news ever, I hope it's true!

Also please make it 2.5D, not like the horrible PS2 game



Chrono_Cross said:

Weird. I just bought Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection and played Shinobi 3. Good game.



Knux said:

Now this sounds awesome! Hopefully, it will be a 2D game.



Shiryu said:

Hope this turns out to be true. I'm gonna cover Yuzo Koshiro's music from the Megadrive "Revenge of Shinobi" for my next "Shiryu's Arcade" album for sure!



barneygumble said:

Great rumor, hope its true

As long they will use the original arcade game or at least the Mega Drive Series and not the followups ( PS2, GBA, etc ) which kind of destroyed the the good name of the shinobi series.



DarkLloyd said:

Sonic Generations for the 3DS is confirmed as well but i guess u guys will get that news soon



DarkLloyd said:

ah lol forgot about that well what i mean to say is i saw a confirmed news on N4G with this title and sonic generations



Link79 said:

I was hoping this would happen someday. The VC was my first experience with the Shinobi series. It's really great to hear a new one is coming out. I'd like it to be a more retro styled game though.
Keep it classic and like the Shinobi games on Genesis.
Let's just pretend the PS2 game never existed.



motang said:

I liked the newer Shinobi game only the first one. Hope this is true, I would like to play it.



kevohki said:

Great news. I can't believe all the people bashing the PS2 Shinobi game. It wasn't a bad game, just different from games that came two generations before it (which is completely understandable). The only things you can legitimately fault it for were the difficulty and bland environments. The game is the posterchild for the cop-out "It's hard so it sucks" criticism as many reviewers at the time pointed out. Considering the other junk Sega put out post-Dreamcast, Shinobi was a gem.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I haven't played a Shinobi game before.
But more 2.5D games in the vein of DKCR, NSMB(Wii), Kirby's Epic Yarn, WarioWorld, ... always seem like a good idea.
Especially on a portable console.

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