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Rumour: Metal Gear Solid to Sneak Onto 3DS in November

Posted by James Newton

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Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D was one of the most impressive games shown off for 3DS at E3 last year, but since then we've seen nothing new on the title. Now an anonymous Konami source has told MCV that the game is shooting for a European release this November.

Konami's pre-E3 show is set for 2nd June at an unspecified time so we expect to find out more about Snake's 3D outing then. We'll bring you all the news from every E3 show next month, so stay tuned to Nintendo Life for more.


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pixelman said:

Oooh wasn't expecting this. I figured sometime early next year. Awesome. :3



zezhyrule said:

I thought they said it was just a demonstration to show off the 3DS's powers and that another completely new game was going to be made... Ah well, this game is win anyway so I'm welcoming~

moar naked snake and young ocelot yay



Ryno said:

I may actually want to get a 3DS now after hearing this. By the time November hits the craptasitc launch price of $250 will hopefully drop.



zezhyrule said:

No it won't, sorry. I mean, it does take place in 1964. in the USSR.

oh wait I forgot about... um, nevermind cough



shinobi88 said:

Kojima always figures out how to maxx out a system's capabilities. Professional game reviewers wept when they played the demo for this. Now imagine us mortals playing an entire game like that.



thebluelight1 said:

@zezzy the fan reception to the demo was so high that I think they had to make it. the multiplayer features of Peace Walker are supposed to be included which is fairly awesome although I can't see how it works into the plot...



Kriedler said:

Awe-some. But I want it today. Or yesterday. Seriously, I lvoe me some Metal Gear



komicturtle said:

Hoping they'd also bring out Metal Gear Solid Collection to 3DS at some point for those who missed out on previous games. Or whatever console- just bring it out.



jerryo said:

Supposedly it was planned for around spring 2012. If it is so, this might be a demo like the one we will receive in mercenaries.

November is hard to believe, and still long away to be happy about especially given comments from Konami that the demo was just that at that point, and that there was no project that had started.



ShadowSniper7 said:

I haven't played the Metal Gear Solid games. Will I be able to enjoy this without having played the first 2?



SpicyDuck said:

No one better sneak up on me while I'm playing this game in public.... especially when I'm being stealthy...they just might get hurt..



Kid_A said:

Metal Gear Solid 3 is technically the first in the Metal Gear timeline, but you'd be much better off by playing them all in order. 3 has a lot of nods to the other games, and its twist ending won't have much effect on you if you're new to the series. It's an enjoyable game in its own right, but if you want to really "get" the story, just start with MGS1 (or the Gamecube remake, Twin Snakes) and work your way up. They're short games and it's totally worth it

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