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Nintendo Wants You to Pick Xenoblade's Alternative Cover

Posted by James Newton

Inside-out art drawn up

Reversible cover art is a great way to show your fans you appreciate their devotion: an extra bonus so secret 90% of people would never think to look for it, with RPG Xenoblade Chronicles set to receive the dual art treatment in Europe.

Nintendo of Europe wants your help in picking the inside cover for the game, with a new page set up for the Xenoblade Chronicles alternative cover art vote, with four pieces to choose from.

The vote runs from today until 25th May, after which the votes will be tallied to decide which art gets the honour of being printed on the other side of the sleeve everyone will see on shop shelves when Xenoblade Chronicles is released in Europe later this year.


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Hardy83 said:

Nice idea except they want you to twitter it or Facebook it to get your vote in.
Kind of cheap to be honest. I understand it's a form of promotion, but then let there be a third normal vote option with Twit and FB counting as extra votes or something.



FonistofCruxis said:

I would've voted for option 1 if you didn't have to be a member of facebook or twitter to vote. I agree with hardy83, in that they should've had a third normal vote option.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Yeah, good promotion. But i didn't vote because i don't really use Twitter or Facebook. As you've pointed out before, Hardy.



Hardy83 said:

@14 From the looks of it, picture 1 is an actual screen shot. The rest look like digital illustrations.



Sean_Aaron said:

I also voted for number one. And you guys that don't use Facebook: come on, get with the now!



Vinsanity said:

Beautiful looking game. Still hoping that NOA piggybacks off of NOE's localization and releases an english-language version in the 'states. But since Reggie's in charge over here, I'm not holding my breath. The man who killed Fatal Frame 4, Soma Bringer and Disaster's localization will probably strike again, preventing games like Xenoblade (he has to keep his beef with Monolith alive), Last Story and Pandora's Tower from coming to American shores.

Enjoy the game for me, my European brothers!



WiiLovePeace said:

Number 1 is definitely most epic looking one. So what if you need a facebook or twitter account to vote? Oh what a hassle you have to click more than once... rolleyes



Chris720 said:

Number 1 is the best, it has a sort of MH3 feel to it, I dunno.
2-4 seem unfinished and not really in your face like the 1st one.

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