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Nintendo Changes Club Nintendo Privacy Policy

Posted by James Newton

Accept or lose your rewards

Nintendo of Europe has revised the privacy policy of its respective websites, asking users to login and accept the changes or risk losing those hard-earned VIP Stars.

To keep using the site, users must login and accept the changes before 31st May 2011. If users reject the changes, they can still continue using the site until the end of this month, but after that point VIP Stars will be long gone.

To preserve your perks, log into the European Club Nintendo site and accept the changes.

Update: It appears this privacy policy change only applies to Europe. As you were!

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warioswoods said:

I was also just sent a "special" 3DS survey worth 30 coins, which was a much longer and more in-depth survey than the others on the site.

I'm not sure how many they pushed out, but it at least pretended to be a limited survey to a smaller, random set of users.



LordJumpMad said:

I don't see any change?
but it is telling me, that I will lose 1200 Coins, if I don't buy something.



warioswoods said:

I'm not sure that the NA site really did have any changes in privacy policy... yesterday I only logged in to do that special survey, but I honestly don't recall any special privacy screen, nor do I have one today. Maybe I clicked 'Accept' so quickly and blindly that I forgot about it.



bonesy91 said:

ummm nothing is showing up in My Nintendo club or Email... and didn't get that special survey either.



theblackdragon said:

we might've already agreed to something similar... NA and EU have different rules regarding internets law, don't they? after all, we've got California and they don't, lol.



siavm said:

Nothing changed. Coins expire every two years if you don't use them, if that is what you are talking about. Other than that the site is the same.



dizzy_boy said:

the usual bullying nintentendo at work again.
they want to us to accept the T`s and C`s that will allow them to veiw our internet browsing history, of their sites i might add.
who knows what else they`re spying on if we accept to that.
seriously, why do they really need to know what everybody is upto. do they think they`re going to catch out people hacking their consoles, or thwart a ring of violent mobsters.
all in the name of providing a better service to us consumers, which is laughable.



sykotek said:

I just wanna get this straight..., so if I registered my games and earned my coins which expire in 2012-2013, this new agreement, if I choose not to accept would cause my registered coins to expire this month? Am I being strong-armed into accepting this in order to keep what I've earned?



thebluelight1 said:

hmm, must be a slow day if this is still top...

y'know my sources* have been telling me that a Mother (Earthbound) Trilogy is going to be playable at E3 for Project Café!

*my sources are a bit of scrap paper I doodled on.



Pogocoop said:

I have no notifaction or E-mail I have platnium and I don't want to loose my coins, I'm freaking out here D:



DrCruse said:

From what I can tell, this is only a Europe thing. Other websites are saying this for Europe only, and as far as I know, no one from North America has received any kind of notification about this.



Sonic1994CD said:

Guys and girls who are having the problem where its not showing up, this will be fix. I just went on Nintendo's website and ask about this problem that alot of you are expierencing and myself. So it well be fix soon!



Sonic1994CD said:

All right guys, I just got help for a tech expert and he said: I just logged into Club Nintnedo and no where was there any need to accept a new version of Nintendo's Privacy Policy for Nintendo of America, which hasn't been updated since "December 1, 2008", so I would say that this article you have read may be misinformed, or perhaps just has to do with the European version of Club Nintendo. Lets see if that helps.



EdEN said:

Just logged in and I had no "please accept the new terms" prompt at all.



DarkEdi said:

I registered all my games (like 3mil points) and when i downloaded a single wallpaper they canceled my account because i´m from Mexico. I hate the USA Club nintendo (and i love the Club Nintendo mexican magazine).



komicturtle said:

I'm saving my 3DS registration after June 30th of this year so I can add 250 coins as well as the other games I have right now as I have platinum status already

but yeh, I don't see this agreement. Would suck if it's 'hidden' around somewhere but doubt they would pull a stunt like that.



Spoony_Tech said:

I'm with wariowoods on this one. Got the special survey for 3ds and didn't see any changes.



SwerdMurd said: there a rationale behind this update/change/potential force-removal of coins? It seems like such a random, unprovoked move...



MadScientistMan said:

Lots of people keep saying that they didn't get anything, they probaly didn't reliase that only the EU is getting these new rules, due to the fact that it's from nintendo of Europe

Well assume so, but I haven't it checked myself yet



ShadowSniper7 said:

Hmmm... every "confused" person here has an American flag by their name. Hmmmmmmmm.... I believe the first 3 words in this news article are worth looking at before taking action.



JimLad said:

Son of a...
Thanks for letting us know, I deleted that email as soon as I got it.



Traxx said:

I logged in NoE and it says they gonna need your agreement for connecting upcoming 3DS online features with Nintendo of Japan's servers/databases.

The trouble about losing stars might result from the fact you will need to connect to Nintendo Japan in order to get stars for 3DS features/download games.



MitchVogel said:

I clicked on the privacy policy link at the bottom of the site and it says the policy was last updated in december of 2008. I think this article just applies to Europe.



Traxx said:

Why are you so thrilled about this policy update? The new policy just updates the fact your club nintendo data will be needed in Nintendo Japan to grant you all the upcoming 3DS online benefits. Previously, it was all Euro-data base.

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