Dream Trigger 3D is one of the more intriguing prospects coming to 3DS: a pseudo-retro shooter with a feature list that includes 'electronic remixes of classical music' and 'blasting enemies into multicoloured 3D explosions'.

It also has a new trailer, which you can watch below. The video is titled 'Anxiety', so you might want a brown paper bag handy to breathe into if it lives up to its name.

Dream Trigger 3D launches in North America on 10th May and Europe on July 1st.

Dream Trigger 3D showcases the wow factor of the 3DS like no other game. A stunning mixture of explosive graphics and nonstop action, it is a signature shooter for the system. Play as a fixer of dreams', turning nightmare landscapes into gorgeous dreamscapes in this must-have visual masterpiece for new 3DS owners.

The next generation of handheld shooter gameplay

Trigger sonar bombs to expose enemies, then blast them into multicolored 3D explosions
100 trophies to collect across 50 different stages, boss battles, multiple difficulty levels
Original soundtrack features electronic remixes of classical music
2 player multiplayer
Stunning 3D graphics never before seen on a handheld system

10 completely different visual environments showcase depth of the system's graphical power
Players take on the role of different characters in each level, experiencing an unmatched variety of 3D visuals
Showcases how 3D graphics make gaming more fun