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Mutant Mudds Now Launching on the eShop

Posted by Trevor Chan

Renegade Kid planning a 2011 release

Maximilian and the Rise of the Mutant Mudds, Renegade Kid's platformer title has had a bit of a rough ride since its announcement back in 2009.

Originally planned as a DS game, MUDDS was then looking for a digital release due to a lack of publisher willing to go through with a retail release. Now it seems things are on the up as the game will be launching digitally, but not via the DSi Shop as the studio had once hoped.

The latest issue of Nintendo Power reveals the game is now known simply as Mutant Mudds. As reported by Handheld Gaming Blog, the game will be self-published and launching on the eShop sometime this year, and perhaps equally as important is the slight change in genre. Instead of a 3D platformer, Mutant Mudds will now be sporting the 2D side-scrolling look. Once Renegade Kid found out about the 3DS, the studio took what had already been developed and reworked it for Nintendo's new hardware instead.

Although the game now looks aesthetically different, the premise is still the same: Max, equipped with his water cannon and water-powered jet pack must take on monsters that emerge from the ground. The main objective will be to find and collect Water Sprites and besides unlocking new levels, they will also be instrumental in taking down the Mutant Mudds.

Players will be able to move between the foreground and background, exploring various environments. Wondering what sort of environments? Renegade Kid co-founder Jools Watsham lists: "a dark, wintery land; a fiery temple; a space cosmos; and a fluffy cloudville" as just a few examples. As well as power-ups and secrets, gamers will be treated to downloadable content through the 3DS's SpotPass feature.

Mutant Mudds will not be a game that requires long periods of play, instead, Renegade Kid has designed the game to be perfect for on-the-go gamers. If a few minutes is all you have, that's fine as far as the game is concerned.

Speaking on Twitter, one of Watsham's followers asked whether the game will be released worldwide, to which he replied, "At least US and Europe, hopefully."


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Odnetnin said:

A) So 1000 comments on that guy's blog wasn't the deciding factor in going through with the game after all.
B) So when you go to a system with better 3D graphics capabilities, you decide to make the game 2D instead? Of course!
C) A & B aside, I'm looking forward to it.



komicturtle said:

Would be beneficial for them to go 2D/sprite based.

Then again, the game could have benefitted from the Shin'en treatment if it went 3D.

Ah whatever.



Stuffgamer1 said:

A 2D game on a 3D system in which you move between the foreground and background...sounds like this will have to do until/unless VB Wario Land shows up in some form.

Seriously, though, this sounds far better than the original plan for the game anyway, and I'm actually starting to look forward to it.

EDIT: I assume they mean to say downloadable content via SPOTPass, not StreetPass? People sure do seem to have a lot of trouble telling the two apart.



Xkhaoz said:

I kinda preferred the 3D platformer, but it's cool to see Renegade Kid getting out there



Stuffgamer1 said:

@TrevorTheChan: And here I thought it was the error of the news you were relaying, not your own. Oh, well. Yeah, it's kind of confusing, I guess. The mistake is understandable.



G-MaxiMillion said:

I do like the idea of download content via SpotPass on any game, I hope they use it more often.



TheGreenSpiny said:

Honestly I'm kind of dissapointed. Renegade Kid has failed to live up to thier potential. I loved Dementium, but thought the sequel was stupid. Moon was also a terrible bore, good story and pacing but very bland shooting. I'm not holding my breath on this one.



SilverBaretta said:

Hmm.....interesting choice, going from 3D to 2D. They have all that extra memory now, too..... Maybe a possible sequel will be in its original 3D style? Anyway, I'm excited about this, it reminds me of that Flash game Super Mario Sunshine 64.



accc said:

I wish they kept it 3D! There aren't enough 3D platformers these days.



sykotek said:

2D!? It's like a dream come true. Will buy it on day one!
sykotek <3 Renegade Kid



FonistofCruxis said:

I'm glad they changed its style. If they kept it how it originally was, I wouldn't have bought it but this looks pretty good and I might get it.



Azikira said:

It almost sounds like a "Super Mario Sunshine" Spinoff, but as a sidescroller.



TanookiSteven said:

lol, directing to the previous spot/streetpass problem. Try thinking it like this.

SpotDOWNLOAD (Downloading when something near or over internet)
StreetTAG (You already know. )

Also, looking forward.



Corbs said:

Just set up a meeting with Renegade Kid at E3 so I'll get to take this one for a spin. Look for a preview shortly after E3.



Henmii said:

Could be cool! It's nice that they didn't scrap the whole idea (they didn't get enough support on their page).

However, I think one of the big reasons why they switched to 2D is because of the darn download-limit. I haven't heard anything about a download-limit regarding 3DSware, but I guess it's there!

But it looks promising all the same!



shinesprite said:

2D really does this game justice. If the 3DS E-Shop gets off to a slow start, there's a good chance I'll pick this up.



motang said:

Could be cool, I am anxiously awaiting the eShop launch which isn't too far away.

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