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Miyamoto: We Want to Create Meaningful Download Games

Posted by Trevor Chan

How much they'll cost still undecided

With Nintendo's announcement that the eShop and other services will be available to download from 6th June came a sense of relief that the date had finally been finalised. Besides, even if it is a little bit later than originally planned, what's another week or so?

The kind of software and features we'll be enjoying after the June update, and the all-important pricing of eShop products are areas that Nintendo needs to elaborate on, the latter of which seems to be an area that is still undecided, according to Shigeru Miyamoto.

In an interview by the Guardian newspaper, Miyamoto suggested that the policy on eShop pricing hasn't been established yet:

Even if you download games via eShop, we will create games that are meaningful and valuable for the 3DS. We would like to create download games that are meaningful and always there with you... It's not that I'm dictating methods to the third parties: they need to be open to the eShop as well, but I'm speaking for Nintendo.

When asked whether the eShop would be a place where users would see games from Nintendo's most popular franchises being sold, Miyamoto's response made it clear that development ideas will go where they go, and won't be crammed on to a particular format for the sake of it:

The main software, we would create for packaged games. But if there are any meaningful ideas for download – if it was something that worked when it was always there [on the 3DS], then maybe. I think, for me, a download game would be something anyone could play and that is comfortable to play. So it's not really about forcing a game into the hardware.

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Hokori said:

Nintendo doesnt need to (they make the GREAT DL games)
its the 3rd parties they need to do better



TingLz said:

Or better shovelware at all. Alas, we can only dream...



NintyMan said:

Good, what Nintendo didn't get right with Dsiware was not making their own games for the service. Now I hope that they make some exclusive downloads of their own as well as third party efforts.



TKOWL said:

The only way shovelware will stay off these Download Shops is if those Download Shops don't exist.



Bass_X0 said:

What Nintendo needs to do is to create downloadable games with well known popular characters like Mario, Zelda, Kirby etc... and advertise them on TV. That will get more people connected online since Nintendo fans follow where the Mario and Zelda games go. This was why WiiWare failed - where were the Mario and Zelda games? Why would a casual person want to get connected online to download WiiWare games? There may have been some good games for those of us who were already connected but nothing that made fans who hadn't bothered getting connected want to.



RoyalBlur said:

I don't like the majority of games we saw in the DSiShop (with the exception of Shantae, Flipper) and this time I'd like to see some REAL games. Not bite size stuff like Angry Birds, Zenonia and that kind of thing but I want to see REAL games sold in the 3DS eShop like Paper Mario, Monster Hunter or Cooking Mama.



Hardy83 said:

While I believe the words that come out of Miyamoto and Iwata's mouth more than say...Reggies.

Reggie DID say DSiWare was more about quality and not quantity, and we all know how that ended up. So I'm not holding my breath on this.



Skotski said:

@NintyFan Well didn't they publish a lot of DSiWare games?
And most of the ones they published were actually rather good.
I KNOW I loved Flametail and Starship Defense.
And Trajectile, Dragon Quest Wars, and Birds & Beans were pretty good.
And let's not forget the obvious Flipnote Studio and Photo Dojo.

Not to mention the 3rd party classics.
Of which I actually have a good number that I love.



FonistofCruxis said:

I saw a picture that nintendo put on their NOA site teasing the eshop and the games shown were dsiware games as well as two confirmed 3DSvc games (Super Mario land and Link's awakening DX) and no 3DSware games. I wonder if itd been delayed. It wouldn't surprise me if nintendo had done this until they have more games for the service as there aren't many games confirmed for it and not many are that exciting apart from Mega man legends 3 prototype.



LiamR said:

Why are you people so bothered about 'shovelware'? Do you even know what that means? xD



TanookiSteven said:

It's nice that Nintendo is taking their time and taking this seriously. We can only hope to see if this all pays off .



Raylax said:

"they need to be open to the eShop as well"
Protip: You open up to the third parties, they'll open up to you. If you keep enforcing the rules that mean parties with higher resources and lower quality priorities can get in, whilst low-budget parties with actually vision are pushed out, then you get a service full of shovelware (with the occasional golden bullet of enough resources + vision). See also: Wiiware, DSiWare.

I don't see the eShop being any better than Wiiware or DSiWare. Everything I've heard from Nintendo suggests that their stance is "look, third parties. You wanna be good? That's your responsibility, not ours." Which works in theory but is incredibly flawed in practice.



Capt_N said:

Considering Nintendo supposedly considers Apple their rival, the e-shop should be interesting to watch how it progresses. Then again, I wouldn't be one bit surprised if it turned out exactly, or at least similar to Wiiware/DSiware/WiiVC.



Monsti said:

I'm starting to doubt Nintendo's definition of "valuable"....looking at DSIware, Wiiware and the 3DS launch, that pretty much meant overpriced.



Glade said:

they have mario selects and whatnot for their first party titles but I guess that's for old games... Yeah a filter would be nice.. there's waay to much shovelware on the smartphone market so I would like to a lot less of that there. Besides, there are some great games with simple names like My Papar plane 2 which would work great in 3D (this one uses Gyro) and for a must be made 3rd party game I'm hoping Gamevil Makes Zenonia 3 in 3D that would be worth buying for sure.



Glade said:

MML3 Prototype version is a good start but no.. Capcom had to delay it with a poor excuse... The game is already looking awesome and it doesn't ned anything more cuz its a prologue nyways... Besides it would have been a huge success with the launch of eSHop.



Glade said:

@8 seriously, mh for download??? that series needs a plastic cartridge for it




Alright, as my first post here, I'm going to tell Nintendo how they should handle the eShop.

First, you could price it based upon the Virtual Console prices:

Gameboy: $5, Gameboy Color: $8, Gameboy Advance $10, 3DSWare: $12, Game Gear: $5, Turbo Grafx 16: $6

Second, you could base it upon retail prices:

Gameboy: $3, Gameboy Color: $5, Gameboy Advance: $8, 3DSware: $10, Game Gear: $3, Turbo Grafx 16: $6

Third, you could base it on iPod prices:

Gameboy: $.49 Gameboy Color: $.99, Gameboy Advance: $4.99, 3DSWare, $9.99, Game Gear: $.99, Turbo Grafx 16: $4.99

Or finally, you could base it on my idea of what games should cost:

Gameboy: $2, Gameboy Color: $3, Gameboy Advance: $5 3DSWare: $10, Game Gear: $3, Turbo Grafx 16: $4



SunnySnivy said:

@22 It's my guess that they will be closest to Wii Virtual Console prices. 5 for GB, 8 for GBC, 10 for GBA, 12-15 for 3DS Ware. It makes the most sense in my opinion.



Davidmoreaux said:

I haven't bought any Wiiware or Dsiware games because I liked the idea of playing Mario and Zelda games over some random game I would only play once than never play again.



Slapshot said:

@Kid_A He pretty much said "We won't be bringing the main franchises to eShop, but will bring more games like Aura Aura Climber to it instead." At least that is what I've gotten out of it - after reading it like five times.

I love Aura Aura Climber, but the news of old-school 8-bit and 16-bit Nintendo franchises making a triumphant return upon eShop would literally overjoy me!

Then again the news of a new Shinobi and 3D iterations of Gameboy titles does too!



Link977 said:


Unfortunately, Gameloft is out there, they always seem to make games that seem awesome, then either they're to short, or just completely suck



MeloMan said:

lol, I took Miyamoto's statement to mean "After all the meh is sent from the 3rd parties, we at Nintendo will put our own stuff, that's actually of quality, on the service." Of course I know Shiggy isn't implying that, but that's almost how that sounded... hope no 3rd parties take that the wrong way...



SwerdMurd said:

any information on an update that fixes the black-screen issue? Only had it happen a couple times but it'd be nice to know that it's understood to be a problem and being fixed...



kurtasbestos said:

The people who complain about the lack of quality games on DSiWare/WiiWare sound like they need to stop complaining and just try a little harder to look for the good games. Hint: it's NOT that hard!


As soon as Nintendo announces they're bringing the Art Style series to 3DS, I will buy at least four 3DSes. But probably actually just one. But Nintendo will know that I wanted to buy four as my way of showing thanks.



Bankai said:

haha, yeah right. Nintendo has given no indication whatsoever that is has the slightest clue how to provide a decent online experience. I don't expect that to translate to its eShop store, either.



odd69 said:

why cant they remake super mario world? this current gen needs a good remake, a classic ya know



Guybrush_Threepwood said:

WiiWare was a disappointment to me. And I don't care about DSiWare at all (besides Shantae). All my hope lies in the 3DS Virtual Console.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Shiggy wrote:

? If it was something that worked when it was always there [on the 3DS], then maybe. I think, for me, a download game would be something anyone could play and that is comfortable to play. So it's not really about forcing a game into the hardware. ?

And why is a game "anyone could play and that is comfortable to play" different to any other retail game Nintendo makes ? If this points to a new retail games more directed to hardcore players it could be kinda cool though.

Shiggy wrote:

It's not that I'm dictating methods to the third parties: they need to be open to the eShop as well

Why shouldn't they when there's money to make ?

Bass_X0 wrote:

What Nintendo needs to do is to create downloadable games with well known popular characters like Mario, Zelda, Kirby etc... and advertise them on TV.

Right as long as the quality is there. The last games of the mentioned series were worth full price. And why make something less epic or good for download and devalue the retail games with it. Because you then have too many games in a series.



jimmoon said:

sounds very unprepared
should have spent more time thinking about these things than the money...



Samholy said:

i want the eshop open for indie game makers.
some indie brings very clever and interesting ideas, like we saw with World of Goo.
and I want Popcap games to barge in with an all-out attack. I want plants vs zombies, peggle games, bejeweled. insaniquarium,etc. their puzzle games are the best !



RyuZebian said:

I want a decent Tetris! With a few extra game modes to boot... And freakin' online play! WITHOUT having to play against bots, like in Tetris Battle on facebook. .' And yeah, good possibilities for Indie developers! The 3DS offers some interesting tools, now let people try them out, and it will probably result in something magnificent!

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