With Nintendo's announcement that the eShop and other services will be available to download from 6th June came a sense of relief that the date had finally been finalised. Besides, even if it is a little bit later than originally planned, what's another week or so?

The kind of software and features we'll be enjoying after the June update, and the all-important pricing of eShop products are areas that Nintendo needs to elaborate on, the latter of which seems to be an area that is still undecided, according to Shigeru Miyamoto.

In an interview by the Guardian newspaper, Miyamoto suggested that the policy on eShop pricing hasn't been established yet:

Even if you download games via eShop, we will create games that are meaningful and valuable for the 3DS. We would like to create download games that are meaningful and always there with you... It's not that I'm dictating methods to the third parties: they need to be open to the eShop as well, but I'm speaking for Nintendo.

When asked whether the eShop would be a place where users would see games from Nintendo's most popular franchises being sold, Miyamoto's response made it clear that development ideas will go where they go, and won't be crammed on to a particular format for the sake of it:

The main software, we would create for packaged games. But if there are any meaningful ideas for download – if it was something that worked when it was always there [on the 3DS], then maybe. I think, for me, a download game would be something anyone could play and that is comfortable to play. So it's not really about forcing a game into the hardware.