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Keep FIFA 12 Up-To-Date with SpotPass

Posted by Trevor Chan

Extra content off the bench and warming up

EA Canada won't be pulling out all the stops with its upcoming FIFA 12 effort on the 3DS, but gamers will be glad that at least the game can be kept relatively up-to-date via the console's SpotPass feature.

Producer Matt Prior has elaborated on how FIFA 12 will utilise selected 3DS features and reiterated how the studio plans to get the fundamentals right first, before exploring other console features:

We are not utilising StreetPass but we'll have a day one kit and roster update to make sure we are fully authentic for the new season and SpotPass is one of the ways that you can download the update... We looked into all of the unique 3DS features early in the development cycle but with our first foray into Fifa on the 3DS we wanted to make sure we got the fundamentals right and focused on getting the core game solid while at the same time innovating in key areas... We did this by developing a lot of content and modes and developing the gameplay with unique 3DS features which we have done with the addition of touchscreen shooting. We wanted to focus on getting those things right and creating a very solid and fun gameplay experience.

FIFA 12 is currently scheduled for release this autumn.


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sgotsch said:

Right. Would be hard for EA to come up with new stuff in 5 other titles later on.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

"authentic for the new season"

I hope that doesn't mean that players who stop playing are removed because they are not there in the new season.

I remember Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey on N64 had a player with my last name (which was rare and hasn't happened since). Now when he stopped playing and was overwritten in an update, I would be gutted.

Sorry I don't have a more recent example, but you get the drift



TimeGuy said:

I was hoping that FIFA would one-up Pro Evolution by having online play. It looks like I was wrong in hoping that. I may still get it whenever it is that I get a 3DS, but I won't be rushing to do it. >_<

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