We've all read — and most likely ignored — the many safety warnings that come with the 3DS, but if you're suffering from headaches or eye strain from using your device you may want to check out these phenomenally tasteful new glasses from Newbie Gaming.

The special yellow lenses contained in the ClearOptix glasses supposedly prevent headaches and vision problems from using the 3DS. In fact, here's the official description which no doubt has plenty of solid scientific fact to back up its claims:

It's a fact that prolonged use of the 3D mode of your Nintendo 3DS can cause eye strain and exhaustion. The ClearOptix Gaming Glasses allow you to avoid these symptoms along with increasing your visual accuracy and performance as well as improving contrast and sharpness in your vision during gameplay allowing you to AVOID any negative effects from prolonged use of the 3D feature on the Nintendo 3DS. Comes in two different styles, both featuring hard coat scratch resistant 1.0 mm TAC amber lenses and durable lightweight frames perfect for long gaming sessions!

The stylish shades release on 30th June in two designs, Wayfarer and Aviator, with smaller sizes for kids too. Be sure to drop $30+ for yours over at Amazon.

[via amazon.com]