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Hideous Yellow Glasses Reduce 3DS Fatigue, Apparently

Posted by James Newton

But make you uglier in the process

We've all read — and most likely ignored — the many safety warnings that come with the 3DS, but if you're suffering from headaches or eye strain from using your device you may want to check out these phenomenally tasteful new glasses from Newbie Gaming.

The special yellow lenses contained in the ClearOptix glasses supposedly prevent headaches and vision problems from using the 3DS. In fact, here's the official description which no doubt has plenty of solid scientific fact to back up its claims:

It's a fact that prolonged use of the 3D mode of your Nintendo 3DS can cause eye strain and exhaustion. The ClearOptix Gaming Glasses allow you to avoid these symptoms along with increasing your visual accuracy and performance as well as improving contrast and sharpness in your vision during gameplay allowing you to AVOID any negative effects from prolonged use of the 3D feature on the Nintendo 3DS. Comes in two different styles, both featuring hard coat scratch resistant 1.0 mm TAC amber lenses and durable lightweight frames perfect for long gaming sessions!

The stylish shades release on 30th June in two designs, Wayfarer and Aviator, with smaller sizes for kids too. Be sure to drop $30+ for yours over at Amazon.


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JayArr said:

I saw a pair of "gaming shades" at Best Buy at $100 a pair. I can't believe people would really buy this stuff. Just hit pause and come back in 15 minutes if its bugging you that bad. O.o



JayceJa said:

it says it also increases visual accuracy, performance and improves contrast and sharpness... i havent got my own 3ds yet, waiting for more games, so i havent played beyond 20-30 minutes, but if i do get problems with longer sessions and these glasses really do improve the vision of the game 3d in addition to stopping the eye strain, it may be worth it for road trips and such

im skeptical though, and wouldnt get them unless i heard a lot of positive feedback from people who have paid for them



The_Fox said:

Yeah, they've been selling various types of "gaming shades" for some time. I've heard they do work (kind of), but apparently colors in games tend to be washed out while wearing them.And you'd look like a total douche wearing them.



TeeJay said:

Lol, I have no problems with the 3D whatsoever, so this would be a total waste of money for me. :3



jangonov said:

Look up Gunnar Optiks. These are like cheap knock offs. I wear Gunnars everyday while at work and gaming and I can say for sure they work and actually have some style. I wear the design they call parallax.



Link79 said:

I don't get why the 3D hurts some peoples eyes.
I never had a single problem with it and I need to wear normal glasses anyway.



Justaguest said:

i do have a headache after some time so it may be perfect when i get fatigued so i dont have to turn off 3D. Personally i think its a matter of taste and those glasses arent hideous imo. It would be great if the glasses let you see 3D from different angles so your friend who sits next to you could see whats going on:)



McGruber said:

That is interesting. Thanks for bringing this to our attention NL, but now you have to do a review next month!!!



KrazyBean said:

If I wanted to use glasses to view 3D, I wouldn't have bought a 3DS in the first place.



OrangeSmoothie said:

I got a headache the first time I used the 3D for more than 10 minutes, but haven't had any problems since. My brain just had to get used to the idea of seeing 3D on a screen. My glasses-free 3D is gonna stay glasses free thank you.



DrDaisy said:

Wouldn't this sort of defeat the purpose of "3D without the glasses" Nintendo toted about?



MasterGraveheart said:

I don't suffer from eye fatigue. Though I will get some for my friend's Araña costume for Halloween this year. <3

EDIT - On second thought, those things are way too small for an Araña costume and, well... I can't subject her to that shade of yellow.



BulbasaurusRex said:

The 3D doesn't really bother me, and I bet it would be pretty uncomfortable wearing them over my normal glasses.



NintyMan said:

Even if it did make your eyes hurt, I can't for the life of me believe someone would wear 3D glasses for something that's not meant to be viewed with them. It defeats the purpose. I would tell someone with eyestrain issues to take breaks and not use 3D at full-blast.

In my experience, I haven't felt any eyestrain since the first day I played the 3DS, and that was mainly because I was tired in general that day anyway.




"which no doubt has plenty of solid scientific fact to back up its claims:" and this is why i love you james I actually read that twic to see if there WERE scientific facts.
@raylax sushi. Dood that's awesome



komicturtle said:

Don't need them as my eyes don't strain nor do I get headaches from playing my 3DS with 3D mode on...



k8sMum said:

ok, these look pretty stupid and defeat the whole '3D w/o glasses' thing.

but why is there all the snarkiness/hostility towards those who do have problems with the 3D and/or do have problems with eye strain from playing the 3DS?? just because you haven't had it, doesn't mean others don't. and the 'just turn if off and take a nap' or 'it's all rubbish' are just ridiculous. if you don't have problems, then great. but for those who do, they've invested a lot of $ in a system that they cannot play the way they thought they could.

i'll be you'd be griping too if the shoe were on the other foot.



DarkKirby said:

Something Nintendo NEEDS to emphasize that they have not, the 3DS Depth Slider is MORE of a FOCUS SLIDER then anything else. Turn down the 3DS FOCUS Slider and keep the 3D on. Everything is fine.



Bigrat said:

Just don't play too long. If you get a headache, it means you have been staring at a screen for too long. This happens on every screen I have looked at, even T.V.. The 3DS is no worse than my computer.... Or like DarkKirby said, turn down the depth slider.



Bigrat said:

Hahaha, you don't need glasses for the actual glasses, just the headaches that come from it, kinda ironic but read my earlier post that is right above this.



crazyj2312 said:

I got eye strain playing my friend's 3DS. So I was a bit worried when I bought mine but, lo and behold, I didn't have a problem. I just needed to turn the brightness down. (She had is on "Sun" lol)



StarDust4Ever said:

The glasses are yellow. Blue light has higher energy waveform and thus produces much more eye fatigue than red or green. This is why the instrument panels of military vessels are red (lowest energy visible light), so that they do not destroy the operator's night vision. My advice is to dial down the brightness or turn on some lights in the room so you're not playing in the dark. At home we always keep at least some ambient light on in the TV room whenever we watch movies or play video games. Since my television set has no control for backlight adjustment, I have found that setting the energy saving feature to maximum reduces the overall brightness of the backlight (and consequential eye strain) considerably, without dulling down the contrast.



zeeroid said:

And here I thought the 3DS was being pitched to distance itself from goofy glasses.



Henmii said:

Those glasses defeat the whole purpose of the 3DS: 3D without glasses! I don't think Nintendo is very fond about this!



thebluelight1 said:

"We've all read — and most likely ignored — the many safety warnings that come with the 3DS" who did? I've not read a single one



CerealKiller062 said:

... I would buy these if... wait, I would never buy these. Not even if they would let me see 3D if I was unable too. (Even though I can)



DarkKirby said:

I want to say again, Nintendo is making it sound like you have to have the 3D "Depth" slider all the way up for "maximum 3D", when really, they best thing to do is to adjust the slider based on how it's comfortable for each person.

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