The Analogue Interactive CMVS is quite possibly the sexiest piece of video gaming hardware we've yet laid eyes on, and it has single-handedly rekindled our love of SNK's legendary system. However, it's obvious that not everyone is going to be able to afford the $650 (plus shipping) asked for one of these machines. In anyone's book that's a lot of money – especially for a system that is now over twenty years old. However, as stupid as it may sound, this is actually astonishingly good value.

Most professionally-modded CMVS systems fetch a price that isn't a million miles away from this price figure, and when you consider that you're getting a hand-crafted casing that's practically a work of art, it makes the deal seem even more agreeable. MVS software is also reasonably cheap, so building up a collection for this beauty is actually easier than it sounds – certainly much cheaper than it would be if you were looking at amassing an extensive AES library.

Such a machine is clearly going to be out of reach for many gamers, but if you're old enough to remember when the Neo Geo was spoken about in the school playground in hushed, reverent tones, then chances are you're now approaching your thirties and have more than a little disposable income.

We'd also be willing to bet that you're currently reaching for your credit card and are mentally totting-up how many months you can survive on just bread and water. While we naturally don't condone starving yourself in order to afford such frivolous purchases, we will say this – Analogue Interactive's marvellous walnut console not only provides years of vintage-themed gaming goodness, it's an investment that's only going to gain value as time marches irresistibly onwards. And with that thought burning a hole in your mind (and wallet), we'll get back to playing Metal Slug.