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Got an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3?

Posted by James Newton

Check out our other sites!

Are you an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 owner? Tired of spending countless hours searching for sites as good as Nintendo Life? Then have we got an offer for you!

Xbox 360 owners should check out KINECTaku, a site dedicated to Microsoft's fancy hands-free gaming gizmo, with Kinect for Xbox 360 reviews and all the latest Kinect for Xbox 360 news to boot.

Gamers with a PS3 should march straight over to Movemodo, which covers every single Blu-ray and PSN release that supports Sony's motion controller, with constantly updated PlayStation Move news and an enormous amount of PlayStation Move reviews.

Getting involved with our Xbox 360 and PS3 communities couldn't be easier: you only need your Nintendo Life login details to share your opinions with the world. Why not hop over to voice your thoughts on what Microsoft should do with Kinect at E3 2011, chat about the ongoing PlayStation Network downtime or check out some of the unbelievable Kinect accessories?

If you're a Facebook user, make sure you Like Movemodo on Facebook and Like KINECTaku on Facebook too.

Twitter fan? Stay informed by following the Movemodo Twitter and follow KINECTaku on Twitter too.

Movemodo and KINECTaku: two tastes that go great together with Nintendo Life.


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Weskerb said:

I have a PS3, but my interests in it are in no way limited to Move only content. So I don't think Movemodo is the right place for me.



nasachi said:

additional to my Wii i do own a PS3, but to be honest i mostly use it for DVDs or Bluerays... 95% of those good ps3 games i better play on my pc with better graphics and controls



Bass_X0 said:

I have an XBOX 360 too but I am not interested in Kinect. If your other sites covered regular non-Kinect games then I would go. As it doesn't, I'm staying here.



Majora said:

billy-beauts: "I have a PS3, but my interests in it are in no way limited to Move only content. So I don't think Movemodo is the right place for me."

Just the same. I don't have Move, but I am really interesting in a Nintedo Life style site with all about PS3.



FonistofCruxis said:

After finding out about all the new content in the move version of NMH, I hope they remake the first two for the wii successor before making a third entry in the series.



TheKingOfTown said:

I think u guys should have a ps3 site dedicated to it not just ps move. same goes for xbox 360



DrCruse said:

Wait a minute. Didn't you say you wouldn't post articles about these websites any more?

Not that I really care though. I do enjoy reading Kinectaku in particular.



Blaze said:

To be honest i have a PS3, but i do't think i'll be checking out their Move site, as i don't even have it. As for the XBOX, i've never owned one, i think i made a great decision.



SwerdMurd said:

@billy, @majora - I'm somewhat active on Movemodo despite still not owning a move. Good community and good reviews--and (sorry NL) an even better layout/forum, despite the comparative lack of content.



siavm said:

When you make a real ps3 site, just like this real nintendo site I will care. The move is a joke. It was made to try to compete with the wii but it didn't. And no game on the system makes me want another controller that does less than my dualshock 3. Or at least a site dedicated to psn games.



Tri4ceHolder said:

I think you guys should make it about the ENTIRE Xbox 360 and PS3, instead of just the move and kinect games



Tri4ceHolder said:

And plus, I only really play Nintendo games, I mean, to me all other systems are just complete copies of Nintendo systems.



Hokori said:

I go to them sometimes and I dont own any of them but I do like to see what NMH is doing on the PS3 (I hate the graphics of them though, much better on the wii IMO)



Retro_Gamer said:

I say the same as Atomic_3DS_Man. I'd check out the other site if you were concentrating on 360 games instead of just Kinect, I don't play the HD systems for motion games, that's what the Wii is for.



AlexSays said:

Tired of spending countless hours searching for sites as good as Nintendo Life?

I have to admit.. I lol'd.



WolfRamHeart said:

I have to admit that I don't visit Movemodo and Kinectaku as much as I used to. It probably has to do with the fact that I currently do not own either a Kinect or the Move. I do like the sites very much and think that they have really great articles and reviews. Plus, there is quite a few of the cool Nintendo Life regulars on the forums. The layout of both sites look excellent and I am hoping that Nintendo Life will soon be updated in the same manner.



DrDaisy said:

I have a PS3 and XBox 360 as well as a Wii, but I don't have Kinect or Move. Besides, Nintendo is currently the only company I'm interested in seeing devoted websites about.
I was going to also say where I go to when I want information about other systems, but after reading the community rules, I'm not sure whether I'm allowed to mention other websites in an article like this because that part is a bit hazy. I'm not actually asking anyone to go to said websites.



Tasuki said:

@Grenworthshero: Thats how I feel about Kinectaku. I would be over there alot more if it covered all Xbox games. I mean if NintendoLife only catered to DS games I wouldnt be here as often as I am.

Its really the variety that makes me come to NL rather than the other two sites.



WaveSpooky said:

You're such an A**hole. lol

Anyways, I've got zero interest in the Move or Kinect. So I'll just stay put here in Nintendo Land(oops, I mean 'Life' although Nintendo Land sounds so much better )



WiiLovePeace said:

"Anyways, I've got zero interest in the Move or Kinect. So I'll just stay put here in Nintendo Land (oops, I mean 'Life' although Nintendo Land sounds so much better )" <- This!



Rapenzie said:

Those names are just not good.

I agree that it would be better to have Xbox and PlayStation websites rather than just those devices. PlayStation Life and Xbox Life?




I thankfully don't own any sony or microsoft gaming platforms (except the good ol' PS2) BUT I DO visit these sites to see whats going on in the gaming world in general. The people on NL and the other two sites do sterling work and put in alot of effort to run these sites so the deserve to be cut a little bit of slack don't u think? ... Anyway, I'm happy with the way the 3 sites are personally. Not bothered with a site concentrating on the standard retail software of Sony and Microsoft as there's enough of them and they're highly publicised anyway. There aren't really any other decent Kinect focussed sites anyway are there?!

Thank u for all the hard work



Aviator said:

And, considering how long both the 360 and PS3 have been out for, to start up a site a fair way down the lifespan of those two consoles, it would be hard to make a heavy impact with reviews and what not.

I'm sure that when the new consoles come around, both MM and K will flourish over the new system (whether that means names changes or whatnot) and begin the sites with the systems.



Darel18 said:

I do have a Xbox 360, but I couldn't care less about the kinect D:

¡Keep up the good work!



SilentJ said:

I may not comment very often but I visit Movemodo every day. I'll start visiting Kinectaku more often once I get a 360.



Sakura_Moonlight2421 said:

:3 I'm glad you posted these two. I like knowing things so thanks for posting these two~!!

(Interested in buying a PS3 and Xbox 360. These two will keep me satisfied till then. lol. While I enjoy Nintendo's company.)



MegaAdam said:

I'n not really interested in a dedicated Kinect or Move site. Imagine a website dedicated to Wii releases that use the GameCube controller . . . exciting, right?

I would love for you guys to create a site that focuses on PSN games and/or PSOne Classics. That could go a long way.



vherub said:

Echoing the sentiments of others, if the 360 or ps3 sites expanded to at least include all downloadable titles, that would be more appealing (to me) to check out on a regular basis



Ichabod said:

I don't own a PS3 yet (will never own a 360), but what has kept me with the Wii for so long is their unique controls for FPS. Now that Playstation finally has some good games coming out that'll use their move, I'm definitely checking out that site. Thanks!

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