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Gamelion Filling More DSiWare Dashes with Extreme Hangman 2

Posted by James Newton

More words to guess

Extreme Hangman was — and still is — one of the best-selling games on DSiWare, so it's no surprise that developer Gamelion wants to bring more of the same to handheld downloaders.

Extreme Hangman 2 will feature 14 new categories containing over 3,000 words, as well as more of the humorous animations that made the original such a success.

The game has just been submitted to Nintendo's lotcheck, with Gamelion expecting a summer release.

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iphys said:

I hope they get rid of the long loading delays, as that's the only reason I didn't buy the first one.



flowerchild said:

Finally a game that appears worthy of downloading! How can you go wrong at 200 points? Check out the YouTube video here under the June heading.

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