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Forget About Cards, Have an Augmented Reality Tattoo

Posted by Trevor Chan

Some think it's a good idea

You know those 3DS Augmented Reality T-shirts? Well, it seems someone (probably the not the only one) has taken things further and given himself an AR "card" that he'll have for the rest of his life.

Going by the name of cranberryzero (CBZ), this gamer has gotten a forearm tattoo based on one of the 3DS AR cards, allowing him to make his Mii character pop out of his limb. Pictures and a video have been posted on I Heart Chaos.

Although CBZ clearly loves his new multi-functional ink job as evident by the number of times he describes it as "f***ing awesome", he admits he may have to return to the tattoo shop and get an outline done to make it easier for the 3DS to recognise, but for now, it seems to work fine in places where there's medium lighting. Head over to I Heart Chaos to see a picture of the tattoo on its own and an awkwardly shot, out-of-focus video of augmented reality in action.


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Victoria said:

Wouldn't that make it kind of hard to play the AR games when you only have one hand free and can't really swing around the card?



SwerdMurd said:

he should've gotten a giant tattoo on his face that says "Notice me! I make stupid, impulsive decisions!" In fact--that should be the only tattoo legally available.



Link-Hero said:

What happens when Augmented Reality becomes absolete and not manufactured anymore? Your going to be stuck with that tattoo and it will be all for nothing when that happens.



Despair1087 said:

that is friken awesome. so what if its obolete in a couple of years. if i saw some guy with one of these five years down the road i would say, "dude, you are super awesome" and shake his hand.



Detective_TeeJay said:

Having my hand shaken every now and then isn't enough for me to be stuck with obsolete technology for the rest of my life, especially when something much more awesome comes out later down the road.



TwilightV said:

Observation: Retro things are always loved by people.
Conclusion: Because of this, they are never truly obsolete.




SuperLink said:

I wonder what it was like to wake up one morning and say, "Hey, ya know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna get an AR card tatooed on my arm. Yeah, that sounds like a good idea!"

@TwilightV: Nice



Morpheel said:

what's up with the "obsolete technology" coments.
Even after the 3DS this will be a cool tattoo.
not that i'd do it my self

Props to the tattoo artist for getting the shape perfectly.



RudysaurusRex said:

@Robo-goose In 40, think Atari.
Very crazy... kin I (hiccup) git won (hiccup) of dose? (Hiccup, hiccup.) BARF!
You'd have to be drunk and a 40 year old bachelor to get one of those.



theblackdragon said:

@Murd: I'd rather be biased toward letting people do with their bodies as they please than suggest that the only legal tattoo should be 'notice me, i make stupid, impulsive decisions' or whatev', lol. why care what someone else did with their body? it's neither hurting you, nor does it negatively impact your way of life, and hey — if ever you wondered if doing this would actually work, now we all know it does. :3



pikku said:

@Swerd and dragon ahhhhh how i loooove it when peoplez fight. <333 me and zezzy totally don't fight enough D:



kurtasbestos said:

It's definitely weird, but it's also very unique, and I've seen many, many, MANY far worse tattoos.



jaffa said:


hmmmm not quite a good idea

I'd prefer to have a huge AR Card myself :/



Wheels2050 said:

Kind of cool - definitely different!

Unfortunately it forces him to use only one hand for the AR stuff, meaning it's pretty shaky...



PSICOffee said:

I have absolutely no idea how he did that or how it works, but its awesome!

...for less than five minutes.
...and its shaky and you have to play with one hand? No thanks.



timp29 said:

That's pretty cool. Nintendo should market rub on tattoos though. Its better than the scarring of having that tattoo removed down the track



jangonov said:

I thought of this a few days before getting my 3DS. Woulda been the first if I didn't want to pay my electricity bill first. edit Also, it'd be my first, and I really don't think this is "first tatoo" level.



dangermouseuk78 said:

some mad comments here its no more of a waste of money than having a normal tattoo. i would never spend money on getting one normally. however it his body he can do what he likes.

He has an added bonus over most you could say normal tattoos are obsolete interactive tattoos are the future lol.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Cool tagline, Trevor.
Anyway, this is an interesting idea and props to 43. timp29 for his idea. It would be really cool of Nintendo to give out rub on tattoos on conventions and maybe even have special AR Games at them.
Now where else on your body could you put that tattoo...



cyclopticxander said:

You know this would make more sense on the top of your leg. It's far less visible and you could actually play with both hands granted you are playing in your underwear.



StarDust4Ever said:

Guy's an idiot. That said, the ? block is still a distinctly cool and recognizable symbol, even to people who aren't familiar with the 3ds AR cards.



CaPPa said:

I am suprised that there hasn't been more people jumping on the AR bandwagon. So far I've seen some T-shirts but I'd have that people would have been selling temporary tattoos and large size cards by now.

Regardless of whether it worked or not though, I think that the AR card is kind of a cool tattoo.



Wolfenstein83 said:

Hahaha, I actually think that is awesome.
Only stupid thing is when he gets old and saggy, will the 3DS still recognize the tattoo/card?



Ren said:

it's a nice design anyway, so not the worst thing to have on you forever, in the pantheon of embarrassing tattoos.



MrsMario said:

I like it!
Totally harmless and fun to show people for some time to come I would imagine..



Rugaard said:

It is his body so if he wants to get this on it so be it. He likes it and that is all that matters. @LosAngeloTip to say the only tattoo that should be available is "Notice me! I make stupid, impulsive decisions!" I got mine to remember by younger brother who committed suicide.

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