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DSiWare Owners, Prepare to Cut the Rope

Posted by James Newton

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Chillingo's portable sales hit Cut the Rope is on its way to DSiWare, according to DS-X2.

Last year we reported that Chillingo and Rovio were in the process of bringing Angry Birds to DS and WiiWare too, hopefully joining their rope-snipping brethren on the download services later this year.

We'll bring you more news of when you can expect Cut the Rope to swing onto DSiWare when it arrives.


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JayArr said:

Awesome. I have always wanted to play this but it's not on Android market.



ville10 said:

Best game on the App-store. Not going to buy it again, but unless the port sucks, I deeply recommend it to everyone.



Aviator said:

Will be hard to replicate. Some of the puzzles on the iOS version required multi-touch.

Hopefully they make a real good version of it.



Skippi said:

I played on my iphone, I do not think it will buy, but surely the controls of the Nintendo DS will enhance this game.



MasterGraveheart said:

Even after what Rovio said about Nintendo games? Pfft, good luck selling to the Internet smarks like me. =P



pixelman said:

The iPhone version is like "OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME" for about 5 minutes, then it gets boring and repetitive. Angry Birds is better.



TeeJay said:

Next we need Doodle Jump for 3DSWare using the gyroscope. That's one of my favorite downloadables for the iPhone, although I don't actually have an iPhone.



motang said:

Wow, first Angry Birdo on Wiiware, and now this. This would be good on my 3DS, and I think I have all the DSiware games I was on the DSi.



Henmii said:

"Guess what the aim of the game is. Go on"

It's about eating Sushi while doing a Captain Jack Sparrow impression. Do I get a prize?

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