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Developer Blog Excavates More Details on Dr Lautrec

Posted by James Newton

Info at the drop of a hat

If you're curious about the development of Dr Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights, Konami has just opened Pandora's box with its first developer video on the game.

The blog delves into the creation of Konami's first new IP for 3DS, detailing the design of the lead character and his 19th Century Parisian world. We'll have more details on Dr Lautrec and the Forgotten Knights in the future, unwound or otherwise.

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Dodger said:

Don't feel like watching the video now, but the article made me laugh. It really does look like Layton, doesn't it? It may be plenty different, but from what I have seen so far, it seems the marketing team isn't doing an amazing job of showing it.



Late said:

I don't like those big, blue, lifeless eyes that those girls have.



WaveBoy said:

Wow, the art style is a complete turn off. I mean, i can appreciate the wonderful world of Professor Layton and the Curious Village, with it's charming visuals, fantastic atmosphere, quirky characters and the like. but if Dr.Lautrec is anything like Layton when solving Standard Math problem puzzles(for the most part) than It's a 'No way in hell' for me.

I didin't have the patience for more than half the puzzles i was up against in PL...I mean to sit there for hours and hours solving some of those bogus and devilishly tricky super hard math-like puzzles made my mind go numb. After all, I've got too many games to play!

Zack & Wiki on the other hand, now THAT is my cup of tea. Those are the type of amazingly creative out of this world puzzles that are not only engaging and immersive and more fun due to the Wii remote controls, but they're just highly creative and that's what i love about them.

I'd rather drink some ultra marshmellowy chocolate rainbow space juice than sip on some stale tasteless british tea if you know what i mean. lol



irken004 said:

I personally think the art looks good. If this game turns out well, Layton may have a serious competitor.



Expa0 said:

I seem to be the only one who simply adores the art style. The voice acting is a turn off though. I'll probably be getting it, if I do decide to buy the 3DS this summer.

^Whoops ninja'd



daznsaz said:

nice one def get this the blonde bloke sounds like wesker highish hopes for this



Stuffgamer1 said:

It is my understanding that this game is supposed to include some degree of RPG elements, which would do much to differentiate it from Layton. I'm definitely going to continue watching this title, at any rate.



Singularity said:

As someone who has a decent grasp of French, I would prefer to be able to play this game in the language of the country it's set in, for immersion's sake.

Any chance of that?



Henmii said:

It's set in France, yet Dr Lautrec sounds like a Englishman. Strange choice!



Radixxs said:

Looks very good. I'm excited for this game. They should've given the Doctor a French accent though, indeed. And everyone else for that matter.



emirblade said:

Looks interesting, but I for one would actually want to see the gameplay, not the cutscenes only. I feel like I'm looking more a preview of a movie than a game



TheUnknownGame said:

Pretty funny that this game is getting so much crap about being a knock off of Layton. I personally think this game looks awesome and has enough differences from Layton to stand out.

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