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Customise Your Skills in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

Posted by Trevor Chan

Find out why Barry is in the game and Leon isn't

When the playable characters in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D were revealed with Barry Burton being the eighth and final member; some were left wondering why other characters were left out, in particular, Resident Evil 2 protagonist Leon Kennedy.

Speaking to Eurogamer, producer Masachika Kawata said no plans were in place to provide downloadable content for The Mercenaries 3D. However, if it's something that gamers want, then the developer "will endeavour to make it happen," adding that comments and feedback from users are always being monitored.

On why Leon Kennedy isn't one of the playable eight, Kawata quipped:

He's all tied up for Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City... He couldn't make his appearance in Mercenaries.

On a more serious note though, Kawata explained why Barry Burton was always considered a unique character in the Resident Evil universe and how different perceptions of the character was unintentional:

Most of the Resident Evil characters are cool heroes... Barry's a little bit different. It was quite a few years ago we found out that Barry was popular in the western market. It was a bit of a surprise for us Japanese guys... But since then we've always thought about him. He's a guy who thinks about his family all the time, which shows his humility. We thought he would be a unique character to play... He's not included as a comedian character... It's difficult because we don't play the game in English. The English lines may be taken in a different context when it's translated from the Japanese... I remember him as having love for his family. In order to protect his family he has to betray his colleagues. That was an impressionable scene.

The game's official Japanese website has been updated with new gameplay details (as translated by AndriaSang.) The game is split into levels, each containing multiple missions that have to be cleared in order to unlock the next. Customisation plays an important role as gamers manage skills that allow weapons to increase in strength and characters to take less damage. Up to three skills can be equipped at the same time and each can be upgraded using skill points earned by clearing missions. Skill levels will rise when enough points have been applied.

Also new on the website is the reveal of a new Bio-Organic Weapon (B.O.W.) and a new video that shows cooperative gameplay footage.


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Lan said:

are they monitoring nl? they should include cheap dlc down the line. it'll add more replay value. i think we like leon so much because a lot of us started with re4, where mercenaries began too. it only seems right to have leon

is ORC the one by socom developers? that'll probably be basically socom's version of cod's zombies, just with a real zombie franchise backing it up



Lan said:

re4 was my first, and as soon as i found out how to survive the very first part in the village i beat it like 5 times in a row. i haven't played any older ones 'cept re archives which i couldn't stand, i was expecting re4 controls, so i haven't experienced any of the survival horror aspects yet. i just love the way the gunplay feels



Lan said:

but you don't see nintendo keeping luigi out of mario kart cuz he was in galaxy. i don't know. we'll see. you better be reading our comments capcom!



daznsaz said:

a lot of people would like any of the characters in mercs even small ones like brad the chopper dude from resi 2 there all good especially from 2 and 4 i think resident evil games are the games ive replayed the most out of any looking forward to this



RyuZebian said:

Eugh. This looks like such a promising title, but I just KNOW that there will be some kind of deal breaker, like a lack of replayability due to lack of game modes, online compability etc.



danschemen said:

i'm very disappointed that leon isn't coming since it was re4 that created the mercenary mode we know now. but i guess having barry is pretty cool. i've been wanting them to put him back into a game.



Doma said:

if it's something that gamers want, then the developer "will endeavour to make it happen,"

Here's why Leon's been omitted. It's so they can milk him as DLC a month or so down the line, then say "hey, we listened to the fans!", as if the demand never existed before release.

I was interested in getting this (i don’t own a 3DS yet), but with only 8 characters and 12 stages (all rehashed, save Claire), I doubt it's something that would last me too long. I'd be better off just waiting for the Gold/Super edition, right?



Ichiban said:

yeah I have to admit that im sick of Leon & his dodgy haircut.
As for DLC, bring it on I say. If games on Nintendo platforms are finally getting post launch love from the devs im all for it!



Glade said:

More characters= more stages... I dunno.. I wanna but this game and all but it just seems unfinished by itself... Sure it looks awesome but the online seems crappy, only 2 people... looks like it might only last for a while till someone gets bored with it.... Hopefully I'm wrong



Raptor78 said:

Been playing RE since day one, had the original on Saturn and PSX... barry was a very underestimated character Im glad hes finally gettin some love.

Although Operation: Mad Jackal was in Resident Evil 3 some including myself argue that it all started with Hunk in "the 4th survivor" minigame that you unlocked at the end of Resident Evil 2. You even had Tofu as an unlockable character.

The gameplay was exactly the same as the Merc mini-games released after that.



NT92 said:

@Agito9327 I think you'll find Chris is in more games than Leon.
Leon = RE2, RE4, REDC, REORC, Gaiden (non-canon).
Chris = RE1, RE2 (Battle game), RECVX, REUC, RE5, Revelations, Mercenaries 3d (non-canon). He's also in MVC3.
Leon has 2 CG movies to equal it out, and you don't know that guy is Billy. In fact, its probably Chris. If you count every game, such as the remakes and stuff, Chris is still in more.



daznsaz said:

leon gets a mention in code veronica claire emails him not quite a starring role though



NT92 said:

@daznaz If you count the times in which they are mentioned, then it is the same. Chris is mentioned in RE2 (as well as being in the Battle game), RE3, and the CG movie Degeneration. Leon is mentioned in RE3, CVX and RE5.



Gressil said:

Having beat a handful of the games (plan on completing the series), Capcom is really not slacking on their handheld endeavors. If I said these four videos didn't make me geek out, drool all over, and dream of playing this for hours online, I'd be a horrible liar.
Leon is also scrawny. When I compare him to Chris... well, there's no comparison. He was solid for RE4 and I respect him as a protagonist, but Chris is a very evolved character. He has an in depth story, a sister, deep relationships with Jill, Albert and the entire storyline, and he took care of Sheva's nooby butt.
If memory serves, he also founded BSAA. Can you say BOSS?

Off topic: Imagine if Ubisoft had tried at all with Splinter Cell: 3D and Asphalt 3D. It could be this beautiful.... sad day.



Gressil said:

Complete agreement, Agito, if they add DLC it will just add another neat little perk for us to enjoy. They've already gunned it and given this a lot of legitimate effort, so why not DLC?
Who else thinks using Skype to communicate while playing Co Op sounds clever?



MeloMan said:

Find out why Barry is in the game and Leon isn't

Cause everywhere Chris is, Leon isn't and vice versa... those two will NEVER appear in the same game at this point, new RE:ORC game or not. I guess their characters are standard dominant male role, so perhaps that keeps them from appearing at the same time? ... I dunno. I'm glad RE4 got alot of folks used to Leon, but it was RE2 that did it for me: rookie cop that just wanted to report to duty and that he did, more than he anticipated-- classic stuff.

The only thing that matters to me regarding RE:tM3D is the fact that Barry is back... sold.



Ren said:

I also was a big fan when the first on on ps1 came out. It was strange to play 4 when I finally did, but I agree that the controls we're much improved. I like the old cinematic style, but it's tough to get used to if you've only known the new ones. That doesn't mean we need to have Leon, though, he a cheesy pretty-boy-hero type and I can live without him. Totally going to trade my SF4 for this.



Doma said:


That right there is the main reason why he needed to be in this. I'll stick with RE5's Mercenaries until Capcom regains sense.

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