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Chrono Trigger Rated, North American Release on the Cards

Posted by Trevor Chan

Square's classic looking to gain some new fans

Sixteen years after its original release, Chrono Trigger makes the jump from the past to the present, launching on the Virtual Console so that a new generation of gamers can enjoy the acclaimed role-playing game from the Super Nintendo era.

With the game already available to download on the Japanese Virtual Console, and a European release confirmed by Nintendo in the coming months, North American gamers will be glad to know they will not be left out of the fun as an Entertainment Software Rating Board classification shows a release in that territory is also on the cards.

As soon as release dates are announced, you can expect to read about them here at Nintendo Life.


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Corbs said:

If I got dropped off on a deserted island for the rest of my life and could only have one game, it would be this one. I'm not sure if any RPG will ever eclipse this one in my book. Glad to see it finally showing up on the VC.



pixelman said:

Gahhh, I want FFIII first. I already own the DS version of CT. I mean I'll still buy it, but I'd rather have something I haven't played first.



CanisWolfred said:

Awesome news, though I'm fine with my DS version.

It's also apparently coming to the PS3 and PSP, probably the PSOne version.



Corbs said:

I prefer the SNES version, mainly because it's the one I've been playing for so long. But both are very good.



Nerdessence said:

I own a SNES cart, the PS disc, and the DS version. And sadly, I'm tempted to get it again. Freakin' Square!



pixelman said:

Oh hey, I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but FFIII is ESRB rated for the Wii too. Tomorrow, yes?



vdallos said:

CT is also my favorite game ever (tie with zeldaOoT). Hoping the launch soon. @13 Guest FFIII ´ll come earlier. and i´ll be downloading it to.



Kid_A said:

Chrono Trigger is one of the few games whose story and characters I would pit against any of my favorite books or films. It's simply a masterful game in every regard, and this is coming from a person who typically can't stand RPG's



ogo79 said:

never played this game, but im intrested in it, the only rpg games i like are the Earthbound series and Startropics 1 and 2 if you count i guess id like this one as well? tell me more i say



IAmChristinaAguilera said:

SCORE. I loved all of the Final Fantasys, but I was too focused on the PS1/preferring to buy $50 discs instead of $80 cartridges by the time that this came out, and my friend had (and loved) it, but I never got to play this one all the way through (and I don't have a DS). "Instabuy" is right.



Ramandus said:

16 years ago??? I remember when I saw this in Nintendo Power. I am getting old.



daznsaz said:

had it on ds didnt finish traded for something else i wanted but will get it had fun playing it think it has several endings



freakpower70 said:

They are just gonna re-release that until the cows come home. I still have to get the DS version. If only I wasn't so broke...



Token_Girl said:

Sweet. I've always wanted to play this, but was holding out for the cheaper VC version. Good to hear NA will be seeing this soon (well, soon by NoA's definition).



Knux said:

I already own the DS version, but I am still going to buy the VC version because Chrono Trigger is THAT good!



Punny said:

Chrono Trigger is a classic that will definately find a happy home on the Virtual Console. I hope you're next, Final Fantasy VI!



pixelman said:

@WarioFan63: Oh okay, yeah I saw something about it recently. I can't remember where... maybe IGN? It was definitely for iPhone at any rate. :3



Link79 said:

This is the kinda game you buy even if you own it in another form.
It's that good.



thebluelight1 said:

I already own this game 3 times but I may be persuaded to buy it a fourth when it comes to Europe. Disgusted by lack of UK enthusiasm on this page



MeloMan said:

@ #3 Corbie
My sentiments exactly. It's ironic for me how this was my first turn-based RPG... and I've played countless since CT whether they came out before it or after it. This game has a chemistry that is rarely matched in JRPGs: Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, and Story are in perfect harmony. A must play for anyone that's never played it that loves JRPGs, don't miss it!



Ryno said:

Cool, cannot wait to play this game for the first time! What are the differences between the SNES and PS versions?



Ryno said:

@Kid_A Under further investigation: "The PlayStation version of this game was released in North America as part of the Final Fantasy Chronicles package (in Japan, it was released as its own game.) Special features include special animated FMV sequences and a variety of unlockable bonuses."



ogo79 said:

will using the VC game guide be too hard, instead of having the real manual?



thebluelight1 said:

@Ryno The load times in the PS version are very annoying, maybe not so much if you've not played the SNES or DS versions but I barely got anywhere in it out of annoyance.



theblackdragon said:

hells yeah, FFChronicles was my first experience with CT and i loved every minute of it. it's not like every other PSX game didn't also have load times, and i'd never played the game before anyway, so they weren't an issue for me. with the DS version available now, though, i'd recommend that as the definitive version of the game to complete newcomers since it has all the stuff FFChronicles brought to the table as well as the lovely dual-screen menu action with none of the load-times. :3

@Ryno: the only differences between the original SNES version and the PSX version were the addition of cutscenes at key points (meeting Ayla, that one pivotal encounter with Lavos, getting the Epoch, etc. and so forth), an extended ending sequence that kinda helped segue into the events of Chrono Cross (which was released soon afterward iirc), an unlockable bestiary, and development artwork. there might've been a sound test too and something else, but idk what was in the original and what wasn't, exactly, because i never had the chance to play the SNES version before :3 i'm pretty sure i read that the PSX version didn't add anything gameplaywise, though (no new dungeons or endings iirc), unlike the DS version.

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