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Brunswick Pro Bowling Rolling Towards a 3DS Release

Posted by Trevor Chan

Crave Entertainment is back with more tenpin action

The sense of depth provided by the 3DS might make it easier to manoeuvre around those tricky corners in racing games, but Crave Entertainment is hoping it will also make it easier to pick up those strikes and spares too.

Brunswick Pro Bowling has been rated by the Entertainment Software Rating Board, making a North American release on the 3DS something pinheads can look forward to.

Crave Entertainment also developed Brunswick Pro Bowling for the Wii back in 2006, so it will be interesting to see what game mechanics have changed since then; but as it's a relatively straight forward bowling simulation, probably not a lot.

So who thinks they're the next Roy Munson, then?


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siavm said:

I really don't care for bowling. The only bowling game I found fun was the wii sports one. So unless this comes with more than one game or is part of gta I am definitely not interested.



SyFyTy said:

WOW I think I need to get out of video gaming. The intelligence levels around here are dropping faster than the twin towers on 9-11. Some just pass gas and I can just hear their IQ go down...

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