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3DS Joins the World Rally Championship This Year

Posted by James Newton

Here's mud in your eyes

3DS has already proven itself capable of handling accomplished racing games, with Ridge Racer 3D a highlight of the console's launch line-up, and Ubisoft is preparing its own four-wheel outing with World Rally Championship 2011.

The game will be the first fruit of Ubi's recent acquisition of the WRC licence, meaning a full array of real-life cars, drivers and courses all packed into the 3DS cartridge, all developed by experienced WRC studio Milestone.

Ubisoft expects the game to land in October this year as the 2011 season approaches its climax.


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daznsaz said:

starting to get a few driving games for nintendo now thanks to the 3ds



6ch6ris6 said:

i think racing will be one of the best genres on the 3DS

ridge racer was so much fun



Spoony_Tech said:

This could be interesting! Bring on the racing games. I just hope that Nintendo gets its own grand turismo in the near future.



Yasume said:

I'd love racing games on 3DS, but this one is by Ubisoft so...meh.



Oregano said:

Never played the series but am looking forward to seeing if this is a serious effort. Both Asphalt and Ridge Racer are underwhelming IMO and I'm hoping to get a Racing game with online(not Mario Kart).

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