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Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D Launches on 19th June

Posted by James Newton


Iwata said it would happen, and he was right: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D will reach stores across North America before June is out.

Nintendo has announced the game will see release on 19th June, less than two weeks after E3. The company also reconfirmed the inclusion of Zelda: Master Quest, a harder version of the original Ocarina, on the cartridge.

There's currently no officially confirmed European release date but we'll bring you news as we hear it.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D brings a completely re-mastered version of an epic entry in the beloved The Legend of Zelda game series to Nintendo’s newest hand-held system, Nintendo 3DS. The game couples phenomenally enhanced graphics with stunning, glasses-free 3D visuals to bring to life the daring adventures of its hero, Link™. A streamlined touch-screen interface and newly implemented motion controls provide a fresh and intuitive feel as players immerse themselves in the tale of the creation of Hyrule and the struggle for control of its all-powerful ancient relic. The game will also feature new challenges not included in the original game. The Legend of Zelda veterans can look forward to the Master Quest – a second quest with revamped puzzles and redesigned dungeons that feature the same graphical and interface upgrades as the main game. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is a masterful improvement on one of the landmark releases in video game history.

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Kid_A said:

Wooo! With this much content it will be a long time before I need another 3DS game



Issun said:

Nice ! I'm eager to have the opportunity to finally complete this game ^^



Gerry-Rich said:

@ James no source it's that 17th June is on a Friday, 3rd,10th and 24th June are other candidates but 17th is close to 19th, so I think that would be the most likely date it will be released. I'm just predicting not confirming



Aviator said:

@JayArr I'm already in 3D.

1 day before my b'day in the states, hopefully its like a day or two after the 20th so I can get it for free.



Oregano said:

here's an interesting story.

Ocarina is apparently being done by Grezzo Games. Grezzo have only made Line Attack Heroes previously but the CEO is Koichi Ishii, creator of the Mana series.

It's certainly weird of Nintendo though, I wouldn't think they'd trust a third party with their magnus opus.



TeeJay said:

I won't be able to get this until August! D: Well, at least it's early August... but everyone will be over this game by then!



Spoony_Tech said:

Its not April 1st is it..........

Wow this is looking like a totally remastered game. With the new enhanced visuals it appears to be the best looking 3ds game to date. Can't wait to get my hands on this timeless classic! My favorite game by far and now I can take it with me where ever I go. Sniff ... sniff.. I love you Nintendo!



Xkhaoz said:

Hallelujah. Now I'll have something to play on the plane ride back East



pixelman said:

Awesome, though I kinda wish it was sooner. I really like the box art, looks sweet. :3



komicturtle said:


Ocarina of Time did have some 'blood' and some creepy looking monsters of all Zelda games (that's just my opinion though). But I'd say the mild blood would be one the reasons to bring it up to E10+



emirblade said:

This game is gonna sell so much it will be ridiculous, and it may not have a price drop. Must get it at launch. @_@



Megumi said:

My birthday is on the 22nd.....heh.
Oh right, still debating on whether to get this or not....difficult decision, lol.



Ryno said:

I want to be a part of the June birthday party club! Mine is the 10th



FluttershyGuy said:

Calendar, marked! Link's Awakening DX (presumably) late May with the eShop update, Ocarina of Time 3D June 19th. Gonna be a Zeld-uva good time! And such a pretty gold box. Hope the game card is gold too to add to my gold Zeldas collection. If not...
(Me asking Dr. Evil, er uh, Nintendo in Dutch voice) Can I paint the game card goooold???



Deviant_Mugen said:

Awesome, I doubt I'll get it until much later, but I'm sure its golden box will taunt me any time I walk by a games aisle...



Radbot42 said:

With such a nice Golden box you can only wonder if the game comes with a golden cartridge



Nathan said:

@Ryno: Hey, I'm in too, mine is the 13th of June.
This is what I've been waiting for, an updated Ocarina of Time... Even though I completed the original on the N64 around about 11 or 12 times..



Punny said:

Finally! Another release date for a 3DS game! I'll have it for my birthday in no time! The box art rules, too. I wonder why this version is rated E10+, though. I know that rating was added in 2005 and the N64 original was launched in 1998, but its Virtual Console remake is E rated. I guess there's more "blue goo" blood in this one!



pikku said:

Awesome. Nice box art. I think I'll be picking this up, as I never played the Master Quest version.



HandheldGuru97 said:

That boxart is cool. I have Never Played the Zelda: Ocarina of Time, this will be my first time to see what all or most you are saying about this game! This will also by my first Zelda game.



Jaco said:

This is going to be awesome!!! The only bad part is the wait....



sonic_brawler95 said:

I.........never played OoT, ever.
I will be picking it up though, I mean, I picked Super Street Fighter 4 3D as my 3DS launch game, having never played a SF game before, and I can't get enough of it.

(And plus this is apparently the greatest game ever in 3D.)



28greg said:

The box art is really cool and I really hope it's covered in gold foil and is not just printed yellow that would be so lame. And I think it's really tacky that they have the 3d statement in a white rectangle completely standing out. And I'm definetly painting the cartridge gold if it isn't gold already.



Token_Girl said:

Nice boxart. Still sort of wish they had done Wind Waker instead (then you could play that whole trilogy on the 3DS, plus they could have put the dungeons that were cut from the original back in). This will be nice to have though, so I can play Master Quest even if I sell my Wii and can't play the GCN disc anymore.

/plays A Link to the Past in excitement to prepare.



evimonkey953 said:

this will be the greatest year for zelda the stores will be packed with nerds (lol) but i really wish i had a 3ds already because now i'm going to pay $290 for the system and the game altogether so that really ticks me off but other than that i'm just worried about what else extra they put into the game



evimonkey953 said:

getting mine june 19th along with the legend of zelda: ocarina of time 3DS because i hate the the launch titles pilotwings resort looks like wii sports resort so wont get that and everything else FAILS but i'll take my chances with the ocarina of time re-make but if theres a chance that something better comes out before then i might get the 3DS before the 19th but theres no game that compares to ocarina of time except maybe the rest of the zelda series but ocarina of time was my first and my favorite



Traxx said:

What is it with you Americans having open for business sundays? Thats the only reason EU release is two days ahead (Friday).

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