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WiiWare Gets Weirder with Pelvic Floor Training on Friday

Posted by James Newton

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Last year Kaasa released Physio Fun Balance Training to help rehabilitate patients following hip, leg or foot surgery. Many readers rubbed their eyes in disbelief, but you've seen nothing yet.

This Friday sees the release of Physiofun: Pelvic Floor Training for 1,000 Nintendo Points. Pelvic floor exercises are chiefly used to help women retain bladder control following pregnancy, but they also work in men to help prevent stress incontinence, for example.

Will you, like one lucky Nintendo Life reviewer, be digging out your Balance Board for this game on Friday?

WiiWare – Physiofun Pelvic Floor Training (Kaasa, 1,000 Wii Points)

Pelvic Floor Training, developed with the Dr. Becker hospital, is the perfect fitness workout for women looking to do some postnatal exercise.

The exercises are aimed at assisting in locating and training your pelvic floor to help improve posture and general body feeling.

The comprehensive 30 day pelvic floor training scheme provides a gentle introduction and increases the training to match your preferences. The daily exercise sessions last for about 10 minutes and provide the option to create individual training plans. Sessions can be augmented with or without the support of mini-games.

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The_Fox said:

Holy crap, that sounds lame as hell. I had almost forgotten about this one.



Magi said:

WiiWare clearly needs a Kegal Excercise Training "game" next. Day 1 purchase for the Misses.



SilverBaretta said:

@Magi: Wow... that would be just.... Wow.

Didn't Physiofun Balance-whatev actually get a good decent review? I wonder what this will be. Get to it ASAP James!



TheBaconator said:

Bladder Control for woman after pregnancy...At least now the Wii won't just help you burn calories, but will also help the bladders of young mothers everywhere. Kudos to the mastermind behind this one...Good Luck reviewing that.



Number_6 said:

"...they also work in men to prevent stress incontinence.."

Finally! A solution to those "awkward" moments during boss fights!



mastermp2 said:

I bet some "guys" will buy this in order to..... well.... you know...... train their pelvis in order to........ perform better in sex and stuff



SuperLink said:

I've literally been staring at the computer screen for like, 5 minutes wondering how such a thing could ever come to exist on a gaming console......I salute the soul who has the bravery and courage to try and evaluate this...this...this THING!



DrDaisy said:

Is this anything you couldn't accomplish with a book or instruction video on a tape or DVD?



Ren said:

1000 points! I guess there's a lot of content there, should be a meaty review. Could be the next party game collection craze for the more 'open minded' couples.
pelvic volley ball, pelvic Elvis dancing, pelvic labyrinth balance, pelvic grill burger flipping, pelvic couples only unlockables... the sky's the limit. finally Sexy Poker has competition in the "creepy,-basement-guy -DL's ' genre.

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