What's Going On With Solatorobo: Red the Hunter?

Trademarks and ratings emerge

As if screaming "don't forget about me!", the humble Nintendo DS has given gamers a glimmer of hope that at least one more intriguing title will make it to the handheld; in Europe, at least.

Namco Bandai recently trademarked Solatorobo: Red the Hunter, presumably a localised version of its currently Japan-only adventure game Solatorobo. Don't go getting too excited, though: European ratings board PEGI slapped a 7+ on a game called SOLAROBO in July last year, followed by continued silence from Namco Bandai.

We'll keep you up to date on any Solatorobo-related happenings, but in the meantime lap up this Japanese trailer below and imagine what could be.

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[via siliconera.com]

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