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This Zoonies - Escape from Makatu Trailer is the Mane Attraction

Posted by James Newton

We're not lion

Zoonies - Escape from Makatu is coming to DSiWare next week, and anyone wanting to see the game in action will be pleased to find the official launch trailer below.

The physics-based puzzle platformer finds Leo the lion stranded in the jungle after a plane crash, after which he must escape from the dangerous Tubas warriors and their leader Makatu.

Zoonies - Escape from Makatu comes to Europe on 29th April for 500 Points, with a North American launch on the cards soon after.

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Kiloo Games is proud to announce the official launch trailer of ‘Zoonies – Escape from Makatu’. An ambitious physics-platformer for Nintendo DSiWare.

The video is available through where you can find all the latest news on the game and its features.
Leo the lion crashes his plane deep within the dark jungle. He escapes in his parachute, but soon after landing he is hunted by a pack of vicious Tubas, the native warrior tribe. Their dreaded leader Makatu wants to capture Leo - and only you can prevent this!

‘Zoonies – Escape from Makatu’ will release in Europe and Australia on April 29th. The US launch will follow soon after. The price will be 500 Nintendo DSi Points™.

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brandonbwii said:

Love the look of the animation. I hope the touch interface is nice and responsive while the challenge remains solid but not overwhelming.



Henmii said:

I thought this game would look rubbish, but to be honest it looks quite good!



Funem said:

Just bought this and started playing. IMHO it looks and plays like a very polished piece of software. I would rate this (so far) as one of the best DSiWare games out there.

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